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Nigel Jones Bio, Height, Family, Job, Too Hot To Handle

Nigel Jones is a smooth talker. He is a charmer who sweeps ladies right off their feet with his epic one-liners and magnetic aura. But on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle the goal is to stay celibate. So, meanwhile, we wait for the end result, let’s learn all about the contestant’s personal life.

Keep reading this Nigel Jones Bio to learn all about his family, job, height, and more.

Nigel Jones On Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle

Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle season 4 premiered on December 7, 2022, and as always there arrived brand new stunning ladies and a couple of handsome hunks on the shores of paradise. Among them, Nigel Jones was the one who’d lift the mood of the people with his easygoing personality. 

The motto of his life is, “keep the fun rolling.”

Excited for the show’s premiere, Nigel took to his IG to share a promo clip captioned,  “Just a couple more days until the season 4 premiere gonna need a lot of (popcorn emoji).”

Also, he shared the trailer on his TikTok with the caption, “Aww man!! The official trailer is out now #toohoottohandle see y’all on the other side.”

Joining this Nigel for the fourth installment of Too Hot To Handle were his co-stars Brittan Byrd, Creed McKinnon, Dominique Defoe, James Pendergrass, Jawahir Khalifa, Kayla Richart, Nick Kici, Sebastian Melrose, and Sophie Stonehouse.

Nigel Jones Dating Status

As Too Hot To Handle was still going on, Nigel Jones refrained from sharing his dating status online. However, it seems he was still on amicable terms with Dominique Defoe — his love interest from Too Hot To Handle. So, it could mean that the two continued their relationship outside the show.

Looking back, when Nigel first enter the show, he had his eyes on several female cast members including Kayla Richart, Jawahir Khalifa, and Dominique Defoe. But since he was indecisive, Nigel instead went for Lana, the show’s AI host!

Obviously, Lana then requested him to choose a girl and he ended up choosing  Kayla as his partner. So, the two then went on their first date (which didn’t go well) and they even shared a steamy kiss, leading to a rule break.

Thereafter, Nigel (who didn’t have a good time) broke things up with Kayla and ended up flirting with Dominique the very same night. Unfortunately for him, Kayla revealed his kiss with Nigel to Dominique! And without a doubt, she was heartbroken. But though hesitant to start something with Nigel, she decided to give him another chance.

Guess, she made the right dedication. Following the makeup, the two develop a genuine connection and got fans rooting for them.

As for Nigel’s previous love interest, Kayla went on to date Sebastian “Seb” Melrose.

In case you’re interested, Dominique Defoe is a computer science student at the University of Colorado Boulder. This beauty uses her social media to promote herself as an influencer, and also as a poet. Yes, she used another IG account to share shares her poems and haikus.

Her IG bio read, “My friends say I’m somewhere between a daydream and a nightmare, I live in my fantasies.”

Is Nigel Jones On Instagram?

Find Nigel on Instagram @nigeleuro_.

Also, here’s his TikTok @nigel_euro and Facebook @nigel.jones.79219754.

Nigel Jones Height

Nigel Jones stands tall at a height above 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Nigel has dark hair, brown eyes, and a ripped body,

Nigel Jones Job

Nigel Jones is an entrepreneur, a model, and a personal trainer. He offered a fitness program and also merch at Eurofit @_eurofit.

The star was also featured in Shade Room back in 2019.

As for his modeling career, he only recently got into the industry but has already graced over 2 music videos.

When Nigel wasn’t working, he loved to party and travel the world. So far, he’s been to Dubai, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.

Trivia: Back in June 2020, Nigel was hiring direct care workers and Cna’s in the Philadelphia and Delaware county area

How Old Is Nigel Jones?

Nigel Jones was 29 years of age when he appeared on Too Hot To Handle in 2022.

He is 6 years older than Dominique Defoe. Infact, he was the oldest participant that season.

Nigel Jones Family

Nigel Jones might be hesitant to talk about his family, but he said that he was always “the celebrity of the family.”

The only members that we know of related to him are — Donna Gibbs-Jones (aunt), Kennedy Jones (nephew), and Jumaine Jones.

Donna: She’s a Yeadon High School who went on to work as a model at Joy Talent Agency, QVC, and Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. Also, she was once a Director of Operations at Dare to Imagine Church.

Jumaine: He went to Mitchell County High School, later studied at UGA DawgNation – Georgia Bulldogs, and finally worked at The Hardwood Academy.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Nigel Jones Birthday?

Nigel celebrates his birthday on November 9 and is of the Scorpio zodiac.

  • Where Is Nigel Jones From?

Nigel hails from New Jersey.

Now, he splits his time between Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

  • How Much Is Nigel Jones Net Worth?

By 2022, Nigel garnered a net worth of under $250 thousand.

Reportedly, he made around $64 thousand per annum as a personal trainer then.

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