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Morgan Radford Parents: Kim Radford And Lily Kelly-Radford

The other day when world-famous journalist Morgan Radford was driving in Los Angeles and pulled over the car to finish a conversation with her Dad he asked him, “you know what it means to go through the world, knowing you are completely and wholly loved?” What she then added was a thankful reminder to the patriarch that he did an amazing job setting the standard for how she moves through this life.

Morgan also said to him that she is confident that she has a father who loves her, and knows her and her heart.

With that being said let’s dive into a detailed story about how Morgan’s parents have completely changed the course of her life. Is the NBC correspondent also as fond of her mother? Let’s find out.

Who Are Morgan Radford’s Parents?

First, know that congratulations are in order for Morgan Radford and her husband David Williams.

Morgan, who documented her egg-freezing journey in 2018, is pregnant and she announced this on 22 August 2022 on the “Today” show.

Morgan Radford’s father is Kim Radford and her mother is Lily Kelly-Radford. Keep reading and discover more about the folks who are also as excited for their daughter expecting her first child.

Meet Morgan Radford’s Dad, Kim Radford

Morgan Radford literally can not stop gushing about her dad, Kim Radford on social media. Every time she feels like it, she goes on to write long heartfelt notes to him and says things like how she had had the pleasure of being raised by a great, powerful, gentle man whose love has always grounded her and been her North Star. She also claims that it is he who taught her to be free and considerate and proud of herself.

Thanks to her father, Kim also was also lucky enough to have a village of wonderful mentors, uncles, brothers, and friends who taught her what love and community look like.

Growing up, Morgan still remembers how her dad carried that contentment with him every day. He would come home from work, put his briefcase down, and run to give everyone a hug, a huge, beautiful smile erupting across his face.

  • Kim Radford Age

Born in May 1955, Kim Radford reached the age of 67 in 2022.

  • Kim Radford Job

On LinkedIn, Kim Radford mentions being a partner at Leap Leadership but does not go into its detail.

What we can also tell you is, that he was formerly the senior director of brokerage at Wells Fargo Advisors and he got his BBA in Economics from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

  • What Is Kim Radford’s Ethnicity?

Kim Radford’s ethnicity is Black.

Meet Morgan Radford’s Mom, Lily Kelly-Radford

It is not only her dad that Morgan is proud of. She often tells that she is just as much honored to be her mom, Lily Kelly-Radford’s.

Lily also believes that she is the original and Morgan is the ‘2.0 Lily’.

  • Lily Kelly-Radford Age

Lily Kelly-Radford was born on 14 February 1957. So, she reached the age of 65 on that day in 2022.

  • Lily Kelly-Radford Job

Lilly Kelly-Radford goes around as “Dr. Lily Kellt’ as she acquires a Ph.D. She is a leadership development consultant and an executive coach to clients worldwide. In these roles, she designs, customizes, and delivers leadership work globally.

Also a President at LEAP Leadership, Inc., her career has been generally about working with leaders of multinational corporations with a specific emphasis on energy, financial services, private equity real estate, and medicine.

  • What Is Lily Kelly-Radford Ethnicity?

Lily Kelly-Radford has a lot in common with her husband and ethnicity is one of them. Like her husband, Lily also appears to be Black and so their’s is no biracial marriage.

Another thing that we know about them is that they are avid art collectors.

Related FAQs

  • Are Morgan Radford’s Parents Still Married?

Yes. Morgan Radford’s parents were still married as of August 2022. In fact on the 19th of this month and year, they cheered to 38 years of matrimony.

At her own wedding, Morgan said someone wished her a marriage twice as long and just as beautiful as her parents. This she tells was the best blessing she could ask for.

  • Are Morgan Radford Parents On Instagram?

Morgan’s father could not be found on Instagram or any other social media platforms as of 2022. But, Lily Kely, the mother sure was aware of Instagramming. As of 23 August 2022, her account @dr_lkell included 12 posts and 222 followers.

  • Where Do Morgan Radford Parents Live?

Morgan Radford’s parents have lived in Smyrna, Georgia, in the United States, for a long time.

  • How Many Kids Do Morgan Radford Parents Have?

Morgan Radford once shared that her father has her, her brother, and their mom and that is what he wanted most in this world.

Also, Lily’s BIO on the internet read that she has always loved traveling and going on family vacations, with her husband and 3 children. Now, all three of them are adults.

Another child that we know of is Miller Sykes Radford, originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, and based as of 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.

As per LinkedIn, Miller graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics & Economics, and proceeded to work as a secondary school teacher in Malaysia under the Fulbright Grant. Then, upon his return to the U.S., he purchased, renovated, and sold residential properties with a heavy focus on smart-tech security and adaptive reuse. As of 2022 and he worked in Asset Management for Jamestown LP. He turned 30 years old on 24 May 2022. (

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