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Nikki Hasselbarth Bio, Age, Job, Langston Kerman Wife

When ABC’s supernatural sitcom Not Dead Yet premiered on 8 February 2023, it quickly gathered one of the largest fanbases the network has seen in years. Viewers especially seem to love how in every episode they got to see their favorite star’s guest star as a ghost. For instance, the up-and-coming actor Langston Kerman with TV series credits such as Insecure and Bless This Mess, featured as a ghost in Episode 5. So, in the rest of the writing, we shall tell you about his wife Nikki Hasselbarth, her age, job, life as an actor’s wife, and more.

Meet Nikki Hasselbarth, Langston Kerman Wife

Langston, who played a deceased doctor “Dr. BooBoo” in Not Dead Yet, married beautiful Nikki Hasselbarth on 6 October 2019. “Yesterday I married the love of my life and it’s the happiest I’ve ever felt. I’m still going to introduce her as my sidepiece though”, Langstone announced of their wedding on his Instagram @langstonkerman.

Fast forward to today and they are still doing great. For instance, on 2023’s Valentine’s Day, we saw Langston write “Happy Valentine’s Day to the two girls who cuss me out the most. Someone please help” next to a couple of lovely pictures of his wife and their daughter.

In a podcast from August 2018, Langston and Nikki together gave away a lot of their early relationship details while they also chatted about career balance, courtship, and more.

Based on what they said at the time, the couple met sometime before October 2015 at a mutual friend’s house in Chicago. Laughing, Langston said he bought her a liter of petrol and it all started from there. Next, they gave away the ‘how they “hook up”‘ story. After the first meeting, they had fun for a week or so and got quite close. But, soon Nikki started to think the long distance to be a dealbreaker considering where he lived and where she lived. Langston somehow persuaded her to just keep talking and get to each other. But, within 2 months he said it was just him talking. Nikki in her defense said that she was busy working long hours and taking care of her mother.

Eventually, Langston anyway convinced Nikki to come to one of his college gigs and that is when they started dating. When Langston was asked what it is about Nikki that made him so persistent, he said he found her to be very pretty and smart and yet very kind.

Do Nikki Hasselbarth And Langston Kerman Have Kids Yet?

On 8 May 2022, Langston Kerman wished his wife Mother’s Day calling her “the lady who matters most” to him and his baby. “Our baby goes out in public chewing a giant piece of an alphabet floor mat, but I don’t blame you for that. We love you all the same”, he also teased afterward.

Nikki Hasselbarth and the family as seen in May 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

So, yes. The couple has a kid and she is their daughter who finally showed up in October 2021. Her name is Kensington.

When the young one turned one year on 7 October 2022, Langston took to his social media several beautifully captured moments of his baby and next to it wrote “One year in and truly can’t believe we get to hang out with someone so cool. Cheers to another year of picking up sticks and petting dogs way too hard”.

Nikki Hasselbarth Age

Nikki Hasselbarth was born in 1983. So, she turned 39 years old in 2022.

Who Are Nikki Hasselbarth Parents?

Nikki’s parents are David W. Hasselbarth and Jean Hasselbarth.

Nikki’s dad David is the son of the late Anna M. (Stinemire) Hasselbarth who passed away at the age of 91 on 8 October 2022. A Hamilton, Maryland native, she is described as a devoted mother of David, Linda A. Suter (married to Robert), the late John Alan Hasselbarth (was married to his late wife Danita).

If you also need to know, Nikki’s grandfather-in-law David M. Kerman, of Clevland passed away in February 2021. he was enlisted in the U.S. Army at age 17 and served with the 115th Regiment during WWII. After the war, he pursued medical studies at the University of Cincinnati and eventually started a private practice in Montgomery, Ohio.

Nikki Hasselbarth Job

Nikki Hasselbarth on her social media Bio goes around as a lawyer and nonprofit advisor. Also, here’s what we know from her LinkedIn profile.

Since October 2014, she has continued working as a Counsel at Venable LLP, a non-profit organization. Also, she happens to have acquired a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Duke University School of Law (2011 – 2014). Before this, she studied B.A. in Comparative Ethnic Studies at Columbia University (2004 – 2008). Even prior to that, she
went to The Park School of Baltimore from 2002 through 2004.

Not to miss, Nikki’s husband with an estimated over $1 million net worth, once teasingly opened up that there is no one else he would rather be legally contracted to give half his money to. Of course, he was implying that he is going to do it for Nikki only.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Nikki Hasselbarth Birthday?

Nikki Hasselbarth’s birthday is in April. That should make her either an Aries or Taurus.

  • Where Is Nikki Hasselbarth From?

Nikki Hasselbarth most likely originally hails from Los Angeles, California.

  • Is Nikki Hasselbarth On Instagram And Facebook?

Nikki Hasselbarth could be found on Instagram @nikjk86 with 976 posts and 982 followers as of 9 March 2023. The account however was kept private at the time. And she did not seem to be using Facebook or other social media platforms.

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