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Nikki Exotika Bio, Net Worth, Height, Justin, 90 Day Fiance

Nikki Exotika is starring in 90 Day Fiance which premiered in 2023. Is she still engaged to Justin? How much is her net worth?

Read all about her in this article below.

90 Day Fiance: Are Nikki Exotika And Justin Still Together?

When Nikki Exotika tweeted a lengthy caption to announce her and Justin’s participation on the reality show, she seemed to be saying that they are still going strong.

“I’m so excited to finally share my love story with all of you in real-time, and not just what you’ve seen in my photos & videos on my social media,” Nikki wrote via Instagram on September 27. “As I said before, relationships are sometimes complicated and A LOT of work, especially coming from two different worlds, cultures, language barriers, and many other obstacles, like in my situation dating a heterosexual man from a small country like Moldova as a Trans person is beyond complicated [sic].”

She continued further, “Communication, respect, trust, love, and commitment are the biggest components in a DISTANCED RELATIONSHIP… But when two people LOVE each other, anything is possible you fight for it, and you BOTH do your BEST to make it work.”

Nikki and Justin fell in love almost twenty years ago in 2007. She reconnected after 15 years to give their relationship a second chance. “Justin and I kept in touch throughout the years,” she concluded. “He had to go through things on his own and I had to go through things on my own.”

They are telling their love story on 90 Day Fiancé season 10. Prior to becoming engaged, the couple overcame numerous challenges, and they will probably endure more before saying “I do.”

Before they appeared on reality TV, Justin and Nikki first connected in Moldova through a dating website. Although they clicked right away, they broke up because Justin couldn’t accept her transgender identity. But after their breakup, they missed one another and finally got back together after Justin came to terms with Nikki’s gender identification.

When they met up again while on vacation in Mexico, Justin proposed to her and told her that she was the love of his life. She then made an application for a K-1 visa so they could cohabitate.

“I traumatized him,” Nikki recalled. “And he went home and he was depressed for a really long time. And I felt bad about that.”

Although Nikki and Justin’s breakup lasted for 15 years, they are now back together and preparing for the future.

“Justin and I kept in touch throughout the years,” she explained about their reconciliation. “He had to go through things on his own and I had to go through things on my own.”

Following their engagement, the native of Moldova hopes to emigrate to America to wed Nikki.

Nikki Exotika Before Surgery

Nikki calls herself a “Million Dollar Barbie” and she has spent more than a million dollars to achieve her ideal look.

“My first nose job was so painful and I said I’ll never get another surgery procedure again, and after that, I just kept on going and I couldn’t stop,” In a May 2021 interview with The Morning Show, Nikki clarified. “I have done very innovative procedures that others have not. I was probably one of the first people to do calf implants at the time, back in 1995.”

90 Day Fiance star added that she was in the midst of having her brown eyes turned blue due to her lengthy list of surgeries. She had dental work and breast implants on her list of future plastic surgery procedures that she wanted to have at the moment.

Including a staggering $250,000 (£187,950) worth of hospital costs, $150,000 (£112,807) on Botox, fillers, facials, and peels, and over $155,000 (£116,560) on makeup, lashes, hair extensions, and tanning. Nikki told The SUN US “My body has had gallons of silicone, I’ve spent a lot on changing everything from my head to my toes, breasts, and body.”

The season 10 star also hinted about undergoing a uterine transplant in order to become a parent.

“FYI … I AM NOT HAVING THIS SURGERY, if and when we both decide to have a baby in a few years we will find a surrogate and an egg donor,” Nikki wrote via Instagram in December 2022.

When Nikki Exotika was 20 years old, she underwent sex change surgery. The New Jersey native said in a preview clip for the October 8 premiere episode that she didn’t reveal her gender identity to Justin until two years into their relationship. She was unable to express her desires to him and accidentally said during a heated exchange that she “used to be a man”.

How Old Is Nikki Exotika?

Born on 27 January 1976, Nikki Exotika is 47 years old.

Nikki Exotika Family

One post from Nikki Exotika’s Facebook post suggests that she never knew her father personally. In 2012, she lost a family member.

In the comment section, one friend paid tribute and in reply, Nikki wrote, “Thank u Sophie, im really sad just trying to keep my mind off of 2moro …she was the only person left, I felt so close to my father… or to tell me about him since I never knew him, Now shes gone:(.”

Nikki grew up idolizing Barbie and popstars like Madonna after believing she was born in the wrong body from when she was a toddler. She said: “I would get reprimanded for playing with my cousin’s dolls at four years old, even then I wanted to look like Barbie, it was always my dream. Then small things like I would always sit down when I went to the bathroom, I never stood up, it felt like I was born with the wrong genitals even at that age.”

Meanwhile, Nikki was 16 years old when she attempted suicide. Her mom came home and found her unconscious on the bathroom floor.

“One day I’d just had enough and I took 100 paracetamol pills. I was slumped on the floor and my mother screamed when she saw me lying there. I was taken to hospital and I stayed there for two months, having therapy and working through my issues. When I came out I knew that I wanted to change from a man to a woman.”

But Nikki wasn’t truly reunited with her mother and two brothers until her change was almost finished.

Nikki said: “My mother was really old-fashioned and when I first told her that I wanted to be a girl she wasn’t supportive at all. She said, “No, you’re a boy. I named you Jason. You will always be a boy”.

She added, “She just didn’t get it and didn’t want anything to do with me.”

Nikki added, “Thankfully my grandmother had a gay friend and was a bit more open to things like that. I stayed in touch with her and when my transformation was almost complete, she reunited us. I stepped out of her bedroom one day and my mother was there. She hadn’t seen me in two years and at first, her reaction was “What have you done to yourself?” but now we have the best relationship ever.”

What Is Nikki Exotika Real Name?

The real name of Nikki Exotika is Nicole Sanders. Her birth name, meanwhile, is Jason Torres.

Nikki Exotika Height

Per her IMDB page, Nikki Exotika is 5’7” tall.

Nikki Exotika Net Worth

Nikki Exotika’s net worth is above $1 million.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Nikki Exotika From?

Nikki Exotika hailed from Jersey City, New Jersey.

  • When Is Nikki Exotika Birthday?

Nikki Exotika’s birthday is on 27 January.

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