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Ra’ed Saade Bio, Age, Family, Job, My Unorthodox Life

My Unorthodox Life returned on Netflix for Season 2 and this season viewers were shown a lot more of Robert’s relationship with Ra’ed. Fans really got an insight into the couple’s relationship, the lowest lows and the highest of highs. Having said that, let us tell you who Ra’ed Saade is in the rest of the writing.

My Unorthodox Life: Are Ra’ed Saade And Robert Brotherton Still Together?

My Unorthodox Life has shown us Ra’ed Saade and Robert Brotherton as a couple going through troubles in their relationship. They even turned up for a therapy session at one point.

So with Julia Haart‘s help, Ra’ed realized that he did not want to let his partner, Julia’s BFF go. With again Julia’s help Ra’ed picked out the perfect ring for Robert. Thus, Ra’ed took Robert on a day trip to Syracuse University, particularly to Crouse College, where they first met. While there, their old professors and close ones came on the stage, and Ra’ed proposed to Robert. Of course, Robert agreed to marry him as Ra’ed even had managed to get permission from Mitzi. All this transpired in the finale episode of the show’s second season.

Hence, as of the time of this writing, this couple still appeared to be happily engaged but not already married. As seen on their respective social media where they follow one another, they have an adorable Bernedoodle dog named Richard. In fact, Richard too has its own Instagram full of adorable pictures with its parents.

In a promise that Ra’ed made to Robert’s mom, the couple would wait at least a year after the proposal to get married so that the mother could see that her future son-in-law is just the one for her son.

Ra’ed and Robert met at Syracuse University, where Ra’ed studied Music, Business, and Vocal Performance.

Ra’ed Saade Job

On his LinkedIn, Ra’ed Saade introduces himself as an executive assistant and personal assistant. He then goes on to detail that he is results-driven professional offering executive assistance, hospitality, event production/support, social media, branding, e-commerce, sponsorship, and business development across the music, entertainment, and hospitality sectors. What’s more, since October 2020, he had been working part-time as a social media marketing manager and import-export manager at Fully Bully Sticks LLC in New York.

On his Instagram’s BIO, he puts his job description in much simpler words as “corporate by day and vocal performer/entertainer by night”.

Ra’ed Saade Age

Ra’ed Saade turned 35 years old in 2022.

What Religion Does Ra’ed Saade Follow?

Ra’ed Saade has often talked about his faith in God. He is undoubtedly a religious person. This one time in 2017, he invited his friends and family on Facebook to go visit him at his “new church”, the “first congregational church of Los Angeles”. He was so happy to announce that he got hired as a “bass section leader and soloist”. “Very excited to fill this church up with every bass inch of my Christian soul”, he wrote.

Ra’ed Saade Family

Ra’ed Saade often brings up his family and his love for them on social media. One can tell that is truly a family person. Also, he has a bunch of siblings, all three brothers.

One of them is Fadi Saade. According to his Instagram @fadi.s.saade, he is a former “dad/bod owner” and “analogue guy living in a digital world”.

On social media, we have seen him gush about his mother more than once. This one time, he thanked his mother for feeding him well, “maybe a little too well”.

Back in September 2017, we also saw him write about his heartache upon losing his auntie Amal a day before. He gushed how he will miss her beautiful, strong, intelligent soul, full of unconditional love, wisdom, and acceptance. “You are my angel, you are my lesson of kindness, goodness, respect, faith, family, and much more”, he said promising her that she will always stay in his heart forever.

Ra’ed has also mentioned his cousins and the “cousinly” time spent with them. One of them is Malake Sawaya. She is from Dhoûr Ech Choueïr, Mont-Liban, Lebanon and she got married in August 2021. Ra’ed even got to sing at his baby cousin’s big day.

Ra’ed Saade Height

Very good-looking Ra’ed Saade stands above 5’11” in height.

Is Ra’ed Saade On Instagram?

Yes. Ra’ed Saade could be found on Instagram @raed.saade with 602 posts and 13.9K followers as of 8 December 2022. He also routinely appeared with his fun videos on TikTok @raedsaade. Here, Ra’ed had 2982 followers and 20.6 K likes.

In these platforms, Ra’ed mostly shows glimpses of his relationship with Robert and his performing career.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ra’ed Saade’s Birthday?

Ra’ed Saade’s birthday is on March 10th. That means his birth sign is Pisces.

  • Where Is Ra’ed Saade From?

Ra’ed Saade comes from Beirut, Lebanon. Though in late 2022, he had been calling New City, New York his home.

  • How Much Is Ra’ed Saade’s Net Worth?

Ra’ed Saade reportedly held above $600K net worth as of 2022.

Also, My Unorthodox Life is not Ra’ed first time appearing on a reality show. He apparently also showed up as a contestant on MBC’ The Voice in 2015, also performed on The Gong Show in 2017, performed on his soundtrack “Celebration” during one episode of 2019’s America’s Got Talent, and that same year he landed a role of a party goer in the TV series Adulting. As for My Unorthodox Life, he appeared in the first season of the show as an employee of World Elite Group “for a whole minute” as he puts it. In Season 2, he got much more screen time.

Ra’ed went to Syracuse University from 2005 until 2009. Then, for another two years, he studied classical vocal performance for his master’s at the Manhattan School of Music.

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