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Pam Hupp Family: Mother, Children, Husband, Father

Meet Pam Hupp family in this article. Here, you’ll learn about her parents, her husband, and her kids. This article helps you explore details on her family members and their job.

Keep scrolling down to learn more about Pam Hupp family.

Pam Hupp Mother

Pam Hupp’s mother was Shirley Neumann (nee Russell). She was born on 16 November 1935. She graduated from Florissant Valley Community College. After that, she enrolled at the University of Missouri St. Louis.

Professionally, Shirley taught grade school in the Jennings School District and at Good Shepherd School in Ferguson, MO.

Pam’s mother was found dead after falling through the third-floor balcony railing of her apartment at a retirement home near Fenton. Her body was discovered outside the Lakeview Park Independent Senior Living community at about 2:30 p.m. Police shared with St. Louis Post-Dispatch that she had gone missing at a meal, a housekeeper went to her apartment to check on her.

Furthermore, the housekeeper knocked and when she didn’t answer, the housekeeper went in, noticed damage to the balcony, looked over the railing, and saw Neumann on the ground.

Police believed that the damage was caused by Shirley’s fall.

After the murder of Louis Gumpenberger, Pam was labeled a serial killer. Russ Faria, the husband of Betsy, claimed that she attacked people who were sick, disabled, or elderly, the last one referring to Pam’s mother. As reported, Pam was the last person to see her mother at her old age home.

Shirley lived at Lakeview Park, an assisted living community in Fenton, but she’d spent the night of October 29 with Pam after a trip to the hospital for back pain. She brought her mother back around 5 PM and told the staff not to expect her for dinner or breakfast the following morning but said she would probably eat lunch.

Pam’s brother Michael later said Pam had told staff to call the family if Shirley didn’t come to breakfast.

During the trial, Pam had lied to Russ’s attorney Joel Schwart that her mother had died of Alzheimer’s. Joel took it by faith because he thought who would lie about that. But the day after the trial ended emails poured in: “Pam Hupp’s mother didn’t die of Alzheimer’s.”

Shirley had eight times the typical dose of Ambien in her system.

Pam Hupp Father

Pam Hupp was born to her father Victor Joseph Neumann Jr. Her father was the son of Victor Joseph Neumann (1899-1984) and Sylvia L. Jones Neumann (1902-1999). He had one sibling Bernice Neumann Losse. Victor Jr. and his wife Shirley raised Pam and her siblings in an orderly Catholic household in Dellwood.

Victor was a union man who worked for decades at Union Electric. For Victor and Shirley, their daughter Pam remembers as their daughter who rode bikes with her friends and went Christmas caroling. She attended Riverview Gardens High School. Ther Pam was a blonde pompommer with a laugh that burst forth like a geyser, no stopping it.

Who Is Pam Hupp Husband?

Pam’s friends remembered her as “boy-crazy” which obstructed her from getting higher grades. There, she met a real catch: a boy who was soft-spoken and well-liked, a member of the soccer team, golf team, and National Honor Society. They also went to prom together.

Three months after that, they tied the knots. Her friends were attending college but she was sitting in a cheap apartment spooning strained beets. The marriage with her ex-husband only lasted for six years.

After the divorce, Pam married her second husband Mark Hupp. Mark had a quiet demeanor an easygoing guy who played minor-league baseball for the Texas Rangers. He didn’t get drafted in the MLB so he started working as a carpenter.

Pam and Mark moved to Naples, Florida in 1989 with their kids. They returned in 2001 and settled in O’Fallon, Missouri, and started flipping houses on the side. People who knew the Hupps shared that they had harmonious partners in both life and business for three decades.

Pam called the shots in the marriage, people said, but Mark didn’t seem to mind. He was the quiet one, Pam the conversationalist. Pam and Mark used H2 Partners LLC for their real estate transactions, but in 2014, she created a new firm, H2 Partners Building Solutions, with herself listed as president. The Hupps’ new house, purchased after Pam received Betsy’s life insurance money, served as the business address.

Pam Hupp Children

Pam Hupp has two kids — a daughter name Sarah from her first marriage and a son named Travis Hupp with her second husband Mark Hupp. Although nothing is known about Sarah, Travis Hupp attended Timberland High School. He then studied information of Technology (IT) at Ranken Technical College – West.

Travis is currently working as a support engineer at Enterprise Consulting Group. He currently lives in O’Fallon, Missouri. He is on Facebook (@travis.v.hupp).

Related FAQs

  • Does Pam Hupp Have A Brother?

Yes, Pam Hupp two brothers named Michael Neumann (wife Alexis) and Dan Neumann (wife Juliann).

  • Does Pam Hupp Have A Sister?

Yes, Pam Hupp has one sister named Sheri Wasserman.

  • Who Are Other Family Members Of Pam Hupp?

Other family members of Pam Hupp include her nieces and nephews. She has an aunt named Bernice Losse. Her maternal grandparents Roy and Bertha Russell had passed away before her mother did.

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