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Quincy Sutton Bio, Age, Height, Job, Family, Love Is Blind

It was not easy an easy journey that Quincy Sutton has had. But he was always determined to make his dream a reality. And so, here he is today, in a much better position in life, successful in what he does.

When the first five episodes of Love Is Blind Season 4 finally hit Netflix on 24 March 2023, we came to know very Quincy as one of the contestants on the show. Just like all of his fellow castmates, he was looking to find true love. So, in the rest of the writing, let us tell you about this journey of his on Love Is Blind and more.

Quincy Sutton On Love Is Blind

Quincy Sutton has been really excited about people seeing his journey on Love Is Blind.

At the time of the show’s premiere, he teased on a social media post that he feels like he has already known this group of guys (a couple of his castmates) for a lifetime already. A few hours before the show was about to air, he gushed that he had no clue what they were going to show. His role in the show, he did not know what it was going to appear like. Nonetheless, he said he is blessed for the opportunity that was presented and more importantly the lifelong friendships. he made with everyone on the cast.

Most importantly, Quincy also seemed to have already realized that some of his true friends and family and close clients and even strangers were going to show mad love, while just as equally some were going to give some “nasty, disrespectful” opinions.

What Is Quincy Sutton’s Ideal Girlfriend?

When on Love Is Blind Quincy Sutton was asked to comment upon his ideal partner, this is what he said.

He explained that he is ready to open up and truly let a woman in after being too closed off in past relationships. In detail, he said that his ideal partner is a balanced, motivated, and caring woman with whom he can create his own traditions in the future. “Cocky girls” need not apply, he said claiming that he is turned off by their attention-seeking behavior.

Yet, as of March 2023, Quincy continued to mark his relationship status on Facebook as ‘single’.

Quincy Sutton Age

Quincy Sutton was born in 1986. So, he turned 36 years old in 2022.

Quincy Sutton Family

Quincy Sutton’s father is Eugene Sportspage Sutton. The patriarch happens to write “Respect to others brings respect to you”, on his Facebook BIO.

Quincy often shows both his parents to his people on social media. “If you ever wondered how I became the weirdo I am”, he wrote on a Mother’s Day post referring to his beloved mom Pamela Watley.

To his people on social media, Quincy also showed his brothers. Also once, he wrote a shout-out to one of them, the oldest, for serving and being a leader for the United States Air Force.

We have also seen Quincy refer to Cherie Rose Harris of Seattle, Washington as his sister. This one happens to be married to A.j. Harris.

Quincy also mentioned his “youngest” nephew and an aunt called Geri Sutton Carter.

Is Quincy Sutton On Instagram?

Yes. Quincy Sutton could be found on Instagram @qaknightus as of 25 March 2023. It included 12 posts and 202 followers.

He also entertained some 2.6K followers on ‘Quincy Sutton (Women’s Fat Loss Expert)’ Facebook.

Quincy Sutton Job

Per LinkedIn, Quincy Sutton has continued being the founder at QRUSH Fitness since September 2019.

Here, he also mentioned, how before that he went to the West Seattle High School between September 2000 and June 2004.

Meanwhile, in BIO on his company’s website, he in detail introduces himself as a master trainer, sports coach, and founder of QRUSH Fitness who brings a passion for getting people back and better than ever. Here, he also brags about bringing plus nine years of experience to helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

So, the gym owner and fitness coach specializes in progressive weight training and his job basically is an online coaching and personal training. Precisely, on Facebook, he also goes around as a women’s fat loss expert.

Quincy Sutton Height

Fitness fanatic Quincy Sutton stands above 5′ 9″ in height.

Lately, in a March 2023 post on Facebook, he shared something personal. He shared how since becoming an online trainer, he has been struggling with imposter syndrome lately. Often, he said, that he finds himself comparing his progress to other successful online trainers who have years more experience than he does. Yet, he said that he realizes this is unhealthy and promised that he will not let that continue.

Quincy also has been open about his journey through fitness, about a once underfed and underprivileged boy growing up in poverty and becoming a certified fitness coach.

So, Quincy was always fascinated by fitness, but even then he never had the means to pursue it besides playing ball. As he grew older though, he realized that his passion for fitness could be his ticket out of poverty. That is when he started saving money and educating himself on health and nutrition.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Quincy Sutton’s Birthday?

Quincy Sutton’s birthday is on September 21st and that makes him a Virgo.

  • Where Is Quincy Sutton From?

“Black and proud” Quincy Sutton was born and brought up in Seattle, Washington. As of 2023 also, he continued to reside there.

  • How Much Is Quincy Sutton’s Net Worth?

Quincy Sutton reportedly had more than $250K net worth as of march 2023.

His current salary as a fitness coach should be more or less $50,108 a year, as per‘s general estimation.


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