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Peter Thurnwald Age, Girlfriend, Parents, Height, XO, Kitty

Meet Peter Thurnwald, one of the cast members of Netflix’s XO, Kitty, a new spin-off television series of the To All the Boys film trilogy. Peter is an Australia-raised Korean adoptee who grew up as a theatre kid, yet studied Physics at University for a time until he was found by a casting agent.

In this writing, let us tell you about his character on XO, Kitty, about his girlfriend, parents, and his life in general.

Peter Thurnwald On XO, Kitty

Among the cast members of XO, Kitty, Peter Thurnwald likely plays a character most resembling its actor. He plays Alex Finnerty, a teacher at the Korean Independent School of Seoul (KISS), a fictional school. All along, he also searches for his biological roots as an Australia-raised Korean adoptee.

Peter’s character is a young teacher and mentor to Anna Cathcart‘s Kitty and he turns out to be at the center of one of XO, Kitty’s mysteries. Along the way, Alex is shown as another source of stability for Kitty as she experiences growing pains in a different country.

Portraying a character whose circumstances are so similar to his own was both challenging and enjoyable for Peter. Because he is an adopted Korean himself, playing an adopted character brought its challenges in the sense that it was very close to home, he told The Korea Times in a recent email interview.

Peter could easily empathize with his character also because he found both of them to be very loyal and caring about other people a lot.

How Much Is Peter Thurnwald Net Worth?

Peter Thurnwald did not think of becoming an actor. He actually kind of fell into it after doing a play in high school in his final years. Even then it was not until pursuing Physics at The University of Queensland that he realised his true calling.

So, Peter has since featured extra in King Kong: Skull Island and Thor: Ragnarok. His more prominent roles as of late were in the Australian series Bump and now, XO, Kitty. For those who are not yet so acquainted with him, he recommends watching Players from 2022 first. Playing Foresite on Players, he says, was such an amazing experience. He said he really enjoyed the show as a whole, also because of his love for E-Sports.

On LinkedIn, Peter introduces himself as a “newly emerging” Australian actor, director, and producer. As a producer, Peter also has begun producing his own television series in affiliation with Pathline Pictures (TBA) as of January 2019.

Between 2017 and 2019, he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Acting at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Peter Thurnwald Age

As of February 2023, Peter Thurnwald had reached the age of 25.

Who Are Peter Thurnwald Parents?

Peter Thurnwald was adopted by his Australian parents when he was six-month-old.

At the age of 19, having experienced an early quarter-life crisis, Peter almost left the country to find his birth mother. But, he later learned that his orphanage in Korea had burnt down, so there was no way for him to find records about him. He found acting around the same time, which allowed him to vent those feelings of not knowing who he was.

He told The Korea Times recently that she is not 100 percent actively searching for his mother. Instead as of now, he said he is very comfortable with who he is and what he stands for. “If I was to go and find her, I would want it to improve my life not take away from it”, were his exact words.

Peter is just very satisfied with the upbringing he had and has enjoyed his life as it is. So, for his biological mother, he just hopes her to be well and healthy. And no doubt he would love it if she wanted to reconnect and say hi to him.

As for his biological parents, he has said they are happy and supportive of him pursuing acting.

Back in May 2023, when an interviewer asked him “Who and what influences you every day?”, he said he has to credit his sister for always being there for sibling love and advice.

Peter Thurnwald Height

Good-looking Peter Thurnwald stands 6′ 0″ (1.83 meters) in height.

Peter Thurnwald Girlfriend

Fans no wonder have been curious about Peter Thurnwald’s dating life, especially since loving him on XO, Kitty.

However, as of May 2023, it was not known if or not he has been dating anyone. But then, in a way, he also appeared like having no girlfriend and dedicating himself fully to establishing himself as an actor. On his social media accounts, he has given away no such clue which could mean he is seeing someone.

Related FAQs

  • Is Peter Thurnwald On Instagram?

Yes. Peter Thurnwald can be found on Instagram. As of 20 May 2023, his account @peterthurnwald included 44 posts and 47.7K followers. Here in the BIO, he had written “My last name still isn’t as white as my personality”.

  • Where Is Peter Thurnwald From?

Peter Thurnwald was born in South Korea and raised in Gold Coast, Australia. He says he grew up “very Australian” without much of an opportunity to visit his country of birth or learn its language. He only went back once when he was around 10. So, for a long time, he barely remembered what the country was like. After that, he went back there when he was filming XO, Kitty, and that was a completely new experience.

  • When Is Peter Thurnwald Birthday?

It was not understood on what day exactly Peter Thurnwald celebrates his birthday.

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