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Nailed It: Richard Sanchez Bio, Age, Job, Wife

Meet Richard Sanchez, who competed on Netflix’s Nailed It The Big Baking Challenge. Is he married? Who is his wife? Does he have an Instagram? Where does he work?

The answer to all of these questions is available below. So, tag along and learn more about Netflix’s Nailed It’s Richard.

Richard Sanchez On Netflix’s Nailed It: The Big Baking Challenge

Richard Sanchez is the returning cast of Nailed It The Big Baking Challenge as he previously appeared on season 2 of the show’s holiday special in 2019. He along with five other contestants was crowned the winner with a cash prize of $10K.

On Nailed It’s Baking Challenge, he reveals that he wants to win the competition “so badly.” Richard says he wants to purchase a bigger house and provide stability for his children as reasons why he wants to win the competition. Now in 2023, Richard a rookie baker has honed his skill further.

Sadly, he couldn’t win the competition in 2023.

Richard, who placed third, was unable to win anything other than the second Big Bake task. He also crashed during the semifinals on a small technicality. Nevertheless, he conceded, “I had a great time. I learned so much, and I have no regrets… I’m not sad to be saying goodbye. I’m proud to lose to Georgina and Ignoisco because those two make phenomenal cakes… I’m just ready for this pantry raid now!”

Richard Sanchez Job

In the show, Richard Sanchez revealed that he works as a warehouse supervisor. He is likely employed at Casa de Case, Inc, and one profile suggests that he is an operations manager.

According to Casa de Case’s website reads, “Casa de Case was formed in October of 2000 to make it easier with the red tape of importing the olive oil we had been getting for ourselves and friends for the previous four years. This was a once-a-year event when we flew in the just-crushed new oil – the hypnotic olio nuovo – in quantities to last us for the year (And, of course, we are still flying in Olio Nuovo every year!). Over the years, the word spread and more and more people got in on the act.  Eventually, we launched this website to make it easier for folks to order their oil.”

They wrote, “Our byline is Distinctive Italian Ingredients, and that is what we are all about. At the heart of Italian cuisine is a respect for fine ingredients that are prepared without much manipulation. More than anything, it is the beautiful ingredients that define the dish. This same value is at the heart of all Mediterranean cuisine, and, in fact, defines California cuisine.  Our focus is finding the best Italy has to offer, from different olive oils to balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, capers, salt, beans, herbs, chilies, and all the beautiful things used in Italian food. Our goal is to bring the very best from Italy to our restaurants, specialty stores, and direct customers.”

These are the lists of products that the company trades. Hence, Richard’s work is in the warehouse of Casa de Case, Inc.

Richard Sanchez Age

In 2023, Richard Sanchez should be above 40 years of age.

Where Is Richard Sanchez From?

Several reports suggest that Richard Sanchez hailed from San Francisco, California.

Richard Sanchez Wife

Richard Sanchez is a single father of five girls residing in a small two-bedroom rented apartment with a single bathroom. “Anyone that has one bathroom in a family of six knows that it’s a nightmare,” he conceded in the show. “So, if I win, I want to be able to give my kids something I’ve never had. Something to call their own. That feeling of being secure; that’s my motivation here.”

So, there are no details regarding his wife as of this writing.

Related FAQs`

  • When Is Richard Sanchez Birthday?

Unfortunately, Richard Sanchez’s birthday details are not available.

  • Is Richard Sanchez On Instagram And Facebook?

No, Richard’s profile on Instagram and Facebook was untraceable.

  • How Tall Is Richard Sanchez?

Richard Sanchez’s height measures under 5 feet 11 inches.

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