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Quori-Tyler Bullock Age, Height, Boyfriend, The Circle S6

Get to know Quori-Tyler Bullock from season 6 of The Circle. The Netflix show is returning for the sixth installment and is set to premiere on 17 April 2024.

Learn more about her age, height, boyfriend, family, and more as you scroll down this article here.

Quori-Tyler Bullock On The Circle S6

Quori-Tyler Bullock is the cast of The Circle S6.

Per her bio from the show, “This former NBA dancer is no stranger to making moves — and she won’t be dancing around anyone’s feelings in the chatQuori-Tyler is coming into The Circle as a secret superfan, who’s watched every single episode multiple times. “I’m here to play the game and be a mastermind at it,” she says. And while she’s all about strategy, a Circle romance isn’t completely off the table for Quori-Tyler, as she says she’s “single as a Pringle.””

The new season of the show has returned and competitors are competing to become the top influencers in the ultimate social media challenge.

The popular game is back, with hosts Michelle Buteau (comedian and star of Survival of the Thickest) guiding the participants as they plot, scheme, and hashtag their way to the top of the leaderboard in hopes of winning a $100,000 cash prize.

Like hashtags and emojis, catfishing and The Circle go hand in hand. From the start of the social experiment, players have employed false personas to plot their path to the top.

With Max, an open-source artificial intelligence chatbot participating this season as a seemingly very-from-human player, it’s time to step up the game.

To be the most well-liked player in the game, Max has researched prior seasons and drawn inspiration from past winners to craft the ideal persona. Max is essentially the social media candy for the other gamers, who are first unaware that there is an AI bot among them.

Max is a Midwest-born 26-year-old veterinary intern. Why? The bot goes on to say that the main consideration in selecting his age was his ability to “leverage life experience and maturity, while still playing youthful.” He “highlights his caring and nurturing side” in his line of work to make himself seem “more likable to players.” The bot’s plan also includes him holding a puppy in his profile picture, since images of dogs “receive 38% more likes on social media.”

Season 6 of Netflix’s The Circle is set to launch on 17 April 2024. Four new episodes drop every Wednesday before the season finale on May 8, 2024.

In early April 2024, Quori-Tyler announced on her IG, “Get your popcorn ready… coming to a Netflix screen near you  #CircleSendMessage 😉⭕️🍿 @netflix.”

Quori-Tyler Bullock Boyfriend

While we are writing this article about Quori-Tyler Bullock in April 2024, she appears single. In November briefly hinting at her relationship status, Quori posted on her IG writing, “rich housewife era except not a rich housewife ☁️🫶🏾.”

Quori-Tyler Bullock Age

In August 2023, Quori-Tyler Bullock turned 26 years of age. Her birth year is 1997.

Who Are Quori-Tyler Bullock Parents?

Quori-Tyler Bullock lost her mother in 2006. So, Mother’s Days were especially tough for her.

In 2021, she wrote, “I would cry from Friday- Monday (non-stop without fail) every year for over 15 years, missing my mom, and our times celebrating her as I did on Mother’s Day. Thankfully, the LORD has given me incredible comfort and healing. I don’t shed anymore tears, and I’m able to accept being celebrated now 🙌🏽.”

Quori-Tyler has one sister named Selah Hannah Rogers. On her 16th birthday in July 2022, she wished her little sister, “Happy birthday to my cutest little sister I could ever imagine. I love you more than words can relay & more than numbers can measure. I hope you enjoy every second of your Super Sweet Italy Sixteen I want to be you when I grow up 😍🇮🇹💕.”

In 2020, adding more about their relationship, Quori wrote, ” If someone told me 14 years ago that I would be best friends with my sister who’s 9 years younger than me… I would’ve believed them because that was the day I met you! Wow what an incredible human you are.”

Now, she calls Mia Cleo, her mother. In July 2017, Mia was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Quori-Tyler Bullock Job

Quori-Tyler Bullock is a model, dancer, & entrepreneur. She started a business called Shop Milk & Honey. On her YouTube channel she also posted a video referencing her life as a business owner.

Her YouTube channel currently has 2.92K followers.

According to IMDB, Quori-Tyler is in the music video of Saint Motel: Van Horn.

Her LinkedIn also states that she was a social media manager at Hot 8 Yoga. As a dancer, she began her professional dance career as an LA Rams Cheerleader dancing at the Super Bowl, and performing for many artists such as Snoop Dog, French Montana, JLo, and many more.

Quori continues to walk the catwalks for major labels in print ads, social media campaigns, and fashion weeks in New York and Los Angeles. In 2020, she started an online women’s clothes business in addition to her profession in entertainment. The boutique’s goal is to uplift ladies and give them self-confidence in the things they wear.

Quori-Tyler Bullock Height

Quori-Tyler Bullock

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Quori-Tyler Bullock From?

Quori-Tyler hailed from Glendale, California.

  • When Is Quori-Tyler Bullock Birthday?

15 August is the birthday of Quori-Tyler Bullock.

  • Is Quori-Tyler Bullock On Instagram?

On Instagram, Quori-Tyler has 5973 followers.

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