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Pete Malleo Bio, Net Worth, Ashlee Holmes, Age, Job, Son

Meet Pete Malleo, the seemingly-estranged husband of The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter Ashlee Holmes Malleo.

Following the recent talks of him cheating ex-wife Ashlee Holmes with someone new, RHONJ fans have been wanting to find out what exactly happened.

Luckily, this Pete Malleo Bio is just that and more.

Are Pete Malleo And Ashlee Holmes Still Together?

Pete Malleo and Ashlee Holmes’ marriage has been pretty much an on-again and off-again relationship so far.

Engaged in February 2016, Pete and Ashlee got married at the City Clerk’s office in Manhattan on 8 August 2018 after years of dating; and almost two years after they welcomed their son, Cameron Hendrix Malleo.

At the time of this writing, i.e. in November 2021, Ashlee when replying to a fan comment on Instagram asking if she was planning on having another baby with Pete, said “My husband is busy f–king some busted looking whore.”

Adding to this, Ashlee had said, “but maybe one day.” And when another user shared she was sorry to hear the news, Ashlee commented, “Don’t be. I’m fine lol.”

However, the same day Ashlee hinted at Pete’s infidelity involvement, she also supported Pete when he shared a message via his Instagram profile about his music career.

And when PageSix reached out to Pete for comment, he told the outlet:

“I’ve never cheated on Ashlee. We’ve been separated since August. All I did was friend request someone and liked some photos. I then asked that person to hang out.”

Other than that, Pete clarified that he is single and he and Ashlee are going through a divorce, and Ashlee’s attorney has been served back in early October 2021.

Following this Ashlee also discussed her side of the story with US Weekly. She clarified that she never said that Pete cheated on her now but he sure did it in the past. That, he had an online flirtation with a girl throughout the first year of their relationship which ended somewhere around three months into her pregnancy.

Citing Pete not wanting to go to therapy with her as one of the many reasons why their marriage did not work, the Your Mom Friends podcast cohost revealed:

“He was given many opportunities to be truthful, and he chose not to. For Pete to say that all he did was friend request ‘someone’ and ‘like some photos’ is a gross understatement. I will not allow him to change the narrative.”

However, this is not the first time the couple called it quits.

They reconciled in February 2021 after Ashlee announced in July 2020 they had separated. At the time, Ashlee had explained despite separation, they still intended to continue their more than 10 years of relationship and to remain in one another’s lives.

Pete Malleo Son

So, son Cameron was born on 31 Aug. 2016.

You may as well give the young one a follow on his Instagram @cameronmalleo.

Speaking about the co-parenting agreement following their latest separation news, Ashlee opened up, despite her not-so-good relationship with Pete, he is an excellent father when he chooses to be with Cameron.

So, she shared, how she wishes that she and Pete could continue to co-parent in the way they had been doing lately.

However, also hinting at the recent development, she added, “I just don’t see how … I have yet to hear anything from Pete regarding her DMs to me and all of this aside from his statement to the press.”

Son Cameron turned five in August 2021.

Pete Malleo Job: What Does He Do For A Living?

Pete Malleo, according to his LinkedIn, is a retail professional around Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, in the United States.

Also, from the look of his Instagram, he is a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and he just loves music. But, it was not understood if he did any of these professionally.

Not to miss, IMDB has also credited him as the writer for a short film Rebellion – A Star Wars Fan Film (2018).

How Much Is Pete Malleo Net Worth?

Pete Malleo, who also introduces himself as a motivational speaker on his social media bio, had under an estimated $300 thousand net worth until October 2021.

Pete Malleo Family

Super proud of his mom, Pete Malleo brings her up on his social media now and then.

On one such occasion in June 2016, Pete shared a picture of him with his mom writing, “Couldn’t be any more proud of my mom. She retired tonight after 43 years of education in Passaic.”

Other than that Pete also mentioned sister Courtney Malleo when she got married in May 2016.

“My beautiful sister got married today. So incredibly happy for the most genuine person I have ever met. I love you @cmalleo1”

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Pete Malleo?

Sometime before November 2021, Pete had turned 36 years old.

  • Where Was Pete Malleo Born?

Pete Malleo was born in his hometown of Franklin Lakes, in Bergen County, New Jersey in the United States.

  • How Tall Is Pete Malleo?

Pete Malleo stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

  • Is Pete Malleo On Instagram?

Yes. You may find Pete Malleo on Instagram.

Until 9 November 2021, Pete had 746 posts and 20.8k followers on his account @petemalleo.

You may as well give him a follow on his Twitter @c3pete0 and TikTok @petemalleo.

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