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Philippe Pautesta Herder Wiki, Marysol Patton, Age, Net Worth

Philippe Pautesta Herder married The Real Housewives of Miami star Marysol Patton in the inaugural season of the show. But unfortunately, their marriage ended not months after their first wedding anniversary.

So, what was Philippe up to now? Keep reading this Philippe Pautesta Herder Wiki to find out.

Marysol Patton And Philippe Pautesta Herder’s Relationship

Viewers first met Philippe and Marysol for the first time at the beginning of the first season of the Bravo series. Initially, their relationship was always depicted to be playful. But later, fans got to know that they also had a strong emotional connection.

Shortly after getting into a relationship, one night, Philippe took Marysolout for a quiet dinner — where he proposed to her with a massive diamond ring. Completely taken by surprise, Marysol shed some tears and said yes as she embraced him.

On March 25, 2010, the couple then tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Aspen, Colorado. Their wedding was a rush! “We rushed so we wouldn’t miss the snow. “I always wanted a winter wedding,” Marysol shared with only five days to plan the elopement.

Also, Philippe later revealed that he had asked Marysol’’s father for her hand in marriage and got his approval. 

Their ceremony was beautiful, on a mountain top with just Marysol, Philippe, and their minister. 

Unfortunately, Philippe and Marysol broke up a little over a year after their marriage. “I was an emotional wreck. My father was sick. My parents had just separated. I was running my company. I was just an emotional mess, but I tried,” Marysol spoke her heart out.

She also went on to mention that the show didn’t have any influence over her split. According to her, she and Philippe were just too different. Marysol was a workaholic, and it just didn’t gel. They were in two different places all the time, and only met on and holiday functions. “We talk all the time, and we work together, but as a married couple, I wasn’t a good wife for him and he wasn’t the right husband for me,” Marysol said.

Even Mama Elsa believed that “the divorce was the right thing.”

Fast forward to 2021, Marysol married Steve McNamara at a private wedding in Tulum, Mexico. Reportedly, they had a traditional Mayan ceremony (involving rituals led by a shaman.) The reception followed at the chic Hotel Esencia.

Whereas, Philippe’s dating life remained a mystery after that.

Philippe Pautesta Herder Age

Philippe Pautesta Herder was 44 years of age in 2021.

He is 10 years younger than Marysol.

What Does Philippe Pautesta Herder Do For A Living?

Philippe is the CEO of PHP Enterprises. His destination management company provided services like “Food & Beverages, and Restaurants & Catering”, and were open for consultation. 

According to their official website, they were a professional services company possessing “extensive local knowledge expertise and resources” and were specialized in “designed and implementation of events.”

Reportedly, Philippe opened PHP Enterprises back in November 2007.

Meanwhile, Philippe also ran a catering company called LeFood Daily. “Your family and guests alike will enjoy the freshness and the quality of our food,” Philippe wrote.

One may order their food with just a click through their website. The company’s website mentioned, “Simply order and follow the reheating/serving instructions – Bam it’s ready !!!”

Also, Philippe then worked as a realtor for over 4 years at London Realty.

Ever heard of the Miami Nice Jazz Festival? Well, Philippe founded it too. In their fourth edition (from November 6th to November 22nd, 2015), more than 20 local and international artists performed for more than 10 thousand fans.

Besides this, it may not be appropriate to label Philippe as a reality star, for he was only on Real Housewives of Miami all thanks to Marysol Patton. However, he did already have an IMDB page with credits to RHOM (2011).

In light of her education, Philippe attended IDRAC Business School for his business administration and management degree.

Philippe Pautesta Herder Net Worth

Philippe Pautesta Herder garnered a net worth of nearly $3 million by 2021. This entrepreneur knew what he was doing and has spread his wings on most of the high-paying businesses.

Is Philippe Pautesta Herder On Instagram?

Yes, as of November 2021, find Philippe over Instagram @philippepautesta with 1K followers.

Also, here’s his Twitter account @philpautesta.

His bio wrote, “Founder and CEO at the Miami Nice Jazz Festival & President at PHP Enterprises  Events – Catering – Mktg –  F&B Consulting Services. Call us at +1877-392-3463.”

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Philippe Pautesta Herder?

Philippe stands tall at a height of 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, he has brown eyes, a square face, and an intimidating physique.

  • Where Was Philippe Pautesta Herder Born?

Philippe was born in France, the country of love.

  • What Do We Know About Philippe Pautesta Herder Family Members?

Philippe was a private man and didn’t share anything about his family. Also, RHOM never provided insights on his family members too.

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