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Olivia Gross Bio, Age, Job, Bartise Bowden Baby Mama

When you’re a star, it’s hard to keep secrets; especially if you’re infamous. Bartise Bowden, a universally disliked cast member from Love Is Blind season 3 and Perfect Match season 1, experienced this firsthand after his baby mama Olivia Gross was brought to light despite his best efforts to keep her anonymous.

So, since it’s come to this, you might as well learn all about Bartise’s baby mama over this Olivia Gross Bio.

Meet Olivia Gross, Love Is Blind Star Bartise Bowden Baby Mama

Olivia Gross first came to light in April 2023, after Bartise Bowden filed court documents about his son, Aiden. In the paper, he listed Olivia as his child’s mother, according to Us Weekly.

So, since Aiden was born in December 2022, Olivia must have got pregnant around March 2022, right when Bartise returned from his Panamanian Perfect Match adventures. This leads us to believe that it could have been a one-night stand or a  quick get-together — i.e. if they didn’t know each other beforehand. Plus, Olivia revealed in a TikTok that she didn’t realize she was pregnant until five months in — which further supports our point.

Are Bartise Bowden And Olivia Gross Together?

If we are to believe Olivia’s FB relationship status, Bartise Bowden and her are not together. But then again, many don’t like updating their dating status on social media.

Now, digging into their lives, Olivia, on TikTok, in July and June 2022 revealed that she was taken, but not in May. Bartise also posed an IG story on April 9 where he seemed to be to be enjoying Easter with a “woman” whose hand was seen resting on his dog. This “woman” could potentially be Olivia.

But that’s still in the past. We don’t know if the duo is still together or not. However, one thing’s clear — they were still on good terms and co-parenting their child. “Might’ve been the villain on tv, but I’m gonna be the hero for him. Instagram, meet my little man,” Bartise posted a pic with his son on IG.

Prior to Olivia, Bartise was in a relationship with his fiancee/Love Is Blind co-star Nancy Rodriguez. The two first connected through pods, matching each other’s vibe and built their chemistry through conversations surrounding families, love, and expectations.

But, everything said, it was not as if Bartise and Nancy didn’t explore romance with other contestants. In fact, Bartise had formed a bond with fellow fitness enthusiast Raven Ross and Nancy had also found a connection with Andrew Liu following their on-paper compatibility. However, Bartise parted ways with Raven as she did not want to lose the home-like happiness Nancy arose in him.

As for Nancy, she had both Andrew and Bartise on one knee for her. She rejected the former because of her love for Bartise.

Did you know: Bartise wishes he was able to see Love Is Blind before Perfect Match that way he could’ve had some time to grow. “There is a whole strategy that’s involved in this show because ultimately you’re there to win like you want to win the perfect match,” he explained. This was also why he had a taught time choosing between Abbey Humphreys and Izzy Fairthorne in the final episodes because he had to figure out who he could win with.

Olivia Gross Age

Olivia Gross was 27 years of age in 2023.

She is 2 years older than Bartise Bowden.

Olivia Gross Job

Olivia Gross is a writer. Before 2023, she was working as a “Parts Writer” at Forest River. Also, she was then working as a Content Specialist at Interep Marketing in Niles, Michigan.

Back from September 2015 to January 2016, she also worked in operations at C&D Covenant Transport Solutions in South Bend, Indiana.

Is Olivia Gross On Instagram?

As of April 2023, Olivia entertained 889 followers on Instagram @livigrl432.

Also, here’s her Facebook @LivJean and TikTok @livigrl432.

Olivia Gross Family

Olivia Gross comes from a family of at least four — her parents, herself, and a sister.

Her mother, Susan Lacey Gross is a North English, Iowa native. She attended English Valleys Junior/Senior High School and the University of Iowa and later settled in  North Sioux City, South Dakota. “I love you Mommy 💖 getting to spend the last couple days with you and Kevin was amazing💖💖💖 Susan Gross,” Olivia once dedicated an FB post to her.

As for her father, Mike Gross hails from Niles, Michigan. He went to Jefferson High School and later studied Computer Science at Western Iowa Tech. The last we checked, he was working as a Senior Category Sales Manager at James Martin Vanities for over 6 ½ years. Before that, he was a Business Sales Executive at Cerasis, a VP of Sales & Operations at Covenant Transport Solutions, a manager at Hirschbach Motor Lines, and a salesman at Condon Auto Sales.

Susan and Mike turned 55 and 56 years of age respectively in 2023.

Trivia: Olivia’s dad accompanied her to her prom in April 2014.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Olivia Gross From?

Olivia hails from Jefferson, South Dakota. She moved to Niles, Michigan in 2015, then to Dallas, Texas in 2021, and now (as of 2023), she resides in Carrollton, Texas.

  • When Is Olivia Gross Birthday?

Olivia didn’t reveal her birthday.

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