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Paul Mathewson Bio, Wife, Age, Bangers And Cash

While some find it easiest working professionally alongside their family, Paul Mathewson labels it to be “tricky.” But then again, it was the chemistry between the Mathewson family members, that made Bangers And Cash so interesting to watch.

Keep reading this Paul Mathewson Bio to learn more about him. 

Paul Mathewson On Bangers And Cash

Yesterdays’ Bangers And Cash was all about the Mathewson family, who hunt for rare vehicles to resell, and also in doing so, uncovers some remarkable and heart-warming stories behind the cars.

“Each car has a unique story to tell. It was the dad’s car, the car you first bought as a teenager, the car you always wanted but never had the cash to buy,” Derek explained.

As for Paul, he joked that he was still figuring out what the show was all about. He was surprised at the pieces some of the cars go for. And that includes the big and the small numbers as well.

But despite the randomness of numbers, Paul understands the value of some cars and even had a list of his favorites as well.  The last we checked, he was drinking an Mk1 Cortina and a Rover SD1. Also, he owned a TED20 grey Fergie Tractor. (

Reportedly, Paul joined the family business back in 1996 straight after finishing school. He even turned down an apprenticeship at Peugeot to join the others!

So, when the family business got its show in 2019 and cameras started following him around, it was kind of a nuisance at the start. “But now it’s second nature,” Paul added.

The show’s fifth installment returned to Yesterday in January 2022, and also its spin-off Bangers And Cash: Restoring Classics was being filmed then — soon to air.

Who Is Paul Mathewson Wife?

As of 2022, Paul Mathewson was still together with his wife Angela Mathewson (Dent). Reportedly, she worked as an administrator of Mathewsons Classic Cars Ltd then.

Here’s her FB @angela.mathewson.

Talking about their kids, Paul and his wife share a son named Charlie Mathewson who also starred in Bangers And Cash, and a daughter named Kate.

Paul Mathewson Age

Paul Mathewson was 41 years of age when he appeared on Bangers And Cash season 5 in 2022.

He is a year older than his wife Angela, who was born in December 1980.

Paul Mathewson Net Worth

Paul Mathewson garnered a net worth of under $800 thousand by 2022. As of then, the car expert was working in his family business Mathewsons for over 25 years.

However, Mathewsons stated way back in 1970, first offering modern car and commercial vehicles in Bedfordshire. Over time, the company expanded its branches throughout the UK, but it was only after their most awaited venture into the world of Classic Car Auctions in 2011, the company gained country-wide recognition.

Now, Mathewsons offers a variety of Classic and Vintage cars. Their most well-known location, Thornton-Dale has a 300+ Car / Coach park within a few hundred yards of the showroom. To be specific it featured Fast Fords from the ’80s, Jags, Rovers, a Cobra, Standards, a Bentley Continental, a Chevy Stepside, a Bond Bug, and many more.

Their only dream in 2022 was to hold all of their total operations in one location someday. Well, we can’t even imagine how big that very showroom is going to be.

Is Paul Mathewson On Instagram?

No, we couldn’t find Paul Mathewson on Instagram.

However, here’s his company’s IG @dtmathewsons, FB @DTMathewsons, and Twitter @DTMathewsons.

Paul Mathewson Height

Paul Mathewson stands tall at a height above 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Paul has short brown hair, a beautiful smile, and wears prescription glasses.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Paul Mathewson Date Of Birth?

Paul Mathewson was born on January 20, 1980.

As per his birthday, Paul is of the Aquarius zodiac.

  • Who Are Paul Mathewson’s Parents And Siblings?

Paul’s parents are Derek and Sue Mathewson. They were married as of 2022 and resided in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

While we don’t know much about Sue, Paul’s father Derek is the patriarch of the Mathewsons family. He was the one who founded Mathewsons Auctions in North Yorkshire, turning his passion for “getting into the auction side of things” into a business.

As for Paul’s siblings, he has a brother named Dave Mathewson, who is also a star of Bangers And Cash. Reportedly, Dave joined the family business 2 years after Paul in 1998. However, he’s spent his whole life in the company’s showroom. He even had his workshop when he was 13.

For those of you wondering, Sarah Crabtree from the show isn’t related to the family. The lady only joined the company from 2019 to 2021. After her leave from Bangers And Cash, Sarah went on to join Yesterday’s new series Secrets of the Transport Medium.

  • Where Was Paul Mathewson Born?

Paul hails from Scarborough, North Yorkshire. There was also where he resided as of 2022.

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