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Rae Ripple [Metal Shop Masters] Bio, Husband, Age

Rae Ripple is best recognized as the welder from Texas and she is a local celebrity there. Her work has been featured in magazines, TV shows, and even documentary films. However, her early life and her life as a doting mother are what her fans are most interested in besides her work.

Learn all about it in this Rae Ripple [Metal Shop Masters] Bio.

Rae Ripple On Metal Shop Masters

Joining the team of Metal Shop Masters is Rae Ripple, a welding artist from Texas. The art form has been with her for a very long time, and it helped her save her life. With her skills, she competed against all the male participants on the show.

Rae Ripple Age

Rae Ripple turned 34 years old on 1 September 2021. This made her a Virgo by zodiac sign.

Her Family: Parents, Siblings

As the story goes, Rae Ripple grew up in a troubled family. Both of his parents were drug addicts. So, most of her early life was filled with struggle trying to make do. According to her Instagram post from May 2020, her mother passed away from an overdose in December 2014.

Rae always remembered that being the daughter of her mother came with a cost of confidence, self-respect, value, and it also almost cost her life. Much of the relationship Rae ever had with her was when she was sober before. At times, her mother even treated her like trash, and she hated her for it but never said it aloud.

But, Rae learned that she doesn’t have to be like her.

Similarly, Rae also never had a male figure in her life to look up to. She had one photo of her father which she posted on her Instagram the day before her birthday in 2018. Danny, her mentor from firefighter school, became her father figure. On his birthday on 2 December, she claimed him to be her father figure and dad she never had.

From some of the social media posts, Rae has at least one brother, who might be her only sibling.

When it comes to personal details, Rae never even shared the names of her parents and her siblings.

Rae Ripple Height

Rae Ripple stands tall at the height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters).

Her Instagram, Facebook

On Instagram, Rae goes by the name (@raeripple). The platform enjoyed 133k followers in total. Whereas, she posted 1,576 followers on the platform. Her Facebook account (@drae.ripple) gathered 49,190 followers. She also has a Facebook page (@raeripple) which flaunted 6,569 followers.

Rae Ripple Net Worth

Rae Ripple built an astounding net worth of $600 thousand but she came a long way for the stature she is in today.

At the age of 14, Rae Ripple left her house, and she became homeless. To support herself, she started waitressing, driving tow trucks, and lived paycheck to paycheck. She worked two to three jobs to make the ends meet, and somehow she made it through high school.

Life was tough for her as she was on food stamps and played “camping” cause I didn’t have enough money to pay the electricity bill. Back then, It always seemed like work and school got in the way of all the important stuff.

However, art saved her life, literally as Rae stated.

As her website stated, when Rae picked up a paintbrush and started painting she felt lighter with each brushstroke. She needed more of a release so she started sketching, bent wires, cut sheet metal pieces with tin snips, and spent months cutting, wrapping, and joining pieces by hand.

Nothing sufficed until Rae picked up a plasma cutter and began welding. She then found her purpose – to create and share art with the world.

In 2016, an indie documentary named Project Mone’t was released which was based on her life. It was a work of art from Cruiserfilms and Check Your Brain Productions about the story of a young artist who exorcises her demons through the creation of a beautiful monster made of steel. She describes and shows her journey from childhood to adult through her art.

Rae participated in several events to promote the movie.

The film was nominated for Best Film and Best Cinematography at Roswell Film Festival. It also received the People’s Choice Award and Best U.S. Short Documentary at Rendezvous Music Film Festival.

Besides her artwork, Rae also trained as a firefighter. She joined Midland College in August of 2017 and took the firefighter course. On 8 May 2018, Rae officially announced on her Instagram that she graduated 10 months course and graduated the Fire Academy.

Now Rae runs her shop in Texas full-time. She had put her creations on display on her website for the interested buyers. Rae also created merch like Beanie, Hoodie, The Slag Tank, The Flux Flannel, Hat, and T-shirts for the support. The product ranged from $5 to $75 depending on the item.

Trivia: Rae also performed as a stripper to provide for her daughter.

Rae Ripple Husband

After moving out from her home, Rae Ripple was in a relationship. The relationship gave her a daughter, Chloe Ashcraft when she is 17 years old. Then, she had a son named Kash, from a different relationship.

Her daughter turned 17 years old on 3 June 2021 whereas her son turned 12 years old on 20 February 2021.

Both of Rae’s children excelled academically year after year, and as a proud mother, Rae boasted their accomplishments on her Instagram. She raised both of her kids as a single parent. While Chloe only has her mother as support, her dad abandoned her, Rae once posted on her Instagram that, Chloe’s dad doesn’t know what he was missing.

So, at times when Chloe gets very ill with Addison’s Disease, the moment is filled with turmoil for her. From the August 2017 post, Rae shared that, Chloe almost passed away when she was 8. She had migraines and vision problems and completely stopped growing. And her bone age has fallen behind 3 to 4 years.

As for her relationship status, Rae is now dating her boyfriend Joshua Bailey. They have known each other for at least 9 years.

In June 2020, Joshua also became her wedding date. She wrote on her IG, “But, they don’t stand a chance because… When I’m with you, I’m standing with an army. ❤️#foreverweddingdate  #hisshirttho  #imtellinyaheswaycoolerthanme”

Rae and her boyfriend, Joshua celebrated the first anniversary of their love on 10 January 2021. On the IG post, she unfolded about her excitement to grow old with him. 14 February 2021 marked the couple’s second valentine.

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