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Noor Naim Net Worth, Boyfriend, Parents, Super Rich In Korea

Noor Naim is one of the cast members of Netflix’s Super Rich In Korea. Who is she? Does she have a boyfriend? Who are her parents? What does she do as a job?

Tag along and read all about it her in this article below.

Noor Naim On Netflix’s Super Rich In Korea

The exciting new Netflix series Super Rich in Korea transports viewers to the ultra-luxurious lives of the richest people on the planet in the center of Korea. This show is a stunning exploration of excess, fusing the flair of Italian fashion giants, the elegance of Pakistani royalty, the glitter of Arab Kardashians, and the attraction of Singaporean millionaires, all connected by their love of Korean culture.

Take in the splendor that characterizes these people’s life. From the wealthy David Yong of Singapore to the Paris Hilton-like Yoo Hee-ra of Korea, Pakistan’s Royal Anna Kim, Italy’s fashion virtuoso Teodoro Marani, and Noor Naim, the social media star with 50 million followers in the Arab world, all of them have chosen Korea as their opulent playground.

Super Rich in Korea reveals a world where expensive vehicles and couture are commonplace, and invitation-only gatherings are the standard. Take a deep dive into a lifestyle that combines luxury with distinctive Korean culture. The show, which is helmed by the renowned PD Yuh Woon-hyuk and features the fashion-savvy Cho Saeho, the endearing BamBam, and Oh My Girl’s trendsetter Mimi as hosts, offers a sophisticated and perceptive look at extravagance.

How Much Is Noor Naim Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Noor Naim is around $20 million, according to The Cinemaholic. When one takes into account a YouTuber’s other revenue streams, Naim’s actual net worth is estimated to be in excess of $3.76 million. Naim’s annual salary is predicted to be $670.84 thousand. Furthermore, she receives over 11.18 million monthly views on her YouTube account.

April 24, 2014, saw the introduction of Naim’s channel. April 2014 saw her become a YouTuber, and in November of that same year, she posted her first video, “What’s on my iPhone.” Naim’s channel features more than 300 videos with nearly half a billion views. She had over 350,000 subscribers in July 2016, making her #47 on the Tubefilter Top 100 for most subscribers added in a single month.

The ‘would you rather’ challenges, in which Naim challenges her mother, sister, and other YouTubers and even solicits opinions from her audience, are the most watched videos on the channel.

Through entertaining product integration films, she has worked with companies like KitKat, Pantene, and Bellami to share her favorite products with her audience. Forbes Middle East released a list of the most popular YouTubers in the Arab world on May 4, 2017.

At number two, Noor Stars became the first Arab girl to reach the top of the chart. With almost 6 million views, her video “Marriage and cheating make-up” ranked seventh among non-musical videos when YouTube revealed data on the most viewed videos in the Middle East in December 2017.

In 2023, Noor collaborated with Saif Nabeel and DJ Aseel on the song “Bint El Balad,” which swiftly rose to the top of the Iraqi music charts across a variety of platforms. The film was uploaded to YouTube during the last week of June 2023, and it has received over 8 million views.

Furthermore, many companies have approached her with offers to endorse their products. She has promoted a number of goods, including KitKat, Pantene, PUBGMobile, M·A·C Cosmetics, Sunsilk Benefit Cosmetics, HONOR Arabia, NYX Professional Makeup, and Ole Henriksen Middle East.

Her accomplishments, which include being named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list and winning the Content Creator of the Year 2023 title at the Arab Woman Awards, show how influential she is on digital culture and content. She starts off with a silver play button and goes on to get a gold and a diamond. She took part in the Red Carpet closing ceremony of the 75th Cannes Film Festival.

Noor Naim Age

Noorn Naim was reportedly born on 21 June 1997. Hence, in 2024, she is 26 years of age.

Who Are Noor Naim Parents?

Noor Naim is the daughter of Bushra Hussien.

Her mother is Iraqi and her father is Kuwaiti, while her grandmother is from Kurdistan. Naim has seen her mother, who is divorced, be mistreated ruthlessly without consideration for her resilience. She believes her sickness has been exacerbated by society’s propensity to place the blame on her mother. Naim thinks it’s incorrect to categorize a divorcee as guilty and place all the blame on the woman.

Along with her mother, little Naim fled Syria for Iraq, Turkey, and finally America. Although she had less control over the events surrounding her, she gained a great deal of knowledge from the encounter. In Turkey, she went to work at the age of 13 or 14, which was illegal but necessary for a living. Nonetheless, she attended secondary school full-time.

Naim realized her parents’ split was for personal reasons. Furthermore, Noor has one sister, Banen Naim, who has a YouTube channel, and a brother named Walid.

Noor Naim Height

Noor Naim stands tall above the height of 5 feet 5.5 inches. She looks very much like her mother.

Noor Naim Boyfriend

Going by her social media, Noor Naim appears single. Most of her social media content is about her family or her business ventures. So, Noor has shared almost nothing about her dating life at the time of this article.

The only thing that we can assume from all of this is she is enjoying her life as a single and independent woman.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Noor Naim From?

Noor Naim hailed from Iraq and has lived in different places around the globe.

  • When Is Noor Naim Birthday?

21 June is Noor Naim’s birthday.

  • Is Noor Naim On Instagram?

On Instagram, Noor Naim has 14.9 million followers.

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