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Morgan Olivia Rose Bio, Now, James Kurisunkal, Partner

Morgan Olivia Rose, formerly known as James Kurisunkal, is the real-life Gossip Girl who ran a celebrity blog. However, she’s left this life far behind, thanks to the dark 2000s socialite culture.

Keep reading this Morgan Olivia Rose Bio to learn more about her.

Meet Morgan Olivia Rose (Formerly: James Kurisunkal) Of Park Avenue Peerage

Morgan Olivia Rose started her blog Park Avenue Peerage anonymously while living as James Kurisunkal and a freshman at the University of Illinois in 2007. In short, her blog was a compendium of party pictures, society updates, and, once in a while, family histories she put together mostly by culling wedding and death announcements.

According to Morgan, her blog used to receive an average of 8,000 page views per weekday. “I don’t ever put anything salacious or mean,” she said, “Why put people purposefully in a vulnerable position? What’s the point?”

However, it wasn’t until the revelation of Morgan’s identity that the site blew up. She then went on to work as a paid summer intern for New York magazine whilst still pursuing her English or sociology major at the University of Illinois. Sadly, the industry wasn’t so kind to her — it chewed her up and spit her out back to the University of Illinois, where she descended into drug addiction and deep depression.

“I’m no longer fascinated by this world,” he wrote in a final blog post. “I’m not impressed. In fact, I’m depressed.”

That was the end of Park Avenue Peerage.

Morgan Olivia Rose On Hulu’s Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl

Morgan Olivia Rose is the star of Hulu‘s new documentary, Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl. The show follows Morgan’s life story as a blogger, how it connected her with celebrities, the dark side of 2000s socialite culture, and how she emerged from its absurdity by becoming someone else.

Just a regular blogger, Morgan became a major player in New York City’s high society in the 2000s thanks to her identity reveal. “At the time, New York felt very thriving, and it was just this crazy, over-the-top world,” she recalled. “All of these photographers, I just remember thinking, ‘I want to be part of this. This looks cool.’”

She even claimed to have “invented the Hilton sisters,” clarifying “Well, I taught them how to pose. People realize the power of an image.”

Furthermore, the documentary featured several photographers, gossip bloggers, and publicists including celebrity publicist R. Couri Hay. “When I met Tinsley Mortimer, we were at a party,” he recalled before sharing how he helped her become an “It Girl.”

What Is Morgan Olivia Rose Doing Now?

Morgan Olivia Rose is now making her end meet as a sex worker. This definitely wasn’t the ending the viewers were expecting, but Queenmaker artfully and tastefully breaks the news at the end. 

The director, Zackary Drucker, also a trans woman, enters the picture as well, offering Rose support as she shares her story. She even puts Rose back in touch with her close friend Tinsley Mortimer, to whom she hasn’t spoken since she was a much, much different person

Back in the day, Rose and Tinsley often met up at celebrity events to conduct interviews and attend parties. “There was no separation which means myself and this glamorous world was almost like this secret society that was very public,” Morgan revealed.

Morgan Olivia Rose Age

Morgan Olivia Rose was 34 years of age in 2023.

However, she was a year younger when she filmed Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl.

Morgan Olivia Rose Partner

Morgan Olivia Rose didn’t seem to have a partner, which may be a demerit of her profession. But we do know that she’s into males or trans males.

Previously known as James Kurisunkal — designated male at birth — Morgan first revealed her transition via a FB story, “The cat is out of the bag! Or shall I say, I am finally free to be me.” She then talked about how she lived in “constant pain, turmoil, and loathing – to the point that suicide was a daily desire” she was living in her skin as somebody else.

But now that she’s older, she sees how two different people existed. “One that was James, and one that was me,” she says in the documentary.

Is Morgan Olivia Rose On Instagram?

Find Morgan on Instagram @mmorgan.rrose.

Also, here’s her Facebook @morganoliviarose and Twitter @mmorganrrose.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Morgan Olivia Rose From?

Morgan was raised in Chicago, Illinois by his Kerala, India-born parents. Her father was a clerk in the public library system, and her mother was a nurse. Also, she has two brothers who are 10 and 15 years older than she is.

“My family doesn’t know that much about what I do, because I never really share it with them,” she said. “I sound like I’m talking about drug use or something.” 

Now, as of 2023, she resides in Beverly Hills, CA.

  • When Is Morgan Olivia Rose Birthday?

Morgan receives her birthday wishes in April. That makes her either of Aries or Taurus zodiac.

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