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Paige Thorne Bio, Height, Parents, Job, Love Island 2022

Small town girl, Paige Thorne just can’t find love in Swansea. She’s tried everything and everyone, but “there’s just nobody there anymore,” she explained! So, breaking out of her comfort zone and broadening her horizons, Paige joined Love Island 2022.

Get to know her better as this Paige Thorne Bio proceeds. 

Paige Thorne On Love Island 2022

ITV2’s Love Island 2022 premiered on June 6, 2022, and as always it saw a bunch of attractive males and females looking for love on the show. However, this season was a little different. Unlike traditional scenarios where the girls arrived first and explored their new digs, this season, the girls were lined up in front of the pool and asked to be paired with the boy, the audience chose for them. Yes! This was the first time ever the public played cupid.

So, as for our star Paige, she was chosen to be paired with the handsome hunk, Luca Bish.

Joining Paige in the luxury Majorcan villa for Love Island 2022 were her co-contestants — Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, Afia Tonkmor, Amber Beckford, Luca Bish, Andrew La Page, Gemma Owen, Davide Sanclimenti, Tasha Ghouri, Dami Hope, Indiyah Polack, Liam Llewellyn, and Ikenna Ekwonna.

Also, Missy Keating, Kat Harrison, Brad McDermott, Sophie Draper, Jordan Spencer, and Joshua Legrove were rumored to join the show in the latter half.

All excited to appear on Love Island 2022, Paige took it to her IG on May 30 to write, “It’s happeningggg!!! Paige will be on our screens from Monday 6th June on @loveisland @itv”

Who Is Paige Thorne Dating Today?

Paige Thorne didn’t reveal who she’s dating today (as of 2022). But given the confidentiality agreement, and herself, not wanting to hand out spoilers, it is understandable why she kept her mouth shut.

As on Love Island, Paige was paired up with Luca Bish and the duo seemed to be hitting it off. On the show’s first challenge, “Anything to Declare,” the group was tasked with guessing each other’s most shocking and raunchiest secrets. To which, Paige confessed to previously kissing 10 girls in one night — much to the surprise of her fellow Islanders, and every audience. So, later, as the boys were sitting by the fire, Luca remarked that Paige should have sent him the pictures.

But though Luca might have been flirtatious in his own way, he dug his own grave as he complained about Amber kissing Tasha thereafter. “Luca is so gross asking to send the pics of Paige kissing girls, wasn’t he just chatting that Amber and Tasha couldn’t kiss last night?? DURING PRIDE MONTH??” a Twitter user complained.

Prior to being paired up with Luca, Paige searched hard for love. Infact, she’s previously been so close to getting married, but unfortunately, her engagement broke off. However, she never gave up on love and never stopped falling in love fast. “I would bump into a guy getting a coffee and fall in love that way,” she confessed.

As for her ideal partner, Paige shared that she was looking for just anyone — even “anyone that needs looking after.” She was “bored” being lonely and she missed love.

Fun Fact: Over one of Paige’s dates, the guy she was with drove her home and his car battery died. So, she just left him there his dead car battery!

Paige Thorne Age

Paige Thorne was 24 years of age she appeared on Love Island 2022.

She was the same age as Amber, and a year older than Luca.

Her biggest Ick is long fingernails.

Paige Thorne Height

Paige Thorne stands tall at a height under 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm).

Her distinct features include — dark hair, brown eyes, and a fit body.

Also, many claimed that Paige looked like the Welsh singer Lisa Scott-Le.

Is Paige Thorne On Instagram?

Yes, find her on Instagram @paigethornex.

Also, here are her fan accounts @paigethornefanxo, @paigethorneupdates, and @foreverpaigethorne.

Follow her on Facebook @paigeth24 and TikTok @paigethorne1

Paige Thorne Parents

Paige Thorne loves her parents, despite her dad, Gareth Thorne, being very protective of her. Because of this, the reality star even had to lie to him that she was on a work excursion while she filmed Love Island 2022.

Talking about her siblings, Paige has two brothers named Fletcher and Stuart Thorne. Her brother, Fletcher is a Cefn Hengoed Community School graduate who went on to become a carpenter. As for Stuart, he lived in Swansea with his fiance and two kids.

More of Paige’s family members include — Sophie Pickard, Emma Thorne, and Clarence Thorne.

Paige Thorne Job

Paige Thorne is a paramedic at heart. No wonder, burdened with the guilt of being selfish, she immediately returned to her job as a paramedic as soon as Love Island ended.

This reality star has also been branded amazing” by a man who owes his life to her. Andy Humphries, from Swansea, claimed that he “would not be here” if it wasn’t for the paramedic (Paige). According to the reports, Paige resuscitated Andy and stayed by his side for 7 hours when he collapsed in his local doctor’s surgery before the first lockdown.

As for her education, she attended Cardiff University.

For those of you interested, a paramedic’s salary in Swansea was around $46 thousand per annum.

Related FAQs

  • Has Thorne Undergone Plastic Surgery?

If we were to compare Paige’s pics from her younger days to that of now, she’s definitely undergone breast augmentation surgery. However, the star herself never confessed to it.

  • When Is Paige Thorne Birthday?

Paige Throne celebrates her birthday on September 15.

  • Where Is Paige Thorne From?

She hails from Swansea, UK, a small city and county on the south coast of Wales.

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