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Pavneet Kaur Bio, Age, Job, Height, Indian Matchmaking

Meet Pavneet Kaur, a self-proclaimed “seeker of the good life”. In that process of seeking, she has found herself on Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking looking to find a husband in Seema Taparia’s way.

Pavneet is one of the cast members of Season 3 of Indian Matchmaking which premiered on Netflix on 21 April 2023. She joins the cast as a new face along with the returning couple Viral and Aashay, Rushali from Season 1, and Priya from Season 2.

In the rest of the writing, let’s have a closer look at who Pavneet Kaur is.

Indian Matchmaking: Are Pavneet Kaur And Tushar Tyagi Still Together?

Pavneet Kaur despite being a newbie has quickly made her way into fans’ hearts.

On the show, Pavneet gets matched with Tushar Tyagi, who reveals in his confessional that he had butterflies in his stomach on his first date with her. Pavneet also thought Sima did an excellent job. She then gave the date a “more than good”. Their date ends with Tushar asking for Pavneet’s number.

Even though he did end up taking her number, Pavneet didn’t hear from Tushar for over a week, which she felt was ‘weird.’ One day, she receives his message unexpectedly. He informed her that he had assumed he had saved her phone number, but this was not the case. He then sought Sima’s assistance in finding Pavneet’s phone number. Pavneet reflected, “He could have done that before.”

She didn’t consider it a “good sign.” Tushar requested Pavneet to meet again, and she was unsure. She wasn’t looking forward to the meeting, since she wasn’t sure if she should say yes. She didn’t want to draw any conclusions about what happened or why he did it. Furthermore, she feels that everyone deserves ‘clarity,’ and she was curious to see how things would turn out. Pavneet needed to know where things were heading with Tushar, both for herself, and so she could update Sima on their progress.

But, Tushar never calls her back for a whole week, and when he finally convinces Pavneet to see him again, she was not sure if she should say yes. Even so, she meets him again and even admits in a confessional, that she would like to know him more and see if he is really feeling something.

Fast forward to today though, it was not clear if the two are still together. They did however continue to follow each other on Instagram.

Nonetheless, Pavneet has also been really excited and looking forward to sharing her journey in Indian Matchmaking. When she was finally allowed to talk about it on social media, she was seen teasing and promoting the show, saying “Given that matrimonial sites, dating apps, and set-ups by my friends haven’t worked for me, I decided to give Sima Aunty a call!”

As for Tushar, he seemed to have gone back to working as a filmmaker. Also, he has since moved from Noida to Mumbai. Tushar, in the past, has been part of projects like Dishoom and Mr. X as an assistant director.

Pavneet Kaur Age

Pavneet Kaur was born in 1991. So, she turned 32 years old in 2023.

Who Are Pavneet Kaur’s Parents?

Pavneet Kaur’s mother is Hardeep Kaur Sachdeva and she can be found on IG @hardeepkaursachdeva. At the time of this writing, she was residing in New Delhi while still married to her hubby.

Oftentimes, Pavneet has shared with her people on the internet that she has the best parents and two dear brothers: Sunny and Parmeet.

Especially to her mom, we have seen Pavneet thank her for making her strong and gushed about them being “like mother like daughter”. According to Pavneet, her mother is an amazing, kind, generous, and selfless mother, with an added great sense of humor.

While for her dad, Pavneet uses the terms like a superhero, role model, bestest friend, and the man who she looks up to and dreams to become.

Pavneet and her siblings make sure to celebrate their parents’ anniversary every year on March 16th.

Pavneet Kaur Job

On her LinkedIn, Pavneet Kaur admits to having an experience in branding, PR, digital marketing, online and offline campaigns, ads, social media, events, influencer marketing, business development, relationship management, and more. Here, she also mentions being the full-time founder and managing director at THE BRAND SHAPER from October 2020 until the present.

Formerly, Pavneet was PR & Marcom Manager at The Grand New Delhi and Head of Marketing at Pirates of Grill.

For her schooling, Pavneet went to Kurukshetra University for her M.A. in Mass Communication (2012 – 2014) and to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University for a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication/Media Studies (2009 – 2012).

Pavneet Kaur Height

Pavneet Kaur stands above 5’11” in height.

When she was suggested more than one time to wear flats instead of heels, Pavneet felt like sharing her thoughts and said to her height is relative and heels she said is not always about adding height, but about fashion and style, power and confidence, and sexy and alluring.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Pavneet Kaur From?

Pavneet Kaur originally hails from Delhi, India. She was residing there as of 2023.

  • When Is Pavneet Kaur’s Birthday?

Pavneet Kaur celebrates her birthday on March 15th and that makes her Pisces.

  • Is Pavneet Kaur On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Pavneet Kaur can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 21 April 2023, her IG @pavneetsachdeva, included 647 posts and 16.2K followers. Also, she handled two separate Facebook accounts: the ‘Pavneet Sachdeva’ one and the other ‘Pavneet Sachdeva’.


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