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Noelle Jaclyn Bio, Today, As A Boy, Birth Name, Age

Noelle Jaclyn is a long-time friend of Jazz Jennings and one of the cast members of TLC’s documentary reality series I Am Jazz. Like Jazz, Noelle is also a transwoman.

So far, Noelle has only been a side character in Jazz’s incredible story as a transwoman and looked up to Jazz. But Noelle has a story of her own and it is as inspiring as Jazz’s story.

Read everything you need to know about Noelle in the article below.

Where Is Noelle Jaclyn Today?

Noelle first appeared in the second season 2 of I Am Jazz in 2016. It was around the time Noelle was crowned South Florida’s Miss Teen Pride. Jazz, who was already a star, was supposed to visit the pageant and honor Noelle with the award.

However, Jazz was suffering from depression at the time and could not go to the pageant. Noelle was disappointed, of course, but she also resonated with Jazz for she had her struggles with depression. She went to visit Jazz and they become friends ever since.

Noelle has appeared on and off in I Am Jazz. Season 6 (2020), in particular, was focused on Noelle’s difficulty to get SRS (sex-reassignment surgery). Jazz came to her rescue and helped raise more than $19k for the surgery.

Jazz accompanied Noelle to San Francisco for her bottom surgery with Dr. Marci Bowers, who is also Jazz’s surgeon. In the days before the surgery, Noelle was very excited. Dr. Bowers herself thought that Noelle was “radiant and excited and interactive”.

And to answer the question of where Noelle is today, it seems Noelle might be going for some radical political literature. Noelle had a link to The Communist Manifesto in her Instagram bio.

Noelle Jaclyn As A Boy

As mentioned before, Noelle is a transwoman. She was assigned male at birth. And she lived as a boy until the age of 14 when she began the transition. Noelle had already hit puberty as a male when he began the transition.

There were no photos of Noelle from when she was young and still living as a boy.

If we go a little deeper into Noelle’s life, she is a survivor of the Parkland shooting in 2018. Noelle was not injured during the shooting but she lost some of her friends. And since the incident, Noelle has been suffering from PTSD.

Noele is especially susceptible to loud noises. She has been attending therapy and is getting better with time.

What’s more. Noelle was born to Jewish parents. But she has converted to Islam and is a practicing Muslim.

Noelle had a tumultuous life as a boy and now as a woman. However, whatever difficulties she has faced, she has faced them with maturity.

Also, Noelle has been very vocal about the rights and causes of the LGBTQ community.

Noelle Jaclyn Birth Name

We do not know the birth name of Noelle Jaclyn. Jazz’s real name was Jared.

Noelle has a pair of very supportive parents. Not much was known about her father but her mother’s name was Cheryl.

How Old Is Noelle Jaclyn?

Reportedly, Noelle was born in the year 1999. And she celebrates her birthday on the 24th of December. Given the truth of both of the information, Noelle was 21 years of age as of 9th Dec 2021. And she will be turning 22 in less than two weeks.

Furthermore, her zodiac sign was Capricorn.

Also, Noelle was 5 ft 8 inches tall.

Is Noelle Jaclyn On IG?

Yes, Noelle is on Instagram. Her handle was @noelle.jaclyn.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Noelle Jaclyn From?

Noelle is from Parkland, Florida.

  • What Does Noelle Jaclyn Do For A Living?

We do not know this. Maybe, being a part of I Am Jazz pays a little. Maybe, she does some other job. Or maybe, she is still a student and her parents support her.

The seventh season of I Am Jazz premiered on the 30th of November 2021. The new season will have four episodes and the show will conclude on 21 December 2021.

  • Is Noelle Jaclyn Dating Anyone?

Not much was known about her personal life. She was attracted to girls, that much we know. So, maybe, Noelle has a girlfriend. Or maybe, she is single.

There were also rumors about a romantic relationship between Noelle and Jazz. Rumors were fuelled by a statement from Jazz’s mother Jeanett. She had a desire that Noelle and Jazz get married someday. Noelle’s mother also thought Noelle and Jazz “were meant to be”.

However, Noelle and Jazz’s relationship seems to be entirely platonic. Jazz herself has mentioned on Twitter that Noelle was “like a sister” to her.

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