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Paul Peden Bio, Height, Family, Age, Job, Love Is Blind

Paul Peden is one of the cast members of Netflix’s Love Is Blind. Read all about him in this article below. Here we cover his family, age, job, and more.

This article covers it all.

Love Is Blind: Are Paul Peden And Micah Lussier Still Together?

The 4th season of Netflix’s Love Is Blind is a good example of how much reality TV adores a classic love triangle. The series constructed love triangles involving the same person, 27-year-old marketing manager Micah Lussier, Paul Peden, and Kwame Appiah in its first two episodes.

Micah and former soccer player Kwame Appiah hit it off right away as the season began, and they became friends over positive thinking and manifestation strategies. Micah, however, quickly discovered that she was drawn to Paul, with whom she believed she had a “slow burn” romance. Although Micah and Paul eventually escaped the pods together, it is currently unknown whether their relationship has endured since Love is Blind.

The episode was taped in May 2022, and neither of their Instagram has any indication that they are still a couple. Between November 2021 and March 2023, Paul doesn’t even make any postings. Micah has since taken a number of travel photos, but it’s not apparent if she’s with friends, family, or a prospective new love interest. In the beginning, Paul was torn between Micah and Amber Wilder, a flight attendant who he thought had positive energy.

Micah wooed Paul to pick her, even jokingly adding in that she might be more attractive to Paul than Amber, “You’re only supposed to be talking to me.”

When conversing with both Micah and Chelsea Griffin at the same time, Kwame stated to Micah that he was only drawn to Chelsea because he wasn’t sure how interested Micah was in him. Micah persuaded Kwame that they would have a future together by telling him she couldn’t see that relationship having “a great trajectory.”

Thrilled by this apparent admittance of her love, Kwame declared his “smitten” status and that he would propose to her early – on Day 6 as opposed to Day 10. But Micah rejected him because he was surprised. At the same time, she warned Kwame to “better not go falling for anyone else, or I’ll beat your ass.”

Shortly after, Micah agreed to Paul’s offer, and Kwame—who was still hurt—left the pods with Chelsea. From there, the drama just got worse. Micah confided in Irina Solomonova that when she first saw Paul in person, all she could think was, “Not my type,” she added. This was after all the couples had gathered at the villa in Mexico. She added, “Which feels so superficial.” Kwame informed Chelsea that in order to get closure, he needed to speak with Micah.

Chelsea nodded in agreement, but she soon lost her cool when she saw that Kwame and Micah were engaged in activities more than simply finishing out their time in the pods. Even after Micah made fun of Kwame’s proposal in front of everyone else, they continued to laugh together for more than twenty minutes.

In other words, neither Micah nor Paul backed down from their vow to ending their relationship with Amber after delicately telling the truth to Kwame. Thus, they got engaged. He proposed in his trademark awkwardly sweet and romantic manner, and she accepted after delaying the decision slightly to show her love. The young marketing manager was undoubtedly going to say “yes!” but she wanted to play some pranks on her devoted boyfriend first.

“When I’m in the presence of a true love,” Paul had said, “I feel like I’m standing in the sun, and I just feel the warmth filling every inch of my body. I think that when you find somebody who makes you feel like this, you need to keep them close. So this is me asking you to stay close. Will you marry me?” To this, Micah ultimately responded she’d love to burn with him for the rest of her days before adding, “It’s going to be a zesty life that feels so fulfilled. This is probably the thing about you that makes me feel alive.”

Paul Peden Age

In March 2023, Paul Peden is 29 years old. He was born in 1994.

Paul Peden Family

Paul Peden is the son of Elizabeth Brownsberger Peden. Elizabeth is 59 years old born in April 1963. She is currently based in La Place, Louisiana.

Paul has a brother named Brian Peden. Brian is on IG. On Mother’s Day 2019, Brian wished their mom, “Happy Mother’s Day to my Rock, my biggest supporter, my first love, and on occasion, my biggest headache! I love you, MOM.”

Is Paul Peden On Instagram?

Of course, Paul is. His IG account is (@paulpeden) and TikTok (@paulpremium).

Paul Peden Job

Paul Peden has LinkedIn, and according to his resume, he is an Environmental Scientist & Policy Consultant since July 2019. Before that, Paul was an Assistant Elasmobranch Biologist for Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation for five months.

His first job, according to LinkedIn, Paul worked at Louisiana State University as a Lab technician and field assistant from 2016 to 2017.

Paul is a graduate of Louisiana State University with an undergraduate degree. He also attended

Paul Peden Height

Paul Peden’s height is above 6 feet 1 inch.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Paul Peden Birthday?

In 2019, Paul Peden’s mother wished him his 25th birthday on 26 March.

  • Where Is Paul Peden From?

Paul Peden hailed from Metairie, Louisiana.

  • How Much Is Paul Peden Net Worth?

In 2023, Paul Peden’s net worth is under $400 thousand.

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