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Noelle Dunphy Bio, Age, Husband, Family, Rudy Giuliani

Noelle Dunphy is now suing the former mayor of NYC, Rudy Giuliani for $10 million in damages over his alleged s*xual abuse and wage theft.

But who is she? Learn all about her as this Noelle Dunphy Bio proceeds.

Meet Noelle Dunphy, Rudy Giuliani Accuser

Noelle Dunphy initially filed a $3.1 million lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani, claiming he demanded s*xual favors and created a “toxic” work environment before firing her and stiffing her for work in January 2023.

During the summons, she claimed that she worked for the former mayor as “an off-the-books, secret employee” between 2019 through 2021. Allegedly, right on the first day of her job, Rudy kissed Dunphy in the back seat of a limo and asked her to send “some flirtatious photos,” leaving her “stunned and shaken.” His behavior then only got worst as he asked her invasive questions about her s*xual history, and then forced her to perform oral s*x the same month.

According to her, he forced her to perform oral s*x while he was on calls with high-profile friends and clients because he said it made him “feel like Bill Clinton.” He reportedly even forbade her from seeing or talking to anyone on the phone without his approval and developed a “habit of calling her obsessively” —  including 50 times on Feb. 12, 2019.

Overall, Noelle constantly “worked under the virtually constant threat that Giuliani might initiate s*xual contact at any moment.”

Furthermore, Noelle accused Rudy of making “racist, bigoted, and anti-Semitic as well as anti-LGBTQ and anti-woman” remarks; especially while drunk.

Lastly, Noelle claimed the former mayor never paid her the nearly $2 million she was promised in compensation for her work and she was unceremoniously fired in January 2021. She believed it was because he couldn’t use the money until he could settle his divorce from his third wife, Judith.

Now, Noelle’s asking for $10 million in damages!

Noelle Dunphy Age

Noelle Dunphy was 43 years of age when she accused Rudy Giuliani of s*xual abuse and wage theft in 2023.

She is 35 years younger than the former mayor.

Trivia: Noelle was 36 when she first met Rudy in September 2016. They were both “waiting in the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan,” chatting before Giuliani expressed an interest in hiring her.

Noelle Dunphy Family

Noelle Dunphy’s family members include — Rose Dunphy(born: May 1943), James T Dunphy (born: Jun 1943), Jim Dunphy, and Kathleen Dunphy Ferguson.

Amongst them, Rose is a Castellaneta, Italy native who moved to the United States in 1954. She then got her Bachelor’s in Biology, General Science from St. Joseph’s College in 1965, and her Master of Arts from the State University of New York in 1993. Now, she works as a principal and teacher at a public school.

As for Kathleen, she is a Holbrook, New York native who studied Accounting/business at Manhattan College, and Income Tax Accounting at Molloy College

How Much Is Noelle Dunphy Net Worth?

Noelle Dunphy garnered a net worth of above $1.5 million in 2023.

This Columbia University graduate is a business owner and published writer. She’s been working as an interviewer and producer at her company Great Interviews for over 22 years. You may have also seen her with President Donald Trump, President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and many others.

Whilst running her company, Noelle was also working as a “Business Development; Real Estate; PR; Marketing” at Strategic Consultants and “Producer; Writer; Ghostwriter” for ABC News, Daily News, Newsday, and more. Her writings have even graced The New York Daily News,,, The Columbia Spectator, and Quarto.

Besides this, Noelle is also an actor/model who stepped into the entertainment industry ever since she was 12. During her younger days, Dove Soap, Teen Spirit Deodorant, and MTV hired her as a model and actress for photo shoots and TV commercials. She also played herself in Girl-Next-Door.

Did you know: Noelle won Phi Beta Kappa Writing Award at age 17 and got invited to a series of lectures with famous authors and accomplished journalists as a Harvard University Nieman Narrative Journalism Conference Scholar.

Noelle Dunphy Husband

Noelle Dunphy didn’t have a husband. But she was in a relationship with an allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend. Infact, this was also why she agreed to work for Rudy Giuliani as he promised to represent her for free in her own nasty, longstanding court battle with her ex-boyfriend.

As per an insider, Noelle first filed suit against her ex in 2015 as “Jane Doe.” They then settled that lawsuit in October 2016. However, the aftershocks reverberated through the courts for another six years as Noell tried to back out of the settlement and the federal appeals court forced it to be upheld!

Ultimately, Noelle’s ex was forced to pay her $10,000, after which she wrote a letter asking the judge to sanction Rudy.

Later, Noelle revealed Rudy was her “secret legal advisor for years” and gave directions to the lawyer of record who represented her in the case.

As of 2023, Noelle is single.

Noelle Dunphy Height

Noelle Dunphy stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Noelle Dunphy From?

Noelle hails from New York, New York.

But in 2023, she resided in Palm Beach, Florida.

  • When Is Noelle Dunphy Birthday?

Noelle didn’t reveal her birthday.

  • Is Noelle Dunphy On Instagram And Facebook?

Find Noelle on Instagram @greatinterviews, Facebook @somewherewonderful, and Twitter @InterviewsGreat.

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