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Rae Williams Bio, Parents, Height, Job, Age, The Ultimatum

Meet Rae Williams, one of the stars of The Ultimatum, a new Netflix reality show. She appeared alongside her partner, Zay Wilson. Colby & Madlyn, Shanique & Randall, April & Jake, Nathan & Lauren, and Alexis & Hunter are the other couples who will be joining them. At the time of filming, the majority of the couples had been dating for less than three years but are ready to take the next step. Their respective spouses, on the other hand, aren’t ready to commit for a variety of reasons. As a result, each of the show’s cast members issues The Ultimatum to their respective partners: marry or leave.

Learn more about her career, height, parents, and journey in the program by reading this article.

The Ultimatum: Are Rae Williams And Zay Wilson Still Together?

Rae Williams is in a relationship with her boyfriend Zay Wilson. After two and a half years of dating, Rae gave Zay an ultimatum, stating that she wanted to start building the life she’d envisioned with him, but he believed neither of them was ready. Zay clarified not only that they were not financially stable, but he also shared that Rae still struggled to convey her feelings in support of his position.

Later, Zay did admit that he saw a future with the woman he’d been with throughout college, implying that it was only the chronology and the problems they’d encountered that had kept him from doing so, hence they joined the experiment.

Following their split, the two appeared to enter the controlled dating scene, with the Rae connecting with Jake Cunningham and Zay finding a spark with Shanique Imari. They felt jealous, guilty, and even sad at times because of the (good) way things were going with these new connections.

But it was undeniable that Rae and Jake were undeniably bonding on a deeper level. This young couple did it all, from having a lot in common to revealing their deepest wishes, and from having an emotional relationship to sharing more than a few kisses.

As a result, when Rae and Zay rejoined, it was unpleasant for both of them, especially since he’d built a different kind of relationship with Shanique. The initial pair cuddled on the first night with no disagreements, but as time passed, the fissures in their relationship widened, and neither of them held back from chasing their happiness.

Zay had finally confessed out loud that he was ready to commit to his partner for good, but Rae was no longer on board – she kicked him out, and he walked away, not to return for the rest of the night.

Zay had every right to be angry, but by the time 2 a.m. rolled around, all Rae wanted was for him to pick up her calls, respond to her texts, or turn on his GPS to let her know where he was and whether he was okay. He did not, however, and when he returned at 8 a.m.

He effectively tried to force her to stay by latching on during her attempts to flee the flat, which evolved into a fight. Rae hit him after begging him to let go a few times, and things calmed down, only for her to call it quits because she understood this wasn’t them.

Zay’s following attempts to persuade his then-girlfriend to open up or even look at him failed, and when she made it clear that there was no turning back, he said his final “I love you” before leaving.

So are they together after the show?

Based on their internet presence, the Texas natives have never reconciled, implying that they are no longer together. Nonetheless, both the HBCU graduate and the model/social media star appear to be content at the moment, which is all that matters.

When Rae was done filming the show and broke the news to her friends, she shared on Twitter, that her friends were already making fun of her.

Rae Williams Parents

Rae Williams was born to her parents Lisa Fitzwater and Craig Williams. What’s more,  Rae’s mother and father don’t seem to be together anymore.

The Netflix star has featured her parents a few times on her Instagram. In April 2014, she posted a picture of her father in what looked like a Lamborghini. On Mother’s Day 2013, she posted a picture of her mother (when they were both young). She captioned the post, “Our hair looks a lot better now 😂 I love my mom, she’s my everything. Happy Mothers Day.”

To highlight her ethnicity, Rae Williams is a daughter of a bi-racial couple.

One of the family members we know of is Barbara Williams (@barbara.williams.18). Barbara is a graduate of California State University, East Bay. She celebrates her birthday on 25 July.

Rae Williams Height

Rae Williams stands tall under the height of 5’3”.

Is Rae Williams On Instagram?

Yes, Rae Williams can be found on Instagram. Follow her at (@rae.williams). In addition, she is also on Twitter (@raewil_) and Facebook.

Rae Williams Job

Rae Williams has been relatively quiet about her job and career. However, in May 2020 when she graduated from Huston-Tillotson University, she took to her Instagram and announced that she worked as a bartender while going to school. According to the post, it took her 5 years instead of four because she was working till 2 AM and got up at 8 AM for class.

Per the data of, the bartender makes nearly $15.28 per hour in Austin, Texas.

Rae Williams Age

At the time of the filming of The Ultimate in 2021, Rae Williams was 24 years old.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Rae Williams From?

Based on Facebook. Rae Williams hailed from Oakland, California. She is currently living in Austin, Texas.

  • When Is Rae William’s Birthday?

On 5 August 2021, Rae Williams received birthday wishes from her friend.

  • How Much Is Rae Williams Net Worth?

As of 2022, Rae Williams has stacked a net worth under $150 thousand.

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