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Nina Sosanya Spouse, Sister, Height, Net Worth

Meet English stage, television, film, and radio actress, Nina Sosanya on a (more) personal level.

Having seen her enjoy great success with the notable roles in W1A and Last Tango in Halifax, now is a time to discover her height, net worth, spouse, and sister-related stories.

Does Nina Sosanya Have A Spouse?

Nina Sosanya, despite being in the industry for this long, is a very private individual. She has admitted to being “I’m quite private and I’m shy.”

One of the many reasons, why we can not tell you, if or not she has a spouse (as of October 2021).

While Nina seemed to enjoy talking about her crafts and their background stories, there has been no response when interviewers reached out to her to talk about her life in general.

With that being said, it is fair to assume that Nina will not be sharing her relationship status on her socials any time soon.

But despite all, had managed to state “she lives in London with a long-term boyfriend” in its piece from September 2014.

And so, when absolutely everything about her in real life was not very much updated, she did portray many lives on-screen and on the stage. From exchanging vows in a gay marriage, playing a lesbian wife, to getting to experience becoming a divorced mother and a widow, she lived them all in some way.

Does Nina Sosanya Have A Daughter?

When Nina Sosanya was asked if she has children — which she does not — she also cared to light on: “It’s interesting because I think we are asked that question [about children] as women and I don’t know if men are asked the same thing.”

Who Is Nina Sosanya Sister?

For now, it was also not understood if or not Nina Sosanya had a sister or other sibling.

The only ‘sister’ we heard being mentioned when talking about her was in respect to her very incredulous performance of Sister Mary Loquacious in the miniseries Good Omens, back in 2019.

Who Are Nina Sosanya’s Parents?

Nina Sosanya was born in Islington, London; grew up in Wood Green, in the borough of Haringey in London and Rutland in the East Midlands of England. She acquired a blended ethnicity from her Nigerian father and English mother, both of whom were hematologists.

Speaking to Guardian, she revealed, how growing up, Nina was always the minority in the room, even in her own immediate family, who were all white.

So it became the norm for her to see white faces everywhere and feel like a minority. In her own words: “I remember a young black woman once saying to me, ‘How do you see yourself?’ And I facetiously replied, ‘With a mirror.’ Understandably, she got quite angry. I’ve always referred to myself as ‘mixed race’, but that’s not correct anymore. But to call myself ‘black’ would be to deny my mother. There are so many boxes you can put yourself in and the part of the Venn diagram where they overlap is probably who you are.”

Nina’s theatre-loving mother, who took her on regular trips, including to the RSC in Stratford-upon-Avon, had a lot to do in the making of Nina, the much-admired actress today.

She was active, physical, and keen on athletics and gymnastics as a child. Later, as a teenager, she was wowed by a piece about gamblers and gambling. “It was a mixture of everything on this little box stage, music, dance, lights. It was just so exciting. I thought: ‘I could do that!”

So, having attended the Vale of Catmose College in Oakham for a short time, completed two-and-a-half years of a three-year vocational dance course using the Martha Graham technique at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance; before dropping out after a physical injury put paid to her theatre career. And only then did she decide to focus on straight acting.

Nina Sosanya Height

Nina Sosanya stands 5 feet 7 inches tall.

How Much Is Nina Sosanya Net Worth

Nina Sosanya had an estimated £5 million net worth until October 2021.

In her words, Nina describes her career as “It’s not controlled. It’s a bit of a pinball and so far it’s been hugely rewarding.”

Theatre works: Following A-levels in Performing Arts, Nina appeared as Desdemona in “Othello”, Olivia in “Twelfth Night” and Hermia in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, along with the title role in “Educating Rita”. Then, joining the RSC, she played in “Henry V”, “The White Devil”, “The Learned Ladies” and “Herbal Bed”, before moving to the National Theatre for “Anthony & Cleopatra” and “House and Garden”, followed by “The Marriage of Figaro” at the Royal Exchange.

This way, Nina had long been a cult fan favorite before she had her high-profile roles on television and stage.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Nina Sosanya?

Nina, with the full name Oluwakemi Nina Sosanya, was born on 6 June 1969. She reached the age of 52 in 2021.

  • Is Nina Sosanya On Instagram?

Until 28 October 2021, Nina Sosanya did not seem to be on Instagram or Twitter.

You may, however, send her a friend request on her ‘Nina Sosanya’ Facebook that included 413 friends and followers.

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