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Peter Grosskopf Bio, Age, Job, Wife, Ben Grosskopf Dad

When TikTok star Ben Grosskopf announced that he had cancer in his recent video, his fans were eager to learn about his parents, hence his dad Peter Grosskopf. Here we’ll talk about his age, job, wife, and more in this article below.

Meet Peter Grosskopf, Ben Grosskopf Dad

TikToker/Dancer/Model/Actor/YouTuber Ben Grosskopf is born to his Canadian parents Peter Grosskopf and Lynn Otoole. They welcomed him on 12 June 2008 as one of four children. During a Q&A on YouTube, Ben shared that his parents have always been his role model. His mother attended Halifax West High School and Saint Mary’s University. She is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Lynn turned 50 years old in February 2022.

Besides his job, Ben is also big on TikTok (@itsbengrosskopf) with 1.1 million followers. On IG he has 111K followers. His YouTube currently has 18.5K subs.

Talking about his family members, he has a sister named Riley and two brothers Connor and Tyler.

In an emotional video, Ben shared his struggle with cancer as the teen’s friends and admirers offered their support. While the majority of his videos are humorous and include him swimming in Costa Rica or dancing in Times Square, his most recent video has a more depressing tone. In a medical bed, he begins the video by informing his followers that they will “have a little talk.”

“This really isn’t a fun, joyous video to be making and anyone who has my condition knows that this isn’t really something that’s fun to be sharing,” Ben says as he starts to tear up. Ben said he waited to release this video until every member of his family and friends was aware of his condition.

“Ok, ripping off the bandaid – I have cancer,” Ben then revealed.

Later in the video, he asserted that it isn’t immediately life-threatening. Having known about his condition for a few days, he claimed to have had some time to think about it. “If you’ve been following my TikToks for a while now, you might’ve known that I’ve been in and out of the hospital a little bit kinda just like testing for what I have,” Ben added further.

According to the American Cancer Society, lymphoma is a type of cancer that develops in cells that are a part of the body’s immune system, and Ben revealed to his fans that he has it. He described the three stages of lymphoma—A, B, and C—and how the complexity of treating each stage increases. The “most popular one,” according to Ben, is stage B, which he disclosed to have.

“I am very grateful that I didn’t have cancer in my bone marrow already because that would’ve meant another two months of chemotherapy,” he said.

“But this still does mean a good four months of chemo,” Ben explained.

Ben said that his course of treatment could be “shorter or longer than we’re expecting, depending on how my body reacts to it because it is a very intensive form of treatment.”

Ben said that although he’s expecting his hair to fall out, he will be trying out a cold cap to hopefully prevent this from happening.

A cold cap is “something that cuts off circulation from your head, but really all the doctors are kind of saying that I shouldn’t be expecting that high results from it.”

“But I’m gonna pray that it’s gonna work,” he said. Ben went on explain: “Even though most people have been telling me that using a cold cap isn’t gonna stop most of my hair from falling out, I still wanna try it ‘cuz there have been some people who have been told that, but then they got amazing results.”

“Not that my hair is the most important thing right now, but that’s the only thing that I care about because I not going to die.” Ben added that chemo has a lot of side effects so it’s “hard to get through your day-to-day life.”

He said in his final video that he loves them. Then, he said he will keep them posted at every stage of the process.

Peter Grosskopf Age

As of 2023, Peter Grosskopf is 57 years old. He was reportedly born in 1965.

Peter Grosskopf Job

Peter Grosskopf is the CEO of Sprott Inc. He is also CEO of  Sprott Capital Partners & Advisor to Private Strategies, Sprott Inc. has more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. He oversees strategy and the firm’s private resource investment divisions at Sprott.

Moreover, he spent a significant amount of time in investment banking early in his career. There oversaw numerous strategic and underwriting transactions for businesses across numerous industries.

Until 2022, Peter led Sprott Inc. as its assets under management grew from $5 billion to more than $20 billion during his twelve years as the company’s CEO. Mr. Grosskopf served as President of Cormark Securities Inc. before joining Sprott.

He has a history of founding and expanding prosperous companies, such as Newcrest Capital Inc. (of which he was a co-founder), which was purchased by the TD Bank Financial Group in 2000. Peter holds the CFA® charter and has degrees in business administration with honors. And, he earned his business administration with a master’s from the University of Western Ontario’s Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.

Mr. Grosskopf is a CFA® charter holder and earned an Honours Degree in Business Administration.

How Much Is Peter Grosskopf Net Worth?

Peter Grosskopf’s estimated net worth is above $11.2 million.

How Tall Is Peter Grosskopf?

Peter Grosskopf stands tall above the height of 6 feet 1 inch.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Peter Grosskopf From?

Peter Grosskopf is a resident of Toronto, Canada.

  • Is Peter Grosskopf On Instagram And Facebook?

Find Peter Grosskopf on Instagram (@power_kraut) and Facebook (@pgrosskopf).

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