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Quinn Gallagher Parents: Bruce And Sharon Gallagher

Learn about the parents of Quinn Gallaher (boyfriend of Lauren Boebert) we know as Bruce and Sharon Gallagher. All that we’ve discovered about the Gallaghers unfolds below. Read all about them in this piece below.

Continue reading and learn more as this article unfolds.

Who Are Quinn Gallagher Parents?

Lauren Boebert’s boyfriend, Quinn Gallagher a native of Colorado, is the son of Sharon and Bruce Gallagher. Quinn is a Democrat, and according to DailyMail’s reliable source, his parents are “definitely blue.”

They met in college and on their first date they went to see a movie titled Billy Jack. The couple’s most memorable time in their life together came on their 25th anniversary. They spent the first week in Maui and the remaining time in Kawai.

When Sharon was asked how she knew he was the one, she shared, “Not long after we had started dating, for some unknown reason, I took the risk of sharing some very personal things, knowing it could have scared him away. From that moment on, he has stuck with me through thick and thin! I knew then that he was the one, and he still is.”

Sharon and Bruce often travel in their 2010 Dynamax motor home to the recreational vehicle resort in November and usually stay until the end of April.

They traveled to their homes in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Michigan during the COVID period while they waited to see how the pandemic may affect their safety. These are only a handful of the states where winter travelers from other states come to escape the hard winters.

“We have been coming and staying at De Anza RV Resort in Amado for the past five years,” said Bruce said. “We refer to ourselves as sun chasers rather than snowbirds.” He and his wife also go kayaking in Patagonia Lake State Park.

The couple have a yearly lease at the RV resort and have extended the forwarding of their mail to Amado through the end of August.

Talking about Quinn, The Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar in Aspen, which stages drag events and is co-owned by Quinn Gallagher and Pat Flannigan, is widely known online. Apparently, this bar put on a winter wonderland burlesque and drag show, as evidenced by images on social media. In April 2016 Quinn and his partner created the “rustic and unpretentious” bar, and they shared ownership of it last year.

Recently, the New York Post stated that Quinn’s pub was inundated with negative reviews as a result of the two of them going on their legendary Beetlejuice date. Since then, a lot of online haters have accused Quinn of being hypocritical for making money off the LGBT community while dating the conservative legislator.

Quinn’s bar had a solid reputation up to the beginning of May 2022. He and his business partner were both welcomed by the Aspen Daily News, and the journal later published their interview under the title “Cocktail Corner: Meet the Shakers.”

Meet Bruce Gallagher, Quinn Gallagher Father

Colorado native Bruce Gallagher is the son of Quinn Gallagher. Born in 1950, he is now 72. According to, he is a retired middle school counselor.

Meet Sharon Gallagher, Quinn Gallagher Mother

Quinn Gallagher’s mother Sharon Gallagher turned 71 in 2023. Her birth year is 1952 in June. Sharon reportedly works as a retired school district nurse.

Per her Facebook, Sharon graduated from Morley Stanwood High School in 1970. She then attended Davenport University, Aquinas College, and Western Michigan University.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Quinn Gallagher Parents Reside?

Quinn Gallagher’s parents live in Rifle, Colorado.

  • How Many Kids Do Quinn Gallagher Parents Have?

Bruce and Sharon Gallagher have two children. Besides Quinn, they had a son named Cheyne Michael Gallagher. He died on Oct. 13, 2002, in a car accident in Routt County.

Cheyne was 22. Bruce and Sharon Green gave birth to Cheyne Gallagher in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on April 15, 1980. He was raised in Rifle and earned his high school diploma there in 1999. Cheyne graduated from Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs with an associate’s in arts.

  • Are Quinn Gallagher Parents Still Together?

Yes, Quinn Gallagher’s parents are still happily together. They married on 28 July 1973 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and they are now married for 50 years old.

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