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Ray Trapani Bio, Now, Net Worth, Age, Netflix Bitconned

Ray Trapani, who is at the center of a cryptocurrency scam as an adult, reveals that even as a young child he “always wanted to be a criminal” in the new Netflix documentary Bitconned. Ray had no idea how to create a debit card for cryptocurrencies, but it was nearly a no-brainer to try when one of his pals proposed doing so.

Ray says in the trailer: “We didn’t know anything about this business, but it didn’t matter at all. It was too easy.”

Where is Ray now? Does he have a wife? Read all about it as you scroll down this article.

Netflix’s Bitconned: Meet Ray Trapani, Centra Tech Co-Founder

Raymond ‘Ray’ Trapani was co-founder of the company involved in the Centra Tech scam along with his partners Robert Farkas and Sohrab Sharma. Farkas, the brother of Sohrab’s girlfriend, and Raymond had worked with Sohrab at a Miami luxury car rental company they started named Miami Exotics.

During his presentation to potential investors, Sohrab claimed that the CEO of Centra Tech was Harvard-trained, had agreements with major corporations such as Visa Inc. and Mastercard Inc., and held licenses in over thirty states.

The new Netflix show premiered on 1 January 2024 and focused on the first cryptocurrency scams. The foundation of Centra Tech was a web of falsehoods, including a phony CEO, nonexistent partnerships, and nonexistent technology.

The three co-founders of Centra Tech, Sohrab, Raymond, and Robert, would be charged with fraud for their individual roles in the company less than a year after it opened for business. But not every one of their sentences was the same.

Robert was the last co-founder of Centra Tech, according to Bitconned. In July 2017, Robert and his partners, Raymond and Sohrab, held an ICO, or token sale, raising $25 million from investors who had believed Centra Tech’s claims.

Trapani states in the video that Farkas was “definitely not qualified to be CFO,” but he also notes that Centra Tech required a new CFO to keep up with the company’s increasing amount of online attention.

“I was doing conferences, setting up booths, getting the community involved,” Robert says in the doc. “It felt like we were changing the world.” According to Robert in Bitconned, Centra Tech hired Eric Pope, a college student, as a pretend attorney when the company needed legal advice. “He gave us phony emails pertaining to the Securities and Exchange Commission. In the documentary, Robert remembers that “it was all a lie.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and DJ Khaled also had to pay fines for their roles in promoting Centra Tech without revealing payments from the company, in addition to the Centra Tech team.

Where Is Ray Trapani Now?

Ray Trapani appears to be prepared to reveal his narrative on Netflix as of now in 2024. Upon perusing his Instagram, it is noticeable that a 2021 post with what seem to be his pals. He re-posted the Bitconned trailer, in which he appears, in more recent days. Meanwhile, he featured singer Jason Derulo in his most recent IG post.

Ray entered a guilty plea alongside co-founders Sohrab “Sam” Sharma and Robert Farkas; nevertheless, his fate differed greatly from those of the other two men, since he was sent to prison. He appeared for his sentencing in April 2022 on the day his wife went into labor with their kid; he was not imprisoned. His “extraordinary” cooperation in the criminal inquiry was mentioned by the judge in her statement.

Bitconned claims that Ray was ordered by the judge to give his victims $2.9 million. The last update in the video states that he intends to launch Cambridge & Brown, a business that will specialize in “offering loans to ‘people in need’ at 50% interest.”

Ray Trapani Net Worth

In 2024, Ray Trapani’s net worth is above $500 thousand. According to his LinkedIn, he worked as a General Foreman at Safway Alantic from 2011 to 2014.

After that, he joined Miami Exotics as a CEO where he owned “a 34 car fleet of exotic and luxury vehicles, Rolls Royce’s, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Maserati and more. As an owner, with a 20-man staff, I make sure I account for all my Vehicles and mainly buy car and sell the cars correctly, without loosing on the purchase of the vehicle and making profits from both the rental aspect and the dealership. Also need to coordinate and make sure my managers are doing their jobs correctly. Importantly making sure every car is inspected before and after drop offs and pick ups, and making sure the person who is renting these high-end cars has the correct insurance and payment.”

In December 2016, Ray served as a partner and adviser at Centra Tech.

Ray Trapani Age

Reportedly born in 1991, Ray Trapani turned 32 years old in 2023.

Is Ray Trapani Married?

Ray Trapani reportedly has a wife named Kimberly Costanzo. They reportedly met while on bail wearing an ankle bracelet. Kimberly fell pregnant within a month of their meeting.

He claimed his father-in-law and wife co-signed this loan, but he also slyly hinted that his seedy past is far from over; he might even have some of the money he made from Centra’s users hidden away.

Talking about his wife, Kimberly appears to be working as a Long Term Substitute Teacher. She was a JV Soccer, Head Coach at St. Mary’s High School, Coordinator at Nubest, and Guest Services at The Inn At Fox Hollow Hotel.

The couple are parents to at least two boys.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ray Trapani From?

Ray Trapani is originally from Atlantic Beach, New York. He is now residing in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

  • Is Ray Trapani On Instagram?

Yes, Ray Trapani is on Instagram (@raytrapani).

  • When Is Ray Trapani Birthday?

Ray Trapani’s birthday is in February.

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