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QCXINT Bio, Face, Real Name, Age, Netflix’s Trust No One

Meet QCXINT from Netflix’s true-crime show.  The streaming giant has indexed some of the internationally known crimes in the form of TV series or docu-series. One such docu-series is its newest offering Trust No One: The Hunt For The Crypto King. The show is based on the Ponzi scheme pulled off by a Canadian man Gerald “Gerry” Cotten and Canada’s largest crypto-exchange Quadriga Fintech Solutions.

The company was in hot water and thousands of clients had millions of dollars in frozen assets. The company revealed that it didn’t have access to $190 million worth of customer funds and it was seeking creditor protection. They lost access to the frozen asset after the suspicious death of its CEO Gerald Cotton.

Gerald Cotten was a business administration student who studied at Schulich School of Business in Toronto. Often described as soft-spoken, charismatic, but suspiciously wealthy he rose to fame after carrying large sums of money in cash, sometimes up to $50 thousand paying for things flat out.

Gerald graduated college in 2010 and co-founded his company in November 2013. So, it was the three years period in between where he allegedly learned about cryptocurrency and built his fortune in a matter of a few years. The company had captured 80% of the market share.

He owned 16 properties in Nova Scotia, a plane, $600 thousand yachts, and many more. Subsequently, Gerald pulls a major Ponzi scheme without anyone having any idea and dies in India while on his honeymoon. But, Netflix covers the story of one anonymous man who has made it his mission to prove that his fraudster is alive.

Learn more of the story below.

Who Is QCXINT On Netflix’s Trust No One: The Hunt For The Crypto King?

The company operated suspiciously. As reported, one of the ways that the company could withdraw money out of the Quadriga CX was to meet at a non discreet location where they were paid cash. They didn’t have any business bank accounts and they didn’t have proper accounting software to keep track of the flow of cash.

While the company prepared to go public, by the end of 2014, the company had suffered a net loss of $90,000 while making only $22,168 in revenue. But records were kept poorly to believe the suggested number. By December 2015, the company had burned all of the investor’s money of nearly $100 thousand plus its co-founder Michael Patryn’s $150 thousand which he had put to launch Quadriga CX publicly.

Gerald then fires all of his company’s employees and decides to take the company on a path that eventually manifested into one of the biggest crypto-fraud in history. In March 2016, the British Columbia Security Commission had banned Quadriga from going public because of its failure to submit the proper audit report of the company.

Now, a one-man company he created an account in the name of Chris Markey and then started crediting the account with fake money that he used to buy Bitcoin. He transferred that Bitcoin with another exchange for real money. By 2017, the Crypto boom was in full swing.

He reportedly credited $100 million and continued buying all of the cryptos from the exchange. It was only a matter of time before people figured out that he had been running a scheme. On 8 October 2018, Gerald marries his long-time girlfriend, and a month later he signed a will leaving all of his belonging to his wife.

Three days after signing his will, he and his wife take a trip to India. During the twelve days trip, they celebrated their honeymoon whereas the final four days were to help set up and finalize an orphanage they had sponsored. They arrived at Jaipur, India on 8 December 2018.

Arriving at the hotel, Gerald would get sick and taken to a private hospital and a day later, he dies from complications related to Crohn’s disease with the official cause of death being cardiac arrest.

Coming to the TV show, throughout the show viewers see a man hiding behind a mask known as QCXINT. He was one of Gerry’s investors who used Quadriga on and off in 2018. He falls into the scheme and ends up losing six-figure in investment that he had made in the company.

QCXINT then headed the investigation and checked where their money went. They eventually realized that all of their money was gone. He went to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police pleading with them to launch an investigation but ends up explaining about digital currency but with no cooperation.

Furthermore, he then launched his investigation while following the digital trail Gerry had left and discovers a name called Sceptre. He discovers that Gerry had a history of pulling Ponzi schemes. Although most believed that Gerry and company co-founder Michael knew each other after 2010, they go as early as 2003.

Has QCXINT Done A Face Reveal?

Although viewers could see a part of the face from the corner and through the opening, QCINT is unrecognizable. The sole purpose for it was for the protection of his family members. He also used a voice modifier to make himself unrecognizable.

What Is QCXINT Real Name?

The real name of QCXINT hasn’t been revealed yet.


It is believed that QCXINT could be in his above 40 years old, but it is yet to be confirmed.


QCXINT reportedly works as a software developer. And besides his full-time job, he also worked as a crypto-investor.

Where Is QCXINT From?

As The Cinemaholic reported, going by his accent, QCXINT could be an Australian. But, whether he is still in Australia or not is unconfirmed.

Related FAQs

  • Is QCXINT On Instagram?

No, QCXINT doesn’t seem to be on Instagram or any other social media platforms.

  • What Does QCXINT Stand For?

The full form of QCXINT is Quadriga CX Intelligence.

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