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Priah Ferguson Parents: Adjua And John Ferguson

Just at the age of 10, Priah Ferguson took the world by storm appearing as “Erica Sinclair,” on Stranger Things. And while it’s mostly Priah’s talent that got her there, she also credits her parents for inspiring her acting dreams.

So, who are Priah Ferguson’s parents? Learn all about them as this article proceeds.

Who Are Priah Ferguson Parents?

Priah Ferguson was born to her parents, Adjua and John Ferguson. According to the star, they are the most supportive parents she could ever wish for and she finds herself lucky to have them.

But given that Priah’s parent’s job demanded creativity, it was only natural that they’d inspire their daughter to pursue arts. Initially, it was Priah’s mother who first introduced her to acting. And after Priah wanted to learn more about the craft, she explained the business to Priah.

“I would be really into very suspenseful movies and shows, and I would wonder, ‘Oh, how are they on TV? How are they doing this? How are they recording this?’” Priah recalled.

So, after learning all about the process, Priah asked her parents if she could pursue acting seriously. Although a little skeptical, Adjua and John then put her in acting classes, and eventually their decision paid off.

After taking on several minor roles since 2015, Priah landed her first big role on Stranger Things in 2016.

“Long overdue but congratulations to my eldest daughter @priahferguson! Hopefully, it makes a little more sense why I go m.i.a. ALOT these days,” Adjua congratulated her daughter in 2018.

Trivia: In 2022, Priah also received an offer to play Marlon Wayans’ daughter in the horror film, The Curse of Bridge Hollow.

Meet Priah Ferguson Mom, Adjua Ferguson

Priah Ferguson’s mother is named Adjua Ferguson. She was the one who drove around the child actor for her work.

Adjua’s maiden name is “Daleon” and she has a twin sister as well.

  • Adjua Ferguson Age

Adjua Ferguson was born in April 1977. That made her 45 years of age in 2022.

She had Priah when she was 29.

  • Adjua Ferguson Job

Adjua Ferguson is a graphic designer. She owns a trendy and personalized party decorations shop called P.J. Tuttles Party Décor.

According to Adjua, the idea to start her own personalized party decorations stop started when she notice retailers lacked fashionable party decor while shopping for her own daughter’s birthday. So, in 2012, she started P.J. Tuttles Party Décor selling birthday items. Eventually, she then added “little boy character & friends” and also partnered with a few companies for delivering and custom packaging.

Now, she offers DIY printables, assembled packages, greeting cards, accessories, and designer cakes.

“Being able to create beautiful memories for girls of color, makes every detail worth it,” Adjua once said at the start of her journey.

Find her shop on IG @pjtuttlesparty, Facebook @pjtuttles, and Etsy @pjtuttlesparty.

Fun Fact: Adjua close her shop for a while in 2018 because her schedule was “pretty crazy” then.

  • Is Adjua Ferguson Instagram?

No, Adjua isn’t on Instagram.

Meet Priah Ferguson Dad, John Ferguson

Priah Ferguson’s dad is named John Ferguson.

On father’s day, Adjua took it to her official IG to share a pic of John with his daughters captioned, “Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads showing consistency and unconditional. Special shout out to my dad & hubby, I love you both!”

  • John Ferguson Age

John Ferguson was 44 years of age in 2022. that makes him a year younger than his wife Adjua.

He receives his birthday wishes in May.

  • John Ferguson Job

John is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and director — not related to entertainment.

As of 2022, he worked as a Design Director for Work & Co for over 2 years, as “Co-Founder/Creative Director” of Bold Honey for almost 3 years, and as the founder of Black Bauhaus Mvmt for over 5 years.

Bold Honey was founded in Jan 2020 by John and his daughter Priah Ferguson. The creative company amplifies the voices, narratives, and artistic merits of young women and girls of color by centering on their talents for storytelling.

Likewise, Black Bauhaus Mvmt brings awareness to underserved communities.

Prior to this, John was the Design Director for Goods & Services, LLC (May 2019 – Jul 2020) and Huge (Apr 2013 – May 2019).

Also, he’s taken the job of an art director at Emerging Experiences at Razorfish (May 2012 – Apr 2013), Ogilvy & Mather (Jun 2011 – May 2012), and SapientNitro (Sep 2009 – Jun 2011).

Trivia: John once took a photo of Janelle “Jane” Monáefor a good friend who was the owner of Fink Mag.

  • Is John Ferguson On Instagram?

Find John on Instagram @publikspace.

Related FAQs

  • Are Priah Ferguson Parents Still Married?

Yes, Priah’s parents were married as of 2022.

The duo tied the knot back on September 19, 2005.

  • How Many Kids Do Priah Ferguson Parents Have?

Priah Ferguson’s parents share two kids — Priah and Jayda.

However, Jayda isn’t an actor. As per Priah, she was more like “Erica” (her character) from Stranger Things and often pulled inspiration from her.

But with that being said, Priah herself is somewhat of a “little Erica.”  She’s very nerdy about history. “Like, I know my facts, like, you cannot tell me anything. I’m very nerdy when it comes to acting. Like, I have my facts about acting. And I’m also nerdy about nails ‘cause I do nails a lot,” she explained.

  • Where Do Priah Ferguson Parents Reside?

Priah’s parents resided in Atlanta, Georgia as of 2022.

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