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Nick Thompson Bio, Height, Parents, Age, Job, Love Is Blind

It has been quite an experience for looking for love, many times in all the wrong places, Nick Thompson said as he invited everyone to join him on this journey to find out if love is blind in the second season of Love Is Blind. The new series premiered on Netflix on 11 February 2022.

Yes. Nick is among the new cast of 30 singletons, 15 women, and 15 men, hoping to get paired up with his better half.

Now, let us tell you more about Nick, his age, height, parents, job, and Love Is Blind journey in this ‘Nick Thompson Bio’.

Love Is Blind: Are Danielle Ruhl And Nick Thompson Still Together?

Nick Thompson and fellow contestant Danielle Ruhl felt a p connection, that merely could be ignored, as soon as they came across one another in the pods.

It took ‘Day 1’ only for them to find common ground in their love for a bottomless brunch. Soon, they both also realized that the sound of the other’s voice made them feel calm. From there, the couple started talking about their future expectations and the life they had growing up. They especially discussed how coming from broken homes has affected their views on marriage.

Danielle even found the courage to open up about her insecurities as a former “heavier” girl, along with her anxiety and trust issues. Nick took all of it kindly and also offered quiet support at every step of the way. So aiming to make her feel better he too confessed being “a little chunky” as a kid himself.

Eventually, viewers saw them discuss how communication, comfort, and passion matter in a relationship. So this way they seemed to have first become best friends before they decided to take it further.

Even the engagement came as no surprise to the viewer watching them as they had already covered topics such as careers, travel, and children previously. The most beautiful part was when Nick gave Danielle a book for their own story, telling her that they could record the same while breaking the cycle of divorces in their families.

They never really had any issues in terms of physical intimacy. But they did get into several arguments owing to Danielle’s overthinking tendencies and Nick’s unintentional use of harsh words. Other times, the difference in their maturity level due to their age also caused a few conflicts.

But are they still together?

As of the time of this writing, Nick did not share much about his personal life on social media, and Danielle’s too was set on private. So, they have not disclosed themselves, if they continued to be together outside the show.

As for Nick, he was single for some time before pursuing romance on a reality show. Even during the pandemic, his dog ‘Mr. Greyson’ was his quarantine buddy. Considering this too, Nick must have tried in all his might to stay together with Danielle. As he said this thing with Danielle was real to him.

This and them following each other on social media is a clear clue of a possible happy ending.

Nick Thompson Height

Blessed with good looks, Nick Thompson stands above 6’1” tall.

Nick Thompson Parents

Nick Thompson has a nephew with the name Oliver Rudolph Ortiz and he also mentioned people with names Michael Thompson and Kim Molenkamp Thompson as his family members, on Facebook.

That is all Nick has told us about his family, with stories of his parents and family background yet to be told.

Is Nick Thompson On Instagram?

Yes. Nick Thompson could be found on Instagram. And as of 13 February 2022, the account @nthompson513 included 127 posts and 3,848 followers.

Nick Thompson Age

When the world knew Nick Thompson as one of the contestants on Love Is Blind in 2022, he was 36 years old.

Nick Thompson Job

Nick has been working as the VP of product marketing at Tacton since February 2020 and as a director of product marketing since December 2018.

Since February 2016, Nick has also been working as a senior brand manager at in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

Formerly from June 2013 to February 2016, he was a brand manager at CDW Corporation.

Other than all that, Nick also likes to tell people that he is a people, planet, health, and peace advocate.

(Of course) back in the day, he also made a short film called LIE NEXT TO ME.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Nick Thompson Birthday?

It was not clear as to when exactly Nick celebrates his birthday.

  • Where Is Nick Thompson From?

Nick Thompson is a Chicago, Illinois native and he has been living here all his life.

  • How Much Is Nick Thompson Net Worth?

Nick Thompson reportedly hoarded less than $600 thousand net worth before February 2022.

As per‘s reported analysis, the average salary for a vice president of marketing in Chicago is $182,483, with average additional cash compensation of $47,725.

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