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Paolo From Tokyo Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Paolo de Guzman, aka Paolo from Tokyo, is an American Youtuber living in Tokyo, Japan. He is the travel guide and the culture bridge between Japan, especially Tokyo, and the people who are not Japanese but want to know and understand the Japanese way of life.

But what about his life outside of Youtube? Find out everything you need to know about Paolo, including his ethnicity, age, net worth, as well as his married life here.

Who Is Paolo From Tokyo Wife, Maiko?

Let’s start with Paolo’s married life. Fans who follow Paolo From Tokyo on Youtube will know this already. Paolo is married to a Japanese woman called Maiko. Maiko is a film editor, an illustrator, a fashion consultant, and a writer. She works together with Paolo in their travel guide videos.

We do not know exactly when Paolo and Maiko started dating, but they got engaged in April 2018. They enjoyed about a year-long engagement and got married on 11 January 2019.

Actually, Paolo wanted to get married on the 9th of January but Maiko did not think it was not good luck to get married on the 9th. She thought that the number 9 was bad luck.

Paolo made a whole video on his wedding day, in which he and Maiko went to sign the paperwork. He also talked about the cost of a wedding and how he and Maiko did not want to spend too much money on the wedding.

Apparently, an average marriage ceremony in Japan costs around $32 thousand, which is equal to about 357 thousand Yen. Even without the gifts, an average wedding costs about $11 thousand.

This year, they celebrated their second wedding anniversary. And during their first wedding anniversary in 2020, Paolo and his wife, Maiko announced that they were having a baby. Their son, Wolverine de Guzman, aka Wolfy, was born on 25 May 2020. Wolfy was also given a Japanese name, Taiga.

You can see Maiko in a lot of other videos on Paolo’s channel. There is a video called “Japanese GIRL tries BALUT for the FIRST TIME” and one called “Japanese Street Food Tokyo Top 3 Must Tour Places”. There was also Maiko’s birthday video titled “How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday”.

You can find Maike on Instagram at @myckojpink and @maikodebeauty. Maiko and Paolo also run a family Youtube channel called Tokyo Zebra.

Paolo From Tokyo Age

We do not know the exact year Paolo From Tokyo was born in. So, we do not know his exact age. But reportedly, he was at least 38 years old as of 2021.

Paolo From Tokyo Net Worth

Paolo is a millionaire. As of 2021, he has amassed a net worth of over $2 million.

Through his Youtube channel only, Paolo earned an annual salary of about $300 thousand. His Youtube channel had 2.6M subscribers. He started his Youtube career in 2016 with a video titled “Riding my Leiftech in Tokyo Japan (Unaffiliated Customer Review)”.

His Youtube channel was all about Tokyo. But Paolo’s love for Tokyo goes beyond Youtube. With his wife, Paolo also ran a website called Tokyo Zebra, where one can find various sorts of help about traveling Tokyo. Like the map of the city, tips, guides to different attractions, blog posts, and more.

You can also find the information about the filming gear essentials that he uses to film his Youtube videos.

Apart from his youtube channel, Paolo is also the founder of eikaiwaNOW, a smartphone app for English language teachers and students. He is also a senior IT consultant at Akegata Solutions in Tokyo. And previously, he had worked as an It Project Manager for organizations like TORA and systemsGO.

He went to Pepperdine University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Business.

You can buy Paolo from Tokyo merch like T-shirts and hoodies here.

Can Paolo From Tokyo Speak Japanese?

Yes, Paolo From Tokyo can speak Japanese, to some extent. In one of his videos where he met his Japanese girlfriend’s father, he spoke in Japanese. You can find the video here.

Paolo From Tokyo Ethnicity: Is He Filipino?

Yes, Paolo’s ethnicity is Filipino. He is actually a Filipino American from California and Washington.

Who Are Paolo From Tokyo Parents?

We do not know anything about the parents of Paolo. There is one video on Instagram, in which Paolo mentioned that he was by his parents’ house. That is the only bit of information we could find about his parents.

Related FAQs

  • When Does Paolo From Tokyo Celebrate His Birthday?

Paolo celebrates his birthday every year on the 3rd of March. And thus, his zodiac sign was Pisces.

  • How Tall Is Paolo From Tokyo?

Paolo has a height of a little over 5 feet 9 inches.

  • Is Paolo From Tokyo On Discord?

Yes, Paolo is on Discord. You can join Paolo’s Discord here.

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