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Neeraj Gunsagar Bio, Net Worth, Age, Married, Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset Season 6 premiered on 19 May 2023 and introduced viewers to The Oppenheim Group‘s realtors and their affluent buyers including Neeraj Gunsagar. In the new installment, Chelsea Lazkani brings her client, Neeraj Gunsagar, to Hillside Avenue to view a five-bedroom, five-bathroom home sprawling almost 5,000 square feet. And soon, viewers also are told just how wealthy Neeraj is and how he made a fortune. In this writing about him, let us tell you about all of it.

Neeraj Gunsagar On Selling Sunset

S06E02 on Selling Sunset sees Chelsea Lazkani bringing her client, Neeraj Gunsagar, to Hillside Avenue to view the property as mentioned above. This LA home is the one Emma Hernan is tasked with selling by her old flame Micah McDonald. Micah renovated the mansion to a “crazy-high spec” and Neeraj thought he would come in and have a look.

The property when it was being filmed was listed for just under $5.5 million and there was a $164,850 commission up for grabs.

How Much Is Neeraj Gunsagar Net Worth?

Neeraj Gunsagar reportedly had above $150 million net worth as of May 2023.

When Chelsea presented Neeraj on Selling Sunset, she revealed that he “recently” sold his company for a “cool” billion dollars. She also updated that he just purchased a house in Santa Monica and was looking to buy another as a rental property.

Per LinkedIn, Neeraj in August 2022 left his full-time job as the President and CEO at Byte. He started in the invisible teeth aligner brand in 2017.

On LinkedIn, Neeraj also talked about starting his career in finance as an investment banker at DLJ (Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette) and then in Venture Capital/Private Equity. From there, he transitioned to run finance & operations at TrueCar and helped build the foundation that allowed TrueCar to IPO in 2014. With time, he enlarged his responsibilities by taking on both the Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Marketing Officer roles at TrueCar.

Neeraj Gunsagar Age

Neeraj Gunsagar was born in 1976. So, he reached the age of 46 in 2022.

Neeraj Gunsagar Family

Neeraj’s mother is Anita Gunsagar. She can be found on Instagram @anitagunsagar. His father is Kamal Gunsagar and he too can be found on IG @kamalgunsagar.

On Father’s Day, Neeraj revealed a few things about his father, who after a long battle, passed on 22 August 2020. He described that his father was an old-school soul, did everything for others, and even pushed that trait down to his kids and grandkids. Not only did he help young entrepreneurs think through their business plans but also sat late at night with his children doing complex calculus problems.

Neeraj also loves to talk about his father’s “incredible” journey to the US. His father came to the US with very little money (like $50) and landed in Ohio in the ’60s, battled severe racism but worked his butt off, and had an arranged marriage with Anita from a small village in India, and eventually settled in the Bay Area. Eventually, the patriarch went on to start several semiconductor-related companies and was instrumental in some key patents that are still very valuable today.

Is Neeraj Gunsagar Married?

Neeraj Gunsagar for sure was once married. He was no more though as of 2023. He and his ex-wife Raquel Tavares separated over divorce in 2018. A Family – Marriage Dissolution/Divorce case was filed by Raquel in the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County Superior Courts, Stanley Mosk Courthouse in December of that year. By the look of things, Neeraj and his Raquel have since then pretty seriously taken up roles of co-parenting their kids separately and turn-wise.

The now-estranged couple has two boys and they both are really loved by their parents. Neeraj particularly writes “Dad, first and foremost, who’s just trying to enjoy every day and teach my boys to care for the world” on his Twitter BIO.

Their eldest is Devan and he turned 13 years old on 27 February 2023. Neeraj recently gushed that it has been amazing to watch him grow from a little kid to a full teenager with a stache. Also, he called Devan the sweetest and most determined kid he has ever met. In June 2022, Devan was done with 6th grade at Village School and was off to Brentwood School. As for “little” Dhilan (aka DhilPickle), he reached the age of 10 on 26 July 2022.

Speaking of Neeraj’s ex-wife, she, on LinkedIn, goes around as a passionate, accomplished entrepreneur, marketer, producer, visionary, brand creator, innovator, and strategist with in-depth experience building teams, fundraising, and navigating the challenges of early to mid-stage start-ups.

17 March 2021 was Neeraj’s parents’ 49th anniversary and his mom’s first solo anniversary. Also that day, Neeraj’s brother P.J. Gunsagar celebrated his 49th birthday.

Neeraj Gunsagar Height

Neeraj Gunsagar stands below 5 feet and 11 inches in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Neeraj Gunsagar Birthday?

Neeraj Gunsagar celebrates his birthday in September. On what day exactly was not known though.

  • Is Neeraj Gunsagar On Instagram?

Yes. Neeraj Gunsagar can be found on Instagram @neerajgunsagar with 492 posts and 1,201 followers as of 23 May 2023.

  • Where Is Neeraj Gunsagar From?

Neeraj Gunsagar hails from the Pacific Palisades, an affluent residential neighborhood between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean in California.

A first-generation Indian kid, he says he grew up in California resisting everything Indian. He said back then he was embarrassed by my parent’s thick accents, tried his best to avoid all Indian activities and fully assimilated into being an American boy.

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