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Nona Soley Bosch Bio, Height, Dating, Ethnicity, Family

Meet up-and-coming actress Nona Soley Bosch who was practically unknown until February 2021. A year later and she now makes one of the most outstanding choices for casting directors in search of new/fresh talents.

Nona here made her debut as the protagonist in the Telecinco series, Entrevías, which is an action thriller/crime drama. Because the series in recent times made it to Netflix’s list of top TV shows translated as Wrong Side of the Tracks, Nona also has found herself a humongous new fan base from across the globe. And so, here is writing covering all that Nona’s new admirers have been wondering about her.

Nona Soley Bosch On Netflix’s Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Netflix’s Wrong Side Of The Tracks is your next “suspense, ridden” binge-watch. And as of the date, it was also quickly climbing the charts.

The series follows Tirso Abantos (actor José Coronado), an ex-military man who spends his days running a hardware store and missing the thrill of his former life, and his newly discovered granddaughter Irene played by none other than Nona Soley.

So, Nona’s character in this Spanish crime drama is a young woman of Vietnamese origin and completely rebellious. Irene who is always in a clash with her mother and now her new grandfather is looking for ways to elope with her Colombian boyfriend.

Nona Soley Bosch Career

Until Nona Soley Bosch became the star of the Netflix series, she had only worked as a model. And before the launch of her modeling career, she had landed in the world of advertising completely by chance. She was 8 years old and was shopping in a supermarket when an agent came to them. He was looking for new faces to propose us an ad for Barbie.

And while the in-between part is yet to be revealed, the latest news we have for you is: Nona was one of the first signings of the long-awaited second season of Welcome to Eden, a new Spanish Netflix series that has followed in the footsteps of La Casa de Papel and Elite.

Is Nona Soley Bosch Dating Anyone?

Indeed! Nona Soley has been dating someone and he is called Carlos Uraga, a renowned entrepreneur from Spain. He is a very handsome-looking man and could be found on Instagram at @kauraga. And both Nona and Carlos often featured each other on their respective social media and made sure that everybody knew they were dating. From either the world of Disneyland or the red carpet premiere of Top Gun: Maverick, they made sure to wave to their people on the internet as a couple.

Nona Soley Bosch made her red carpet debut with boyfriend Carlos in May 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

Carlos, according to his LinkedIn, is the CEO and Founder of Nantek, which is a startup company developing sustainable solutions for industrial applications in the Bilbao Area of Spain.

Of course, Nona’s boyfriend has also been dubbed “Forbes 100 business innovators in Spain”.

Nona Soley Bosch Age

Nona Soley Bosch was likely born in 2000. So, she reached the age of 22 in 2022.

Nona Soley Bosch Family

Like her character Irene, Nona Soley was adopted by her family when she was two years old. But this is the only common thing Nona has with Irene. Because, unlike Irene, Nona is very much in love with her mother. And therefore she often takes to her social media to write things like “As long as you see your mom’s smile, life is still beautiful ❤️” about her beautiful mother Mei Sobo (on Instagram @mei.sobo).

According to Nona, she always had her mother by her side; she even did well being her photographer or psychologist. From telling Nona that life is only a gift if she lives it and forcing her to fight for what she dreams to accompany her to try on a thousand dresses until she found the special one, Mei did it all.

Is Nona Soley Bosch On Instagram?

Yes. Nona could be found on Instagram @nonasobo and she already had 2,826 posts and 120K here as of 1 June 2022.

Other than that Nona also kept around 57.3K people posted on her TikTok @nonasoleybosch and also shared from time to time on ‘Nona Soley Bosch’ Facebook.

Nona Soley Bosch Height

Beautiful Nona Soley Bosch stands 5.51 feet tall in height. Her bust-waist-hip measurements as per her online published portfolio were 30.71-24.8-35.83 (in inches). Also, she wore footwear of US size 6½.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Nona Soley Bosch’s Birthday?

Nona celebrates her birthday either on the 2nd or the 3rd of March. And if you also need to know, her zodiac sign is Pisces.

  • Where Is Nona Soley Bosch From?

Nona Soley originally hails from her hometown of Thailand or ‘Tailândia’ in her mother tongue. And lately, one could find her based in Caldes de Montbui of Barcelona in Spain.

  • What Is Nona Soley Bosch’s Ethnicity?

Nona Soley was born in Thailand and as of now, she was based in Spain. And she spoke Spanish as her primary language. Because these are the only details known so far, Nona’s ethnicity was not understood exactly.

  • How Much Is Nona Soley Bosch’s Net Worth?

Nona Soley reportedly had more than $250K as her net worth as of 2022.

If you were not already aware, Nona also goes by Nona Sobo or Mariona Soley Bosch. She is called ‘Nona’ because that is how she pronounced her real name ‘Mariona’ when she was very little and Sobo because they are the first silane of each of her two surnames (Soley Bosch).

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