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Nate Bryan Bio, Height, Age, Dating, Finding Magic Mike

Enough with ladies getting all the attention, it’s now time for boys to strip down and shake their booty. Yes, HBO Max’s new show Finding Magic Mike features non-professional male dancers or strippers, who are ready to channel their inner Channing Tatum and become the next “Magic Mike”. Nate Bryan was one of the contestants, ready to face his insecurities and win the $100,000 prize.

Following “Nate Bryan Bio” is all about this sexy male stripper.

Nate Bryan On Finding Magic Mike

Finding Magic Mike is a seven-episode series that followed 10 normal guys, narrowed down from an initial pool of 50, all looking to find their “magic” and $100,000 prize along with it. Also, the winner will have the opportunity to perform in the Magic Mike Live stage show in Las Vegas.

According to Nate, the show was much more than just stripping. If there was one thing he wanted out of the show, it was to let himself be “vulnerable about who (he) was as a person, and be able to walk around with confidence.” 

But Nate ended up getting much more. He shared that gained “so many friends/family through this small amount of time,” and learned a valuable lesson — “everybody has their magic, and whatever that magic is, let that shine!”

Also, Nate went on to recall his time on the show. He shared that initially he and his family assumed that Finding Magic Mike was all about stripping, but little did he know that the competition would be so intense. 

Moreover, the fear of stripping and dancing with almost no clothes in front of a massive crowd is certainly overwhelming. And yet, Nate was the first one to undertake a completely nude strip show early into the competition.

Overall, Nate wrote that being on the show was an “incredible experience”. Over the 2 months in Vegas, he made a lot of friends and did his job to show the world a different side of men that normally doesn’t get portrayed.

“I’m incredibly proud of everybody that worked in this production,” he said.

Nate Bryan Age

Nate Bryan was born on January 3, 1989. That made him 32 years of age when Finding Magic Mike premiered in 2021.

Corresponding to his birthday, Nate is of Capricorn zodiac.

Trivia: Nate has a childhood best friend named Alex Smith who often wished his birthdays over IG. On Nate’s 31st birthday, Alex wrote, “Happy birthday to one of my best friends @nate_the_great15. Love you dude. We were super small in the day.”

Is Nate Bryan On Instagram?

Yes, as of Dec 2021, Nate entertained 2K followers over Instagram @nate_the_great15.

Also, find him over Facebook @nathan.bryan.39 (personal) and @nate_the_great15 (page).

Here’s his eponymous Youtube. If you love baseball, IRL baseball challenges, and life, do subscribe to his channel.

Nate Bryan Height

Nate Bryan stands tall at a height of 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) and weighs 93 kg (205 lbs).

Mentioning his distinct features, Nate has an amazing jawline and dark eyes. Also, he has a ripped flexible body with trees and inscription tattoos over his hands. The tattoo over his right hand inscribed “IIXMM.IVXX.IIV”, converts to “1992.16.3”, which might have been a significant day in his life.

For anyone interested in how he achieved the dream body. Well, he didn’t take any pills or work cardio for it. According to him, he just worked hard day in and day out at the gym, which he calls it his “home away from home.”

Is Nate Bryan Dating Anyone?

Nate Bryan didn’t seem like he was dating anyone as of 2021. Well, at least not publicly.

Also, there were no hints about his past relationships over his socials.

But given his shift in confidence and the amazing dance moves he showed off, we don’t think he going to be single for long.

If you don’t know, Nate was the brightest as a child. “I was never the smartest, the funniest, the best looking, the most athletic, etc., etc,” he said. But what he had was the ability to trust in himself and a will to improve each passing day. No wonder, he is a star now.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Nate Bryan From?

Nate is from Griffith, Indiana.

But as of 2021, he lived in Sacramento, California.

  • Has Nate Bryan Revealed His Family?

Nate has balanced three things in this life “fun, friends, and family.” He split his time among them equally.

His family members are — Kyle Otte, Deanna Giselbach, Shyla Green, Hannah Bryan Walker, Rhema Abrams, Charity Sadé, and Brittney Bryan.

  • What Does Nate Bryan Do For A Living?

Nate Bryan is an aspiring musician who also was interested in Baseball. Before joining Finding Magic Mike, he was the Outfielder at Gary SouthShore RailCats.

“I have always had a passion for music from choir to concert band to even playing in a band,” Nate said.

Do check his music @nate-bryan-2. Also, he is a big Tupac fan.

Besides being a musician, Nate is also a podcaster who hosted a few podcasts over his FB page.

This Finding Magic Mike star graduated from Griffith Senior High School in 2007.

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