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Nicky Laceby Bio, Husband, Job, Age, Bake Off 2023

Meet Bake Off 2023‘s baker Nicky Laceby who describes her baking as like a pair of comfy old slippers and something that only evokes fond memories in her. Most of these are memories of her Gran’s kitchen table where, as a little girl, she would roll out pastries and decorate cakes which she says was as much fun back then as all her baking is to her now. Even today, it’s the pastries that she loves to bake the most. But, she also does not mind making bread and and fun birthday cakes for her niece and grandchildren now. Not to miss, in the process she also found herself taking part in this famous competition called Bake Off. So now, we are going to tell you all about it and all about her in this writing called ‘Nicky Laceby Bio’.

Nicky Laceby On GBBO The Great British Bake Off 2023

For Nicky Laceby, Great British Bake Off 2023 was a once-in-a-lifetime dream. She said she loved being in the big white tent.

Nicky shared that seeing the big white tent for the first time felt like going to see a show on Broadway. In her words, this was something she had dreamt about for a very long time but had thought that it would never become a reality.

As she pressed people to see her on TV, she promised that they are going to fall in love with all her fellow bakers just like she has. Nicky also opened up on a social media post that she and her GBBO mates had the most amazing adventure.

From the minute Nicky met fellow contestants Alison and Noel she felt like she had known them for years. So, as they baked together they both made Nicky chuckle so much both on and off camera. Nicky also found the Bake Off 2017 contestant Liam Charles, and others like Rahul, Manon, Kim Joy, and Briony from Series 9 to be really inspiring. Of course, Nicky also made some worth recalling memories with Saku Chandrasekara.

To the GBBO’s camera, Nicky also revealed that her baking strengths are macrons, cakes, and anything involving chocolate, and her weaknesses are being messy, having issues with timing, and spending a lot of time chatting.

By Week 3, Nicky was still in the competition. She had been lucky thus far unlike Amos, who became the first baker of the season to leave, and another baker Keith, the second one to do that.

For the final round of the said week, Nicky themed her sweet creation around a beaver, calling it an Always Beavering Around Cake. Everyone adored the way it turned about. However, the judges felt that the actual cake was very dry, and that was something Nicky herself was not happy about. Despite that, she was able to make it to the next stage of the competition.

Nicky Laceby Age

Nicky Laceby was reportedly born in 1970. So, should that be true, she would have turned 53 years old in 2023.

Nicky Laceby Job

Nicky Laceby never allowed herself to believe that they would include her on GBBO before it aired. But, the phone rang, she was told the news and she could not believe that her very dream really came true. “A massive ‘pinch me'” is what she describes it as now. But, what was she doing all along before that? They said on GBBO that she is a retired cabin crew and volunteer. Not much is understood of it.

Following retirement though, she is believed to have taken up volunteering for a pet-therapy charity (along with her dog, Bracken). Also, she is known to love skiing, which is one activity she has been doing since she was only three years old.

Nicky Laceby Height

Nicky Laceby stands above 5’6” in height and is really into fitness even at this point in her life. She is one proud member of a gym/physical fitness center called RWFitness AtThehub.

Nicky Laceby Husband

As of the time of this writing, Nicky seemed to be doing quite well in life. But, there was no way for us to find out who her husband is and also if she continued to be together with him.

What is known though is the fact that Nicky is a grandmother also. As well as, the other family members known are Margot Laceby, Holly Laceby, Maxine Laceby (Maxine Regan), and Darcy Laceby.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Nicky Laceby From?

Nicky Laceby originally hails from West Midlands, which is a ceremonial county in the larger West Midlands region of England. It is bordered by Staffordshire to the north and west, Worcestershire to the southwest, and is wrapped by Warwickshire to the east and southeast.

As of 2023, she lived in Shropshire, somewhere around there.

  • When Is Nicky Laceby Birthday?

Nicky Laceby’s birthday was unheard of as of 2023.

  • Is Nicky Laceby On Instagram?

Yes. Nicky Laceby was on Instagram as of October 2023. Her IG account @nickybakesalot included 23 posts and 1,949 followers. Here, in BIO, she wrote “love dancing around the kitchen 💃🏻.Fun time baking 🍰. My dogs 🐶. My Trainers 👟” describing her favorites.

Here, apart from posting glimpses of her delicacies, Nicky also used the platform to promote her other causes. Her recent sharing here tells us that she seemingly contributed to The Great British Baking Show: Kitchen Classics, a book affiliated with the baking series, waiting to be dropped on 17 October 2023.


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