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Nanna Blondell Parents: Joseph And Marie-Ann Olsson

Remember Nanna Blondell as “Lena Nilsdotter” on The Inner Circle? Well, she’s now joining the cast of House of the Dragon as “Laena Velaryon” — replacing its former actor Leana Velaryon.

But today, we aren’t here to discuss her on-screen adventures. Rather this article explores everything you need to know about Nanna Blondell’s parents: Joseph and Marie-Ann Olsson.

Who Are Actress Nanna Blondell Parents?

Nanna Blondell was born to her parents, Joseph and Marie-Ann Olsson. And it was partly because of them and their roots that Nanna now is passionate about diverse representation in the entertainment industry

“My dream regarding acting is no particular role. But I hope to always be able to be creative and portray as many complex and diverse characters,” she explained.

Also, Nanna is a strong advocate for environmental conservation. She must have inherited the passion from her mother who has built a strong feeling for nature and all its creatures.

Now, talking a little about herself, Nanna started her career in 2005 appearing as “Blenda” in Livet enligt Rosa. Thereafter, she’s graced over 30 movies and TV series including Partisan (2022), Ture Sventon & Bermudatriangelns hemlighet (2019 – 2021), The Inner Circle (2019), Hassel (2017), and more.

As of 2022, this  5’9″ actress lived in Sweden (where she was born on August 6, 1986) with her husband Oskar Blondell, and their daughter together, Pippi (5 years old in 2022).

Nanna and Oskar were married back in April 2011.

For those who are new to House of the Dragon, Nanna’s character “Laena” was once almost married to King Viserys (in ep 2).

Meet Nanna Blondell Father, Joseph

Nanna Blondell’s father, Joseph is her rock. She loves him to the moon and back.

But sadly, she couldn’t be with him all season because of his job. He mostly left home in winter for work.

Joseph’s featured quite a few times on Nanna’s IG @nannablondell.

As for his hometown, Joseph hails from Ghana.

Meet Nanna Blondell Mother, Marie-Ann Olsson

Nanna Blondell seems closest to her mother, Marie-Ann Olsson.

According to the actress, her mother struggled and did her “very best and above” to raise her. And she’s “beyond grateful” for all the fights her mother took for her kids.

“Congratulations Mom@omarieannon the birthday! Beyond grateful for all the fighters you took for us❤️ I love u always and forever,” Nanna featured her mother on her birthday (i.e. on June 16) in 2018.

Talking in detail about Nanna’s mom, Marie-Ann is Swedish and a photographer by profession. But she started her career only in 2012 when her youngest daughter moved away from home and she herself moved out of town to Lidingö.

So, what originally started out with an interest in photography has now grown into an interest in nature and the environment.

Marie-Ann mostly captured the immediate environment on foot or cycling distance and it included everything from birds, insects, plants, and landscapes, things that she “as a stressed person in the big city”, never saw at the high speed she had. 

Nature photography has not only given her an interest but also a strong feeling for nature and all its creatures — to care for and preserve it.

Overall, Marie-Ann believed that human doesn’t stand outside of nature but is a part of it. “Perhaps the most important and we are completely dependent on it for our survival,” she wondered. So, through pictures, she hopes to be able to convey a little how much fantastic and wonderful there is out there in the open.

Find Marie-Ann on Instagram @omarieann and Facebook @marieann.olsson.

As of 2022, she resided in Stockholms Län in Sweden.

Related FAQs

  • Are Nanna Blondell Parents Still Married?

No, Nanna’s parents aren’t married anymore. The two seem to have parted ways for quite some time now.

  • How Many Children Do Nanna Blondell Parents Have?

Nanna’s parents reportedly share 4 children — two sons and two daughters including Nanna. (However, according to Nanna, she has 8 siblings.)

Their son, Matsi Olsson Percell is an American Academy of Dramatic Arts 1996 who went on to work as a “Post Production Editor” at Ratata Bearbetning in 2011. After 6 ½ years, Matsi then joined the post-production team at Mastiff TV, meanwhile also working the same job at Banijay Nordic.

In 2021, he then went on to serve Fremantle Media Sverige for seven months before moving back to Banijay Nordic in Dec 2021.

And all the while he was working for these companies, Matsi remained the owner and founder of Emope Media & Music AB, a company he incorporated back in June 2009.

In 2022, Matsi resided in Stockholm, Sverige, with his partner Ann Lundgren @ann.lundgren.52.

Here’s Matsi’s IG @matsipercell and FB @matsi.percell.

As for Joseph and Marie-Ann’s daughter, Sadie Percell, she is a Stockholm School of Economics 2008 graduate who started her career as an “associate consultant” at Xlent Strategy. Thereafter, she went on to work for companies including Hugo Stenbecks Stiftelse, Googol Business Navigator, Towers Watson Data Services, Aon Hewitt, and in 2022, she was working as a manager for Neo4j.

Overall, Sadie’s a strategic business analyst with experience in HR Management, Compensation & Benefits/ Rewards, and Sales Incentives.

Find her on IG @sadiepercell and Twitter @PercellSadie.

Sadly, we have no info about Joseph and Marie-Ann’s son who goes by the account @sthlm_boogie on IG.

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