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Randy Herman Jr Bio, Now, Age, Family, Hulu’s Dead Asleep

Meet Randy Herman Jr., the subject of Hulu’s Dead Asleep. In this bio, you’ll learn about his age, family, girlfriend, and where he is now. His victim Brooke Preston’s sister Jordan Preston slammed Hulu and asked to remove Dead Asleep Doc which was done without the family’s permission.

Hulu’s Dead Asleep explores the 2017 first-degree murder committed by Randy Herman Jr. He brutally stabbed his childhood friend Brooke Preston and claimed that he killed his friend by stabbing them 25 times while sleepwalking. It was a case with an unusual defense and eventually, Jury didn’t buy it.

Randy had a long history of sleepwalking which dated back to childhood. He had a habit of abusing alcohol and had faced two DUI charges. He was on a drinking binge days before the stabbing happened. Randy estimated that he drank 30 beers during one of the last days he spent with Brooke, who was gearing up to leave and move in with her boyfriend.

She has blasted the network in a series of TikTok videos for releasing intimate footage from the moment her family found out Brooke was dead, forcing them to relive the ‘worst day of their lives,’ portraying Herman in a ‘positive light,’ and ‘feeding into his lies.’

So, keep scrolling down to learn the whole story here.

Meet Randy Herman Jr, The Subject Of Hulu’s Dead Asleep

Randy Herman Jr.’s defense attorneys said in the court that his frequent lack of decent sleep was brought up as contributing factor that caused him to sleepwalk. In his trial, he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity with sleepwalking being a psychological affliction. His defense was called Dr. Charles Patrick Ewing, a forensic psychologist. The psychologist took the stand and testified that it usually takes some time to fall into a deep sleep, the kind of sleep that sleepwalking is believed to occur during.

He also testified that a person might fall into a deep sleep after heavy drinking and sleep deprivation.

Brooke’s killer, Herman, claimed to have spoken to her just minutes before killing her. He testified that he awoke in his bed to Preston entering his room to discuss clothing he was intending to give her. He remembered stabbing Preston to death minutes later but thought he was dreaming, of him.

Ultimately jurors determined that timeline played a huge role in this case. They were convinced that he wasn’t sleepwalking at the time. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. He is incarcerated at the Hardee Correctional Facility in Bowling Green, about 30 miles south of Lakeland.

Dr. Wade Myers, a forensic psychiatrist, suggested that the killing may have been sexually motivated, referencing an alleged incident from the night before that stabbing in which Herman hid in Preston’s closet naked after a day of drinking heavily.

The story was made into Hulu’s show Dead Asleep which premiered in December 2021.

Where Is Randy Herman Jr Now?

In December 2021, Randy Herman Jr. sought to have his conviction vacated. He was seeking for a judge to order a new trial, arguing that his attorneys did not provide a proper defense in advising him to plead insanity. Randy Herman Jr. filed a motion with the 15th Judicial Circuit in November, requesting that his first-degree murder conviction from 2019 be overturned.

Circuit Judge Rosemarie Scher instructed the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office to respond within 90 days.

Randy, now 28, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Randy’s motion alleges six grounds for reversing his conviction, including that his defense team failed to consult with and present an expert witness in forensic sleep science, as well as failing to summon a witness who may have testified about his sleepwalking disorder.

Randy Herman Jr Age

In 2022, Randy Herman Jr is 29 years old.

Randy Herman Jr Family

Randy Herman Jr and his sister were raised by his single mother. He and his father Randy Sr.’s relationship was strained. His father used to call him but only when he was drunk. Randy Sr. had also murdered a woman just two years before. In 2015, the elder Randy shot his girlfriend Gail Monahan, 50, in the head at her townhome in Pennsylvania, WNEP reported 2015.

His father then fled to Alabama where he hid from authorities for two months. He was eventually found dead inside a Ford Ranger pickup truck near Guntersville Lake from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, reported in 2015.

Herman Jr. who inherited $25,000 after his father’s death used the money to relocate to Florida from Pennsylvania. As reported, on a daily basis he spent $200 on cocaine and alcohol and ran through all the money in 2019.

Meanwhile, his mother supported the family by working as a bartender and server, often working three jobs at once. The two kids and their mother moved seven times before settling in Laceyville, a little village on the Susquehanna River with a population of slightly about 400 people.

Does Randy Herman Jr Have A Girlfriend?

Randy Herman Jr is currently serving a life sentence at Hardee Correctional Institution in Bowling Green, Florida. However, his incarceration has apparently not kept Randy from dating. Nicole Ellen, a TikTok user, recently posted a video with photographs of herself visiting an inmate who looks eerily similar to Randy. (As seen in the image above.) A Valentine’s Day letter from the convict is also included in the video, signed “Love, Randy.”

Starcasm did a report and also retrieved a love letter from valentine’s day. According to the post, the two of them met each other in December 2021. It was a possibility that Nicole reached out to Randy after watching the show.

Randy Herman Jr Height

Randy Herman Jr. stands tall at 5 feet 8.

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  • Has Randy Herman Jr Appeared On Love After Lockup?

No, Randy Herman Jr doesn’t appear on Love After Lockup but finds love during one.

  • Where Was Randy Herman Jr Born?

Randy Herman Jr was born in Pennsylvania.

  • Does Randy Herman Jr Have A Sister?

Yes, Randy Herman Jr has a younger sister.

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