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Noble Ward Bio, Age, Job, Height, Seeking Brother Husband

Noble Ward has been professionally helping women manifest “the relationships they want and deserve” for years. Even personally, he came as a blessing to Chara and her husband Patrick whose 13-year marriage “drifted apart.”

Keep reading this Noble Ward Bio to learn more.

TLC’s Seeking Brother Husband: Noble Ward, Chara & Patrick’s Journey

TLC has found a niche in the entertainment industry with shows like Sister Wives or Seeking Sister Wife, which featured a polygamous family with one husband and multiple wives. Well, following up on the success, they introduced Seeking Brother Husband where the ladies were the ones who added or at least tried to marry more husbands to expand their polyandrous family.

Obviously, Noble Ward had to be a part of it because he was in a relationship with Chara and her husband Patrick. According to the star, he was introduced in the relationship to meet Chara’s physical needs. Yes! After 13 years of marriage, Chara was not very satisfied with the physical connection with her husband Patrick. So, as they talked about it, instead of going their separate ways, they decided to add a second partner for the sake of the time spent together and the memories made.

Now, Noble’s in a relationship with Chara. But that didn’t mean that connection was only physical. However, he didn’t want to be pinned down in a relationship and preferred an open relationship with his partners. (Modafinil)

On the other hand, Patrick was disturbed and felt like he was being replaced, as well as that he and his wife have become estranged. “I didn’t think I was going to be swapped out,” he said before Chara replied, “And I don’t feel that it’s a swap-out.”

Jealousy was definitely a factor, and it was getting hard for the throuple to maintain a healthy relationship. “I’m just not having a good time right now,” Chara said in the trailer. Plus with her wish to have a child, things were getting even more complicated.

The last we checked, Noble was going to be a father to his little man who’s 3/4 Black and 1/4 Columbian.

Did Noble Ward Date Kenya K Stevens?

Yes, Noble Ward dated his Seeking Brother Husband co-star Kenya K Stevens. It seems he dated Kenya whilst living with Chara and Patrick!

According to Noble, he first met Kenya when she was already married to two husbands. Infact, she was the first one to point out his talent for holding loving and intentional space for the feminine. Thus, he certified through her online academy in Feminine Empowerment Coaching, and while also seeing her.

“Words can’t express how much you’ve done for me in terms of my personal development, I really don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t met you all those years ago in the club on a Halloween night,” Noble dedicated a FB post to her.

Likewise, Noble’s also grateful to Chara for all that she’s done for him. “I love how she believes in me more than I believe in myself most times. I also love that she’s stubborn enough to push me when times get hard and even though my (hoeish) ways can hurt, she has been committed to our love and hasn’t left me,” he said.

Nevertheless, Noble was still in an open relationship and not ready to settle down at the time of writing this article.

Noble Ward Age

Noble Ward was 39 years of age when he appeared on Seeking Brother Husband in 2023.

He is 9 years younger than Kenya.

Did you know: Noble’s real name is Christopher Ward.

Noble Ward Job

Noble Ward is a certified Feminine Empowerment coach. He says that he’s “attained the means to share my gift to any woman looking to heal their relationship with masculinity, both inside and out.”

If you’re ready to “get to be as big as you want in relationships and have confidence in yourself and love,” you can book a session with Noble on “” Or just listen to his podcast “Noble Relating: The Podcast Of The New Paradigm.”

According to the Seeking Brother Husband star, his father was a “player.” He wasn’t honest with any of his women. So, as a child, Noble watched his mother deal with the emotional pain of his lack of integrity. Thus, when he grew up, he made an unconscious agreement with himself to show up as a better man for the women in his life.

One night, he then stumbled upon Kenya K Stevens, and eventually, joined her on her journey to help any woman looking to heal their relationship.

How Much Is Noble Ward Net Worth?

By 2023, Noble Ward garnered a net worth of under $300 thousand.

Noble Ward Height

Noble Ward stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm).

Find him on IG @noblerelating and @authornobleward, FB @NobleWard, and Twitter @Authorcrward.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Noble Ward Birthday?

Noble receives his birthday wishes on December 11 and is of the Sagittarius zodiac.

  • Where Is Noble Ward From?

Noble didn’t reveal his hometown. But he resided in Atlanta, Georgia in 2023.

  • Who Are Noble Ward Parents?

We’ve already discussed Noble’s biological father who wasn’t good to his mother.

Now, as for Noble’s mother, she’s Michelle Ward Buchanan, born: July 1961. She attended Bramwell High School and Bluefield State University and married Hubert W Buchanan (Noble’s stepfather) in May 1997.

Noble and Hubert are on good terms. “He’s always been a steady masculine presence in my life long as I can remember. I really appreciate this guy, he taught me a lot of lessons that I couldn’t really understand until I was in my 30s but these lessons will be with me the rest of my life,” Noble praised his stepdad.

As for Noble’s sibling, he has a sister named Mikayla R Buchanan, born: Aug 1997. She was a Clinical research associate at the UK Markey Cancer Center, and a dancer at STARZ School of Dance and Performing Arts Center.

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