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Oliver Polak Bio, Wife, Height, Nationality, Netflix

Netflix is bringing a new show named “Your Life Is a Joke” and all the attention is falling on German comedian/actor Oliver Polak. He has done over 1000 shows in over five different countries and now making his debut in Netflix’s reality show.

Learn more about him, here we cover his height, nationality, and info on his relationship.

Scroll down this Oliver Polak Bio.

Oliver Polak On Netflix’s Your Life Is A Joke

“Your Life Is a Joke” is a new reality show from Netflix by German comedian Oliver Polak. Not only did he produce the show, but he is also on the show along with other celebrities. The official synopsis read, “German stand-up comedian Oliver Polak spends a day with each of his famous guests and then roasts them in this fresh twist on the celebrity profile.”

The show offers viewers a combined mix of both stand-up comedies along with a sneak peek of the BTS; showing what hosts and guests are up to behind closed curtains.

According to Meaww. in a duration of 3 episodes, Oliver Polak spends a whole day with actor Christian Ulmen, rapper and finger Nura, and Jennifer Rostock’s frontwoman, Jennifer Weist. The show was set to premiere on 9 November 2021 on Netflix.

Does Oliver Polak Have A Wife?

No, it doesn’t seem like Oliver Polak has a wife. Back in 2020, Oliver shared with ICONIST that he had a dog that was left by his ex-girlfriend. It has to be one of the very few times that he discussed his dating life out in public. His socials don’t hold information related to his love life or life as a married man.

Hence, information on Oliver’s marriage or his current relationship is out of the spotlight.

Oliver Polak Net Worth

With his gig as a comedian, an actor, and a writer, Oliver Polak gathered a total net worth of nearly $1 million.

Oliver was expelled from many schools so his parents decided that they would send him to Carmel College, a Jewish boarding school in London. He struggled with identity the same way as he did in his hometown. On weekends, he used to go out to London. Him coming from Germany made him a Nazi and if introduced as Jew he was dubbed a dirty Jew.

After graduating from college, Oliver made no plans about returning to his hometown. He contacted Viva which was a German version of MTV and asked if he could intern. Soon after, he became the host of a show called “Viva Family.” Later on, he became the host of a Disney show on RTL, Germany’s largest TV station.

Oliver didn’t love working in the place however, he needed money because he suffered from testicular cancer.

Later in 2003, Oliver moved to Berlin and joined acting classes. Starting from 2006, he started doing stand-ups which gave him a feeling of liberation. He started performing at the Scheinbar comedy club. The comedy club didn’t pay for his gig but there were free drinks. Nonetheless, it helped him practice.

Oliver’s comedy has earned him several accolades and awards. He won Grimme Prize in 2017, the German television award, also in 2017. He was also awarded the German Television Prize for the ARD series “The Laughing of Others” and the Grimme Prize for the Pro7 format “Applause and out.”

Over the years he has performed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

Besides stand up, Oliver is also a bestseller of several books such as “Against Jewish hatred” (Suhrkamp), “The Jewish patient” and “I am allowed to do that, I am a Jew” (Kiepenheuer and Witsch).

Oliver has received a total of 11 acting credits. Some of his notable works are Life Is Too Long, Bernds Hexe, and Axolotl Overkill among a few others.

Oliver Polak Height

Oliver Polak stands tall to the height of 5 feet 9 inches.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Oliver Polak?

Oliver Polak was born on 14 May 1976. He turned 45 years old in May 2021.

  • Oliver Polak Nationality: Where Is He From?

Oliver Polak is German by nationality. He hailed from Papenburg in Emsland, which has a population of 35,000 living in an area of 120 square kilometers, is a conservative, Catholic city in northeastern Germany.

  • Who Are Oliver Polak’s Parents And Siblings?

Interviewing with HAARETZ, Oliver Polak shared that he was born in Papenburg which was home to 20 Jewish families, a total of 100 people lived in the city. Nazis took his father and he spent an undefined time in a concentration camp. When he survived the war and returned to the city, he was the only Jewish person.

Oliver’s mother was born in St. Petersburgh. She moved to Bremen in 1975. His parents met each other at the synagogue in Bremen. Later on, they married each other. The family started a textile store in Papenburg above which they made their home. His father was a living monument to the memory of the Holocaust. The closest Jewish neighbors were an hour and a half away.

While sharing about his childhood, Oliver told the source, between the age of 10 and 13 his parents decided that he would study for his bar mitzvah once a week. Since there were no highways and his parents couldn’t drive, he spent five hours every week on the road.

No information related to his siblings surfaced as of this writing.

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