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Plaxy Exton Bio, Chef Giorgio Locatelli Wife, Age, Job, IG

Meet Plaxy Exton, wife of none other than Italian Michelin-starred chef and restaurateur Giorgio.

Lately (September of 2022), the Italian culinary was taking himself to The MasterChef to sort the best of the best celeb cooks in the Chef’s Table challenge. And with these episodes of chef Giorgio almost upon us, let’s look at who his wife Plaxy Exton is.

Meet Plaxy Exton, Chef Giorgio Locatelli Wife

Chef Georgio has been married to his wife Plaxy Exton for more than 20 years.

They met in 1989 and were engaged by 1992. Then, finally the year 1995 saw them exchange wedding vows as well.

Together for nearly 30 years together, Giorgio and Plaxy have been unable to resist the distance. Plaxy in the course of an interview for Il Corriere confessed that the first two seasons of MasterChef have turned their lives upside down. In her native language, she said, between sets and the matches Giorgio is required to be away from home for like five months every year. Him in Milan and she in London, they often feel miserable, she said back in December 2021.

Giorgio, also in several interviews, defined Plaxy as the pillar of the family and the one who helped him in all of his most important decisions.

As of 2022, Giorgio and Plaxy were also working together at Locanda Locatelli, their restaurant located in London. So, when Giorgio has no other commitments, he is working and living in the United Kingdom with his wife.

Do Chef Giorgio Locatelli And Plaxy Exton Have Any Kids?

Yes. Chef Giorgio and his wife also have parental roles to play. The couple lives with their kids Margherita, also known as Dita, and Jack, Plaxy’s son from a previous relationship, in their home in Camden, north London.

Before getting married to Giorgio, Plaxy had ended a relationship from which her son Jack was born (reportedly in 1990). Luckily, Giorgio was immediately very good to Jack and even started calling himself the young man’s dad.

As for Margherita, she came into their parents’ lives likely in 1997 as reportedly she was 18 by April 2015. Margherita, it is said, suffers from food intolerances and runs the risk of an anaphylactic crisis. On holiday in the south of France when she was a baby, she ate some smoked salmon and went into anaphylactic shock. Thereafter, her parents went on to record that she was apparently allergic to 600 different things.

Back in 2015, when The Guardian covered her story as to how the Locatelli family was dealing with her life-threatening condition, she was in her first year of university, and seemed pretty much at ease with her condition and was despite everything determined to get on with her life. She said had she not been born into this family and any other family she would not still be alive.

Also, while Jack went to Northern Film School, Leeds Metropolitan University, and Acland Burghley School, Margherita studied at the University of Bristol and Camden School for Girls.

Plaxy Exton Age

Born in 1964, Plaxy Exton reached the age of 58 in 2022.

Where Is Plaxy Exton From?

From the look of things, Plaxy Exton was not only inhabiting London, the United Kingdom now only (2022) but she was also born and bred here.

But then, she also lived part of her childhood in Los Angeles, where she lived with her parents.

Plaxy Exton Family

Plaxy Exton has a big sister who was born on 7th July 1961 and a brother who was born on the 21st May 1965.

Now based in London, Plaxy’s sister is a student support manager at National Centre for Circus Arts. Back in the day, she studied PGDip Adult Dyslexia Support at Middlesex UK.

The other family members known are Saul Exton and Sushii Exton-White.

When Plaxy was 14, she left America and returned to England alone citing that she hated the United States. She recalls telling her parents that she would be away for three weeks, and she never came back.

Once there, Plaxy was living in Camden she was not only a neighbor of actress Kate Winslet. She also became one of her best friends after one day the Titanic star took refuge in her garden to escape the paparazzi.

Plaxy does not like to talk that much about her personal life in public. So, she tries to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible.

Plaxy Exton Job

Once in the UK, she left school, supported herself as a waitress, did a thousand jobs, and even set up sets for magazines and music videos.

Today Plexy works at Locanda Locatelli, a restaurant that she opened with Giorgio in 2002. Located in one of the most luxurious areas of London, the Locatellis had no doubts it would do well. As they put their heart and soul into the restaurant. In the beginning days, he was in the kitchen and she ran the front of the house. Looking back now, they have prospered over two decades, a long time by restaurant standards.

The restaurant owners believe they were also helped by an interior design that has stood the test of time.

When asked to comment upon what are the changes they made over the past decades, Plexy shared there have not been huge ones. She said they just try to make sure that the menu is appealing to everyone and that they always have a few vegan dishes on the menu.

What’s more, IMDB has credited her for Rude Boy (1980) and Masterchef Calling (2019).

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Plaxy Exton?

A natural beauty, Plaxy Exton stands below 5’6” in height.

  • When Is Plaxy Exton’s Birthday?

Plaxy Exton’s birthday is on 15th May and that makes her a Taurus.

  • Is Plaxy Exton On IG, Facebook?

Plaxy Exton could be found on Instagram @plaxylocatelli. But this account with 1,221 posts and 1,161 followers was kept private as of 21 September 2022. She even wrote “private. Only friends and family. Thank you!” on its Bio.

Besides, Plaxy ran a Twitter @LocaDeli and a Facebook account.

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