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Poonam Ribadia Bio, Age, Married, Family, Hulu Secret Chef

Poonam Ribadia is tired of being the go-to for hosting dinner parties among her social circle. She now wants her “foot into the food space,” and has thus participated in Hulu’s competitive series Secret Chef.

Let’s get to know her better as this Poonam Ribadia Bio proceeds.

Poonam Ribadia On Hulu Secret Chef

Hulu’s out with a different type of cooking competition where the contestants are the judges as well. Their new show Secret Chef features ten participants with varying degrees of skill in the kitchen — preparing foods, tasting, and finally ranking them.

A contestant said, Secret Chef is a cross between Love Is Blind and Top Chef.

Guided by a mischievous talking hat, the chefs are isolated in kitchens as to maintain anonymity. They prepare theirs and then judge each other’s dishes blind, deciding whose is the best and who goes home based on the presentation and flavor of the dish alone.

There are three rounds for each dish. Afterward, the chefs go back to their tasting rooms and fill out review cards. The chef with the lowest-rated dish is eliminated.

But this doesn’t mean it’s every person for themselves. In the premiere ep, we saw the participant working hand in hand with an anonymous partner in concert to create a dish — but only one person could be in the kitchen at a time. One person starts the dish then stops and exits the kitchen before their partner enters and picks up where the first chef left off.

“It’s super stressful. There are so many twists and turns. It was a really great experience,” Poonam said. “I couldn’t tell if people were being authentic. It was cool meeting people but I was also investigating everyone.”

If she were to win the show, she would spend  $100,000 to travel and immerse herself in meeting people and trying new food — inspired by Anthony Bourdain. “I hope this show creates a lot of opportunities for me and helps me get my foot into the food space,” she added. “I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed.”

Poonam Ribadia Job

In 2023, Poonam Ribadia was working as a manager of curriculum and program planning and evaluation at 2U for over 7 years. She joined the company right after graduating from Rutgers University with a degree in Social and Education Policy in 2016. Three years later, she then used 2U’s employee tuition benefit to earn an online MBA through American University – Kogod School of Business.

“I know firsthand how education can change people’s lives,” she said. “Because it changed my own. Earning my MBA enabled me to get a promotion to a managerial position at 2U and start a small business, Rekha’s Chai Co. I truly believe education is one of the key factors to upward social and economic mobility.”

At 2U, Poonam has helped the company find fellowship within the Asian Pacific Islander Network (APIN) and helped university partners pivot online during COVID-19 to introducing 2U Co-Founder and CEO Chip Paucek to a new inclusive technology tool.

Aside from that, Poonam handed 2U’s internal and external stakeholder management, internal process improvement, and interdepartmental collaboration to drive efficiencies with student outcomes in mind.

Knowing that her work has a “direct impact on students” Poonam’s happy with her job.

Besides 2U, Poonam also owned and worked as a Manager for Curriculum Development in EdTech of Rekha’s Chai Co, a tea brand.

Someday, Poonam would like to open her own restaurant. “I love cooking,” she said. “I’m the person who cooks too much and I have to pawn it off to other people. I’m such an extroverted social person. Food is a love language for me.”

Is Poonam Ribadia On Instagram?

Find her on Instagram @poonamribadia.

Also, here’s her Facebook @poonam.ribadia.

Poonam Ribadia Age

Poonam Ribadia was 30 years of age when she appeared on Secret Chef in 2023.

However, she was a year younger when she filmed the show.

Poonam Ribadia Family

Poonam Ribadia comes from a nuclear family including her cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives. “There was a lot of love, but it was very hectic,” she said. Thankfully, all of them valued education; especially her parents and her grandparents.

It’s also thanks to her family, Poonam’s now a talented chef. She grew up around vegetarian Indian cuisine and expanded her cooking palate by watching Food Network.

Her parents are named Arun @ribadiaarun and Rekha A Ribadia. They turned 67 and 55 years of age respectively in 2023, and were still married then.

As for her siblings, her gay brother, Suraj Ribadia is a medicine student. He completed his Doctor of Pharmacy in NJ. He even was her wedding date in June 2023.

On the other hand, her 5-year-older sister, Chandani A Ribadia was a digital creator. Find her on Instagram @chandani_r.

Is Poonam Ribadia Married?

No, Poonam Ribadia wasn’t married in 2023.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Poonam Ribadia Birthday?

Poonam celebrates her birthday on October 17 and is of the Libra zodiac.

  • Where Is Poonam Ribadia From?

Poonam hails from Northvale, NJ. She is a first-generation Gujarati-American woman who grew up surrounded by predominantly white, upper-middle-class New Jersey neighbors. “Being Indian wasn’t exactly embraced or celebrated there,” she said.

  • How Tall Is Poonam Ribadia?

Poonam stands tall at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm).

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