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Paige Tillman Bio, Family, Height, Dating Status, Love Is Blind

On 22 September 2023, Netflix’s famous social experiment “Love Is Blind” returned for Season 5, i.e., of course with a new cast. Taking part in a heart-pounding journey of emotional growth and self-discovery was Paige Tillman also. So, in this writing, we shall tell you who Paige is and what became of her potential emotional connection test.

Paige Tillman On Love Is Blind Season 5

So, during the introduction, watchers were told that Paige Tillman is a stylist in her early thirties. Viewers in a way were also made aware of her past loves, best attributes, deal-breakers, and just simple things one would like to know about someone on a first date.

Paige also told cameras that being “too nice” to the “wrong people” had led her astray in her past relationships. She also with almost confidence said that she is done letting people take advantage.

When she was asked to talk about her turnoffs, she said it’s people who are mean to waiters or staff while out to dinner. She gushed that she ultimately would like to find someone who loves the way she loves, i.e., leading with a big heart, having genuine respect, and making a true commitment to each other.

This time on Love Is Blind, they have said there is one single who says she is going to catch “who’s not going to settle” while another one who takes pride in her best habit of drinking water. It is not known who is who. It is also not understood if Paige is one of them.

Paige Tillman Dating Status

Clearly, Paige Tillman was very much single when she decided to go on Love Is Blind. And once there, when she was asked “Why are you still single?”, she first coyly and jestingly said “I don’t know…I’m Looser” and then quickly said “No.”. Then, trying to sound convincing this time she answered “I’ve great taste, and I just haven’t found the right person yet.” And then again she ruined this answer too teasingly calling it “A lie.”.

How Old Is Paige Tillman?

Paige Tillman was born in 1991. So, she reached the age of 32 in 2023.

Paige Tillman Family

Paige’s mother is Irma Evelyn Lancaster. She turned 68 in February 2023. It seems she continued to be in Cypress, Texas as of this time.

The other person known from Paige’s family is her brother Dustin Tillman. He can be found on IG @gobiginlife, where he described himself as a model/actor, veteran, a natural athlete at Beast Power Gear, and business owner at a smoothie and juice bar called GLO Juicery. On his social media, Dustin also once appreciated Paige as his “Precious Angel Guardian.”

We also learned that Paige’s beloved maternal grandfather Angel Santiago “Jimmy” Torres passed away on 3 August 2013 (aged 83). His obituary described him as a loving husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Also, at the time of his demise, he was survived by his wife of 61 years, Anna Torres.

Paige Tillman Height

As pretty as in the picture Paige Tillman stands below 4’10” in height.

Paige Tillman Job

Per LinkedIn, Paige Tillman has been working full-time as the creative director at Inaka Power since June 2023. At this point, she also continued to be the founder of Bikinis & Blazers, a shopping, and retail selling classic pieces of wardrobe (on IG @kinisandblazers).

On Bikinis & Blazers‘ online merch store, one can find all kinds of accessories, bikinis, blazers, bodysuits, bralets, cover-ups, hats, and more items. At this point, an elevated bodysuit originally priced at $40.00 was put on sale at half-reduced price. Likewise, they thought to sell their barefoot brandee bottom at half its price at $20.00.

For almost three years prior, Paige was with Buffbunny Collection, as their production manager, production stylist, and also creative director. And between 2009 and 2014, she was working as a receptionist and benefits coordinator at David Weekley Homes. Right after that (2015 – 2019), she had gone on to pursue a BS in retail Management at the Art Institutes.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Paige Tillman From?

Paige Tillman originally hails from Cypress, Texas. But, in the earliest 2020, she did the scariest thing, that is got a one-way ticket to Los Angeles taking a chance on herself to follow her dreams in the fashion industry. She then took to her IG, to gush she will be spending her last year in her twenties to go after all of the things always wanted in life.

Not much was yet understood about Paige’s journey on the show. But, everyone on her social media can tell that she has been excited about the outcome. Just lately for instance, she took to her social media to tease a trailer of the show and next to it gushed “Secrets out and I’m so excited to share that I’m on @loveisblindnetflix Season 5!! Follow along to see if I find love in the pods 💜”.

  • When Is Paige Tillman’s Birthday?

Paige Tillman’s birthday is on January 13th making her a Capricorn.

  • Is Paige Tillman On Instagram?

One could give Paige Tillman a follow on Instagram @paigetilly as of September 2023. The account included 143 posts and 21.3k followers. Plus, not long ago, Paige also started posting on her TikTok @paigetilly1.

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