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Raven Juarez Bio, Today, Age, Instagram, Sarah Lawrence

Meet Raven Juarez, an alumnus of Sarah Lawrence College and one of the people who appeared for their experience on Hulu’s Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence. Where is she today? Is she married? What does she do in the article below?

Find out in this article here.

Meet Raven Juarez, Sarah Lawrence Alum

Raven Juarez, a native of Seattle, Washington, moved to Bronxville, New York, in 2009 to attend Sarah Lawrence College. At the time, she had no idea that the bubble that Sarah Lawrence College provided would soon cause problems. In actuality, she liked how this campus’s quaint village look made it seem like its own little magical world; this attracted her even more once she met a group of close friends.

Thus, before the start of their sophomore year, about eight of them—including this liberal arts major and Talia Ray—had made the decision to live together in the Slonim Woods 9 on-campus townhouse. The year Talia’s father, Larry Ray, was released from prison and allowed to immediately live in the children’s home until he could get back on his feet, however, everything changed.

Raven admitted in the documentary series, “We were all in agreement that we were going to be accommodating,” although she did privately observe the father-daughter team mainly just screamed his praises. She was genuinely unimpressed by any of his purported credentials or experiences, but she could not deny how he steadily grew close to nearly everyone who lived there.

The fact that Larry made sure Raven’s relationship with Dan Levin terminated is a key factor in this; she previously knew he was tight with Isabelle Pollok and Santos Rosario, but this was the final straw. She does acknowledge that during the final chat, she had with her ex-boyfriend, she became a touch sarcastic.

As a result, relationships continued to deteriorate, and the group was virtually split in half permanently. There were people who supported Larry and those who didn’t; Raven adamantly belonged to the latter group, along with three others, and they all worked to make sure the full truth was revealed.

However, Raven’s loyalty to them (or the individuals they once were) never wavered. Raven loathed how her friend group became so divided that she could not even look the others in the eye on campus. That’s why she persisted in speaking out against Larry for years, both inside and outside of the college, and even went so far as to express her worry that he might be leading a full-fledged cult. He had mistreated her friends to the point where they were unable to distinguish truth from falsehoods, despite the fact that she could never have dreamed she would be right in more ways than one.

Where Is Raven Juarez Today?

Raven Juarez is a preschool teacher at Roaring Mouse Creative Arts Studio, LLC. She was a former teacher at University Child Development School (UCDS) from 2016 to 2019.

“Just like kids babble before they learn to talk, they also scribble before they develop their own pictorial language,” the current Preschool Teacher at Roaring Mouse Creative Arts Studio had once said. “Art is a language that can be used for something deeper and more important than just something that looks nice on a wall.”

Raven added, “I think art is a really great way of promoting social justice and teaching kids to value cultures and communities that are different than the one they grew up in… Art is where kids can turn their memories, their dreams, their ideas and their hopes into a very symbolic, almost poetic composition. They know exactly what it means, and if you’re lucky enough for them to want to explain it to you, it can be really moving.”

Raven is studying at Sarah Lawrence College. She studied Child Development/Child Psychology at Sarah Lawrence College.

Raven Juarez Age

Raven Juarez is 31 years old. She was born in 1991.

Is Raven Juarez Married?

Yes, Raven Juarez is a married woman now. She exchanged wedding vows with her husband Kyle Maluy on 5 March 2022, per her Facebook. Kyle proposed to her in June 2021 the moment which Raven shared on her Facebook. She wrote, “7 years and one day after our first kiss… he asked me to marry him in the desert. I said, DUH! I love you forever Kyle Maluy can’t wait for our life together and all the amazing moments to come.”

Not long ago they also became parents to their beautiful daughter Yvonne Quinn Maluy.

Raven and Kyle welcomed their child in early September 2022.

Talking about her husband, Kyle attended West Orange High. Previously, he worked at Brown Paper Tickets. He is now working at Brown Paper Tickets in the role of Client Services/East coast outreach.

The family of three is currently residing in Seattle, Washington.

Is Raven Juarez On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Raven Juarez is on Instagram (@raven_inthetrees) and Facebook (@ravenjuarez).

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  • When Is Raven Juarez Birthday?

Raven Juarez celebrates her birthday in October.

  • Where Is Raven Juarez From?

Raven Juarez is from Seattle, Washington.

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