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Naeem Thompson Bio, Age, Job, Ex-Wife, Love Without Borders

Naeem Thompson, one of the castaways of Bravo’s Love Without Borders is out to find love. He is one of the singletons trying to meet the one with the help of the show’s expert. This article brings you closer to details related to his life.

Here, we cover his age, job, ex-wife, and more so keep scrolling down to find more about Love Without Borders Naeem Thompson.

Naeem Thompson On Love Without Borders

Love Without Borders is a new dating show by Bravo. Five singletons have joined the cast of the shows as they rest their fate on the matchmaker of the show, Arica Angelo, founder of Arica Angelo Intimacy Experience. The new television series follows five Americans as they give up their familiar lives to travel the world in search of their ideal match. They aim to find their true love on the other side of the globe.

Love Without Borders viewers will watch as the eager competitors pack their bags, get their passports, and fly to a destination that isn’t known until they’re at the airport once Arica has matched the singles. Another twist is that before leaving the United States, Love Without Borders forbids the cast from speaking to or even seeing a photo of their match.

One of the five cast members of the show is Naeem Thompson. According to his bio, he is a social worker ready to take one of the biggest chances of his life to meet his match. He considers himself a big kid at heart and is ready to have children of his own. After receiving a message from god, he said, ordering him to locate a wife during a particularly bad case of COVID-19, Naeem has been reevaluating his interactions with women.

Furthermore, Naeem’s fellow cast members are Aaron Motacek, Danna Richards, Philip Michael Thomas Jr, and Gurleen Virk.

Is Naeem Thompson Dating Anyone?

Before COVID-19, Naeem Thompson’s disposition towards women was different. However, after recovering from COVID, he decided to change his ways and was now ready to find a soulmate and settle down. Naeem was introduced to Chandra Chugani on the show. The two started to explore their relationship.

Chandra and Naeem did go through their share of difficult times, such as when he became furious that she was dancing in a club with her ex-boyfriend. Chandra is the founder of Chugani’s boutique, a health and wellness brand specializing in perfumes.

Naeem’s love lady resides in Panama, a Central American nation. She founded Chugani Boutiques, a wellness and health company with a focus on fragrances.

Chandra obtained a bachelor’s degree in bilingual tourism from the University of Panama, where the businesswoman graduated. She also completed coursework in tourism, leisure, and business administration. Chandra speaks Spanish as her first language and holds a certificate in English as a second language.

Chandra started her job as an administrative assistant at Huawei Technologies, even though she now runs her own company. From 2013 to 2020, Chugani worked for numerous other organizations before deciding to strike out on her own and launch her own company.

According to the show’s teaser, Naeem did not fit in with Houston’s dating scene, but he was prepared to quit his career in order to find love. At Chandra’s door, Naeem appeared carrying a bouquet of flowers. The rough patch that was hinted at in the trailer made Naeem despondent.

However, it appears that they won’t give up so easily because, near the end of the video, Naeem says he can’t imagine life without Chandra.

Naeem Thompson Ex-Wife

No, Naeem Thompson doesn’t seem to be married before. So, he doesn’t have an ex-wife. Additionally, he doesn’t have kids of his own.

How Old Is Naeem Thompson?

As of 2022, Naeem Thompson is 40 years old. He was born in 1982.

Naeem Thompson Job

Social worker and clinical therapist is Naeem Thompson’s job. He has devoted his professional life to helping others achieve their objectives. When he first started his work as a teacher, he saw how crucial it was to fulfill students’ social and emotional needs in order to assure their success. In order to be able to meet people’s needs holistically and improve communities, Naeem decided to pursue a career as a social worker.

Naeem’s career has centered on helping children and young adults living in underdeveloped and impoverished communities gain social-emotional skills and understanding. Naeem holds a BA in Political Science and African Studies, from Temple University. He also holds MA in Social Work from the University of Maryland Baltimore, and is currently licensed in Maryland, DC, and working for his license in Texas. He also has a Master’s degree in Social Work.

According to his LinkedIn, Naeem worked at YES Prep Public Schools as Student Support Counselor from 2018 to 2022. He worked as a clinical therapist at Northwood High School from 2016 to 2018.

Naeem worked as a youth counselor at The National Center for Children and Families from 2012 to 2014. He started his career at Baltimore City Public Schools as an Elementary School Teacher.

During an interview with YesPrep, he spoke about what he loves about his job. He wrote, “After teaching first grade and mentoring in Baltimore City, MD, I developed a passion for working with youth and families, primarily from underserved communities. As an SSC, I’m able to facilitate and empower the brilliance of our youth as they grow and harness their potential. The role of an empathizer requires compassion, tact, and balance. As an advocate for self-care in others, it’s equally important to practice self-care ourselves.”

Naeem Thompson Height

Naeem Thompson stands tall at the height of 6 feet 2 inches.

Is Naeem Thompson On Instagram?

Yes, Naeem Thompson is on Instagram (@geminiguynaeem). He also has a Facebook account (@naeem.thompson.7).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Naeem Thompson From?

Naeem Thompson hailed from Houston, Texas. Most of his family members are based in Silver Spring, Maryland.

  • When Is Naeem Thompson Birthday?

Naeem Thompson’s birthday is on 29 May.

  • Who Are Naeem Thompson Parents?

Naeem Thompson lost his grandmother Millicent Agatha Thompson Booker on 19 January 2016. She had eleven children one of whom was Naeem’s mother Desiree Ann Thompson Atolagbe. Desiree is a director of Little Feet CDC. Naeem also has a brother named Edwin Thompson.

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