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Ranae Holland Bio, Married, Measurements, Net Worth, Finding Bigfoot

Ranae Holland had earned the hearts of viewers with her show Finding Bigfoot on Discovery Plus. Her love for the mythical animal (bigfoot) and her dedication to finding it was very infectious.

But some of the fans were more interested to know if Ranae Holland was married. If she was, who was married to? Well, lucky day for those fans. Because here you’ll not only find answers to those questions but also some other interesting wikis like her measurements, net worth, etc.

Is Finding Bigfoot Star Ranae Holland Married?

No, Ranae Holland is not married as of 2021. She was, however, in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Tina Hendrickson. Ranae and Tina first met in 2016 (says some reports). And it seems they started to like each other pretty soon.

Over the years, the couple had had a very good relationship. They went for several holidays in beautiful locations. For example, they celebrated Ranae’s 2017 birthday in Mexico.

If you look through either of the two’s social media, they are full of beautiful locations, fancy restaurants, and two smiling people, utterly in love with each other.

Of course, it seemed the honeymoon that they were having was not meant to last forever. Reportedly, they broke up a few months before. The last social media photo of the two of them together appeared on 6 April 2021. It was likely they the two of them broke up not long after that.

And now that Ranae is single, it appears she has “single-life” plans. She announced on Instagram that she will be attending Cruptid Con in Lexington, Kentucky towards the end of 2021.

If you are wondering if Ranae was bisexual or gay, she identifies herself as a lesbian.

Ranae Holland Net Worth

With over $600K Net Worth, Ranae Holland has earned renown as a sasquatch (also called BigFoot) researcher. But she was trained as a field biologist more than a journalist. She joined Finding Bigfoot as a skeptic scientist. And partnered with Derek Randles, who is an amateur sasquatch researcher and a believer, and they make a great team together.

Ranae thinks that most of her fans assume that she is a believer, and that was a misunderstanding. Ranae’s relationship with the Bigfoot mystery was very layered.

While Ranae did not believe in the existence of the mythical animal, she believed that Bigfoot searches are the great manifestations of human curiosity. She also gave a TEDx talk titled “What Bigfoot can teach us about curiosity”.

Ranae’s love for Bigfoot, and the wild in general, developed at a very early age. It was partly due to her father. During an interview, Ranae said, she wanted to “go to the jungle and study tigers” when she was a child.

Later, Ranae went on to study at the University of Washington’s School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences. He also did field research in various places in Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

An average field biologist in the US earns about $52 thousand every year. Ranae’s earnings would be significantly more than that as she is not only an experienced biologist but also a renowned media personality.

And here are some interesting facts about Ranae. Her favorite superhero was Aquaman. A superpower she wishes she had is the ability to talk to animals. And her favorite book was Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder.

Ranae Holland Measurements

No measurements details about Ranae were available, except that she was 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Who Are Ranae Holland Family Members?

Ranae Holland was born to parents John H. Holland and Nancy Holland. Not much is known about her mother but her father is a very interesting case.

John was divorced from Ranae’s mother and was not usually around. But when he was around, he was just a really strong presence in Ranae’s formative years. He was a daredevil motorcyclist, a boxing enthusiast, a lover of cars, and a drug dealer (he used to sell meth).

But more importantly, John instilled in his daughter a love for Bigfoot. The two of them would watch a lot of shows about the mysterious mythical animal. And that love would later develop into a career for her.

John died in 2003, shortly after being released from prison. He was serving sentence for drug dealing.

Ranae has two siblings, a sister named Denise Smith and a brother named Aaron Zeeb. Denise is already a mother and had two children of her own. That means Ranae has a nephew called Gabriel Smith, who is a baseball player, and a niece called Danielle Smith.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Ranae Holland?

Although we do not know when Ranae Holland was born exactly, she appeared no older than 45 as of 2021. On the other hand, we do know that she celebrates her birthday on the 13th of March every year. And thus, we also know what her zodiac sign was Pisces.

  • Where Is Ranae Holland From?

Ranae Holland was born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

  • Is Ranae Holland On Instagram?

You can find Ranae not only on Instagram but also on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook.

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