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Naomi Gomez Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family, I Can See Your Voice

The second season of the American music game show I Can See Your Voice premiered on 14 December 2021. And with fans shouting their praises to the new batch of secret singers, the season proved to be just as hit as it was during the first season. Here, we are going to discuss the American singer and performer Naomi Gomez who was one of the contestants this season.

Naomi Gomez On I Can See Your Voice

Naomi Gomez lip-synced to her voice during her performance on I Can See Your Voice, an American adaptation of the South Korean series that is hosted by Korean-American comedian Ken Jeong, and the judges were blown away.

So, Naomi appeared on the 26 January 2022-episode and got to perform only in the “Lip Sync Shutdown” round. She was unable to make it to the forthcoming “Super Fan” and “Interrogation”. Be that as it may, she was indeed a “Good Singer” and everyone noticed that right away.

As per the show’s format, the contestants have to perform a lip-sync against 6 other people and the aim is for the participant to eliminate the “bad singers” without even hearing them sing. They receive $15,000 if they eliminate a bad singer. At last, the contestant may either end the game and keep the money they had won in previous rounds, or risk it for a chance to win $100,000 instead by correctly guessing whether the last remaining singer is good or not.

Naomi Gomez Age

Naomi Gomez was more than happy to become 21 years old in 2021.

Does Naomi Gomez Have A Boyfriend?

Naomi Gomez appeared to be single as of the time of this writing.

This guy with the name Arnold Kilci of Orlando, Florida seemed like her ex-boyfriend. But (of course) there is no proof of it even though there still are some posts of Naomi on his IG @arnoldkilci.

Naomi Gomez Family

Naomi Gomez’s mother is named Linda Aponte, on her Facebook. So according to social media, Naomi’s mom Linda is from Ponce, Puerto Rico, and currently living in Orlando, Florida. As per her profession, she is a branch manager at American Financial Network, president at LIDA INC, former mortgage loan originator at Paramount Residential Mortgage, and former branch manager at Home Investment Funding and Realty. Also, before all that, she studied Business Management at the University of Central Florida.

Further, Naomi’s mom seemed happily married to Joe Savinon, Naomi’s stepdad. And Naomi seemed pretty blended in their family of six that includes her two younger half-siblings, her biological sister, Angelina Gomez, mom, and stepdad.

So, it was not unclear how Naomi’s biological dad fit in the picture.

Naomi’s sister Angelina, if you should know, is currently self-employed. Also as of January 2022, she was studying at Nova Southeastern University.

Last but not the least, lately Naomi’s mom also revealed her very-recently updated ancestry which said 28% Spain, 18% Indigenous Puerto Rico, 16% Portugal, 12% England & Northwestern Europe, 7% European Jewish, 4% Cameroon, Congo & Western Bantu Peoples, 4% Senegal, 4% Mali, 2% Northern Africa, 2% Basque, 2% France, 1% Levant, 1% Benin & Togo, and 1% Indigenous Americas – Mexico.

Naomi Gomez Career

Naomi Gomez has dabbled in everything music since she was 7-year-old. Her first performance was in a small church where she sang “Jesus Take The Wheel”. Since then she has had professional Broadway/Film training in New York (including the American Academy of Dramatic Arts Centre in Orlando) and has gotten to work alongside notable artists and Broadway royalty such as Norm Lewis, Deborah Voigt, Richard Jay Alexander, and Stephen Spielberg.

Among her broad industry experience are her main features as an actress in theatre productions, and some pretty popular ones at that.

The actress played the lead role of Aida in the production Aida. As well as this, she played Rosalia in the infamous West Side Story and was even featured in Hairspray.

Other theatre productions she has been in include Final Placement, A View from the Bridge, and Rosemary with Ginger. And other than these roles in theatre, Gomez has also featured in some movies throughout her career so far including My Perfect Love, Justice; Soldiers of God, and Little Ezzie.

Her skills range from jazz vocal training, violin, piano as well as dance, and stretch as far as rapping and something she likes to call, ‘trumpet mouth’. And at present, her BIO introduces her as an actor, writer/songwriter, instrumentalist, teacher, and entrepreneur.

How Tall Is Naomi Gomez?

5 feet 3 inches tall Naomi Gomez is no different when it comes to her sports skills. During her time at school, she became confident in track and field. And this is true even today.

Also an avid jogger, she is trained in Tae Kwon Do, boxing, and mixed martial arts.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Naomi Gomez Birthday?

Every year the 14th of March marks Naomi Gomez’s birthday making her a Pisces.

  • Where Is Naomi Gomez From?

Naomi Gomez comes was born and bred in her hometown of New York. Although currently (January 2022), she also lived between New York as well as Los Angeles, and Florida (in Orlando).

  • Is Naomi Gomez On Instagram?

Yes, Naomi Gomez was on Instagram as of 28 January 2022 and the account @naomikgomez explored her music talents above other things. It included 78 posts and some 2,973 followers.

Or, to see even more of her day-to-day life one could also find her on ‘Naomi Gomez’ Facebook and self-titled official YouTube channel.

  • How Much Is Naomi Gomez Net Worth?

Naomi reportedly had less than $100K net worth as of January 2022.

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