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Nicolas Cantu Parents: Diego Cantu And Laura Cantu

Verbal feuds are common in the world of celebrities, especially the social media influencers. It is the apparent feud between YouTuber Dream and voice actor Nicolas Cantu we speak of. Nicolas, who recently took to the Internet to accuse Dream of being a “pedo.” Dream too released a video in response to the fellow influencer’s accusation. The whole drama has been circulating online for some time now. So, we thought this would be a good time to tell you about Nicolas’s parents.

Who Are Nicolas Cantu’s Parents?

Nicolas Cantu was born on 8 September 2003 to his then in Austin, Texas-based parents. So, he turned 20 years old in 2023. As he grew up, it did not take him that long to find fame as a young actor and YouTuber. This had a lot to do with his super supportive parents. Nicolas’s mom, particularly, is said to have noticed her son to be an unusually alert and social child, and very aware of all of his surroundings right after he was born. They say the matriarch saw it even clearer as he grew. She is believed to have seen his same awareness translate into an outgoing boy, as he articulated his desire to become an actor at only 7. As per several media outlet stories, young Nicolas could not contain his desire to perform and rehearse self-created roles, routines, and voices at home, and at school. It is reported that he participated in all of the school plays.

At one point, after being part of an industrial film for the City of San Antonio and three national commercials, Nicolas’s mother took him to Hollywood where he got an agent and landed a recurring role as Prince James in the animated series, Sofia the First.

Keep reading and we shall tell you more about both Nicolas’s mom and dad.

Meet Diego Cantu, Nicolas Cantu’s Father

Nicolas Cantu’s father is Diego Cantu, who according to his Facebook is a writer, and executive producer. Mighty Industries founder and chief creative officer. On his Instagram @cantu.diego, the patriarch also introduced himself as a creator of the “4 Kings” and “The Insiders”. Other than that, one could also look Diego up on his Twitter @diegocantu.

Speaking of Diego’s age, he turned 50 years old on 21 June 2023. As he turned this age, to took his social media to gush that the day marked the grand occasion of his 50th trip around the sun. Teasing people by saying “Can you believe it?” he said that even he does not believe he is that many years old because he “aged like a fine way, or maybe just like a fine cheese”. Saying this and more, he signed off his long caption in the IG post as describing himself as a proud curator of the Cantu family shenanigans.

On his social media, Diego also often shows beautiful pictures of his parents excusing that he is finding himself swimming in a sea of memories. From what we know, his dad is no more while his mom continued to effortlessly outwit everyone around until her last birthday (on 16 August 2023).

On his LinkedIn, Nicolas describes that he has had over 20 years of entertainment and marketing experience working with various Fortune 500 clients and Film and TV Studios. Also, just in June 2023, he started a new on-site and full-time venture called Mighty Industries.

Nicolas long time ago, studied Film at the University of California, Berkeley, and Communications, Liberal Arts, and Sciences at the University of San Francisco.

Meet Laura Cantu, Nicolas Cantu’s Mother

Nicolas Cantu’s mother is Laura Cantu. Ocassionally, she also goes by her full name Laura Martha Concha Cantu. Even though the matriarch played a great role in shaping her son into the one he is today, not much is known about her own career/profession. The only thing known is that she worked in the R&D Nutrition department of Unilever in Mexico. She worked/or continues to work as a nutrition coordinator there. Besides, Laura is also known for her skills/expertise in social anthropology. Maybe she did that major when in college.

On her IG handle @nicolascantumom, which is called Nicolas’s Mom, Laura also with so much love and pride describes herself as a “Proud mom posting son! đź’™.”

Related FAQs

  • Are Nicolas Cantu’s Parents Still Married?

It looks like Nicolas Cantu’s parents are no longer married. There was no evidence of it though as of the time of this writing. The displayed picture is of the two of them posing together with their boys. This was posted by Nicolas’s dad Diego on his IG on 9 May 2022. Next to it, he had praised Laura as “Yipee Ki-Yey to the coolest mom on the planet. Happy Mother’s Day!!!!”.

  • How Many Kids Do Nicolas Cantu’s Parents Have?

Nicolas Cantu was born the second of three children. His parents have two more sons: Sebastian and Matias. Sebastian Cantu, according to his IG @s.c11, is a 7th grader and a gamer. Matias “Matt” Cantu, on the other hand, is seemingly the youngest of them all. He can be found on IG @spookum_mcgookums. When Matt turned 18 on 11 July 2023, Diego, his dad had taken to his social to gush “And now, with your 18th birthday, Matt, I’ve officially managed to raise three (hopefully) functioning adults.” As for Sebastian, he turned 22 on 25 November 2023. A year ago as he turned 21, his dad in front of the internet people referred to him as his “KING” and then confessed, “You are the best script I’ll ever write.”

Joining the Cantu brothers in their home are also three beloved dogs, Rocco, Lola, and Fiona.

  • Where Do Nicolas Cantu’s Parents Reside?

As of November 2023, Nicolas Cantu’s dad had been residing in Los Angeles, California. He made this claim on his own Facebook. Previously, he also lived in places including New York, New York, Miami, Florida, Chicago, Illinois, and Newport Beach, California. The same can not be said about Nicolas’s mother though.

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