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Raven Sutton Bio, The Circle, Parents, Height, Boyfriend

The Season 5 of The Circle dropped on Netflix on 28 December 2022 and like old times it introduced to its audience the cast, including a UK fashion model, a comedian, and a fitness enthusiast. And because Raven Sutton, is one of them, we shall tell you all about her in this writing called ‘Raven Sutton Bio’.

But, before we proceed let us tell you that Raven is the first Deaf contestant ever in the history of this reality competition streaming series.

Raven Sutton On The Circle

Despite her differently-ableness Raven Sutton has a chance to win over $100,000, just as any of her fellow competitors.

A deaf performer and disability advocate, she plays the game alone. And yet, she is joined by her interpreter plus bestie, Paris, who goes on Instagram (@parismctizic) as ‘The McTizic Interpreting Experience’. Meanwhile, Callie Frye recaps the show’s format and provides a bio of Raven Sutton (as well as other players). Be that as it may, it is Raven herself calling all the shots as she plays the game like never before.

In addition to other things, Raven decided to be a part of this journey to prove to people that deaf people can do everything except hear. Even dance.

IMBD also has credited Raven for the drama, horror, and thriller Doubt (And the Sky Began to Scream) of 2022 and for the short video PSSY PWR

Raven Sutton Age

Raven Sutton turned 27 years old in 2022.

Who Are Raven Sutton’s Parents?

Both of Raven Sutton’s parents are no more. While her father was seemingly gone a long time ago, her mother passed away more recently on 4 May 2018.

Her mother, Deshunn Lanette Sutton-Vassall was 47 when she died leaving behind her husband at the time, Bradley Vassall, and her children Raven and LaMarcus Sutton.

Raven’s biological father is Percy Carter. She often recalls him on Father’s Day and sometimes on any regular day. Then, she would go on to write things like how she had accepted a long time ago that she would not be able to know him through him but she was fortunate enough to find out through the people that loved him dearly. She would also go on to gush that she is very proud to be his daughter.

Last year on her mother’s death anniversary, her IG fam saw her miss her mother. “Maybe one day I’ll be able to accept the fact that you are no longer here, but today isn’t the day”, she wrote next to an adorable picture of her and her brother with their mama.

Raven’s little brother, Lamarcus turned 16 on 31 January 2022. Last year when he turned 15, Raven had taken to rave on IG that her baby is not a baby anymore. She then prayed to God that her “lil bro” knows how special he is.

On Facebook, Raven also shortly mentioned brother Demetric Snider, sisters Pershay Carter, Katelyn Mora, Destiny Love, uncle Jimmie Moore, aunts Terrica Marie and Lashica Jackson Grier, cousins Tyrone Green, Erica Marie Harris, Kimberly Bell, grandmother Debra R. Tate, and grandfather Robert Tate.

Raven Sutton Height

Raven Sutton, the blue-haired beauty, stands above 5′ 4″ in height.

Raven Sutton Boyfriend

On Facebook, Raven Sutton boldly mentioned being in a relationship since September 2021, at the time of this writing. But of course, she chose not to disclose with whom. So, until this point, her boyfriend remained unknown to even her internet family. Maybe it is someone she connected with while playing the game of Circle.

What Does Raven Sutton Do For A Job?

On her LinkedIn, Raven Sutton goes around as a disability advocate.

Raven received her bachelor’s and then master’s degree in Social Work from Gallaudet University consequently between 2013 and 2019.

Then, she started working as a Survivor Resource Specialist for Deaf, Domestic, and Sexual Violence Survivors at Deaf Dawn located in Washington D.C.

Talking about dates, she started pursuing a career as a part-time self-employed disability consultant in August 2020 and as a full-time survivor resource specialist at Deaf DAWN in May 2020.

While only on Facebook, Raven also mentioned being a teacher’s assistant at Kendall Demonstration Elementary School since 13 September 2019.

All along, Raven has also busied herself in advocacy for the deaf community, especially as a content creator. She has so far created compelling content. Some even went viral and garnered the attention of the likes of Twitter and The NY Times. So, while keeping up with her full-time and part-time jobs, she continues to use her social media platforms in hopes of inspiring change.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Raven Sutton From?

Raven Sutton is originally from Alabama. As of December 2022 though, she was residing in Maryland.

  • Is Raven Sutton On Instagram?

Indeed. Raven Sutton could be found on Instagram @bluejay19xx with 325 posts and 50.4K followers as of 28 December 2022. Also, around 85K users looked up to her on TikTok @bluejay19xx. “Just having fun and making TikTok accessible🤟🏾”, she wrote on its BIO.

Likewise, one could give her a follow also on Twitter (@bluejay19xx) and on Facebook. On Twitter, she also actually contributed as an educational consultant from Feb 2021 until Mar 2021. During her virtual sessions, she consulted on how to make Twitter more accessible to the deaf community.

  • When Is Raven Sutton’s Birthday?

Raven Sutton’s birthday is on March 1st and that makes her a Pisces.

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