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Nicole Curtis Children: Harper Maguire And Ethan Cimini

Nicole Curtis, HGTV star is back with Rehab Addict Rescue, a new show. After two years of hiatus, she is back again. So what has she been up to now? What is happening in her personal life? Is she married? Where are her kids?

Answers unfold below in this article so keep on scrolling to learn more about them.

Who Are Nicole Curtis Children?

Nicole Curtis is a mother of two children Ethan Cimini and Harper Maguire.

Besides running a lucrative business, being a mother is also an important part of her life. But, Nicole didn’t have a sound relationship with the father of her children. She dated on-and-off ex-boyfriend Steve Lane, some sites claimed she was her husband.

But Nicole clarified talking to TEDxDetroit, “I had a cleaning business. It was called Mrs. Cleaning Company. It wasn’t because I was a missus, never was, never have been, don’t know what the future holds, but Mrs. Clean sounded better than Ms. Clean”. So, she was likely never married.

Nicole and Steve didn’t share any kids together. She ended up having a fierce custody battle with the father of her youngest son who broke up after Harper was born. And as for her current romance, she introduced her boyfriend Ryan Sawtelle in July 2019 via an IG post.

In November 2020, Nicole posted on he IG, “You’ll never find a bigger smile on me than when I’m with my boys…the leaf monster got me. Who doesn’t love Fall?”.

Meet Nicole Curtis Older Son, Ethan Cimini

Ethan Cimini is the oldest of two children born to Nicole Curtis. On Ethan’s birthday in December 2021, she wished her son, “24 birthdays…how can it be? I love you, E—-more than you’ll ever know”.

  • Ethan Cimini Age

The year 1997 marks the year Ethan Cimini was born. In 2022, Ethan is 24 years old. He celebrates his birthday on 24 December.

  • Ethan Cimini Father

Nicole Curtis had Ethan Cimini with her ex-boyfriend Steven Cimini. The HGTV star had her oldest son when she was 20 years old. As reported, Steven he missed his son’s birth because he was in prison for DUI manslaughter. After getting released from prison, he and Nicole lived together for a while before parting ways.

He also failed to pay child support to Nicole and by 2017, he reportedly owed her $14,685.54.

  • Is Ethan Cimini On Instagram?

Yes, Ethan Cimini is on Instagram (@ethancimini).

Meet Nicole Curtis Younger Son, Harper Maguire

Harper Maguire is Nicole Curtis’s youngest child.

Via an IG post in July 2020, Nicole wished her son, “My gram had a few last-minute requests before she decided to go hang with Jesus —-I’ve yet to get married, find peace in our family or leave earlier for the airport —-but I feel like I’m doing my best when we bring the happy moments to our farm —-birthdays here —must-have 🙂 ***swipe left to see one of my fav memories -I’m the gapped -tooth blonde on left”.

  • Harper Maguire Age

Harper Maguire turned 7 years old in 2022. Born in 2015, he celebrates his birthday on 5 July.

  • Harper Maguire Father

Nicole Curtis welcomed Harper with businessman, Shane Maguire. They were reportedly in an on-and-off relationship. Nicole planned to raise Harper alone, Shane had different plans with his offspring. He took a paternity test before filing for joint custody in 2015.

The court bestowed joint custody to Shane and parenting time on alternate weekends, with additional visitation time over the summer. Nicole, who wasn’t satisfied with the verdict, chose to alter the original agreement. She hoped the court would revise its decision and award Shane overnight custody only after Harper has turned 2.

Nicole was a staunch supporter of breastfeeding Harper for an extended period of time. The custody dispute was centered on this issue since Nicole claimed she was unable to pump enough breastmilk to keep Harper alive for an overnight visit to his father. According to People, Shane requested sole custody in July 2018 and claimed Nicole was “not a fit” mother.

According to LinkedIn, Shane Maguire is the owner of Gold Guys in Harrison Township, Michigan. He also has an interest in motorcycles and planes.

  • Is Harper Maguire On Instagram?

No, Harper Maguire is not on Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • Have Nicole Curtis Children Appeared On TV?

Nicole Curtis’s son Ethan appeared on two episodes of Rehab Addict in 2014, according to his IMDB page. Harper doesn’t have an IMDB page.

  • Where Do Nicole Curtis Children Reside?

Nicole and Harper are currently living in Detroit, Michigan.

  • Who Held/Holds The Custody Of Nicole Curtis Children?

Starting from October 2018, Nicole and Shane Maguire shared joint custody of their son Harper. Ethan is an adult now but before that, he wanted to live with his father.

Nicole and Steve had a battle for Ethan’s custody. The parental feud became so bad that they had to send Ethan to see a therapist. Ethan would often run away to live with his dad who lived in Michigan. He also lived with his maternal grandmother Joan Curtis. But, then he opted to complete his high school in Michigan which crushed Nicole.

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