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Raymond Ablack Wife, Ethnicity, Parents, Sister

Raymond Ablack is best known as a Canadian actor best known for his later TV show Maid. The previous work that earned him attention was Degrassi spin-offs. While fans know about his acting career and his appearances on TV shows, his romantic life always enticed his fans.

So, does Raymond Ablack have a wife? What is his ethnicity? Who are his parents? Tag along this article to learn all about him.

Raymond Ablack Wife, Girlfriend

Back in 2010 during an interview with Seventeen, Raymond Ablack announced that he was a one-woman man. The interviewer asked him what’s his dating life was like. He shared, “I’m a one-woman man, for sure. I can’t even handle one girl very well. My hands are full with one girl – I do have a girlfriend right now – but for a long, long, long time I didn’t have one.”

According to the interview, Raymond and his then-girlfriend Chani Gatto met each other in Free the Children. Raymond and his girlfriend went to the same school. She was a year younger than him and worked with Free the Children. While volunteering through Degrassi, he met her through an event.

They started talking to each other and eventually started dating. In October 2010, Raymond wrote on Twitter, “You’ll never learn anything from people who are exactly like you”. My girlfriend is brilliant. Read her blog:”

Based on tweets, his fans were also truly rooting for Raymond and Chani’s relationship.

However, Raymond never gave any updates on the relationship any further, so it remains obscure whether he continued dating Chani or they broke up after that. His social media also hinted that he was close to a few women before. But, the dating status of him and the girls were impossible to confirm.

Raymond Ablack and his alleged girlfriend Rachel Black in 2015 (Pic: Twitter)

In 2015, Raymond appeared at the @starlightCanada event with his alleged girlfriend Rachel Burns.

However, in November 2019, Raymond appeared on an IG post of a Canadian documentary creator named Jordan Steinhauer. Two of them were gazing into each other’s eyes on the post. They also flirted with each other in the comment section.

So, fans were quick to jump to the conclusion that they might be dating each other. However, the actor never confirmed the relationship.

Fast forward to 2021, is Raymond Ablack dating or does he have a wife?

Well, the actor is not married to have a wife based on our research. However, he could be dating but keeping and maintaining the relationship away from the public radar.

Raymond Ablack Ethnicity: Is He Indian?

Raymond Ablack is of Indo-Guyanese Candian ethnicity. His father is of Indian heritage.

Raymond Ablack Parents

Raymond Ablack was born to his parents as the oldest of four kids in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Although both of his parents are featured on his socials, he never gave away their names and any other details based on their lives. While socials hinted at his mom to be Raeena Ablack, the fact is yet to be confirmed.

Also, Raymond wrote a whole lot of tweets about his mother and his father. One of his tweets from August 2010 revealed that his mom’s side was Muslim and his dad’s side followed Hinduism as a religion. One of the notable tweets about his dad was shared in December 2014. There he wrote, “One time my dad’s work had a father-son day and he invited his father..”

Raymond Ablack Sister

As stated earlier, Raymond Ablack is one of four kids born to his parents. He has two younger sisters; Rebecca ‘Becky’ Ablack and Cassandra Ablack, and the youngest of the brood, his brother Jared Ablack.

Like him, Rebecca is an actress who starred in TV shows, short films, and TV movies such as Pieces, Hello, It’s Me, Impulse, Buzzard, Let It Snow, Ginny & Georgia where she appeared along with Raymond as the Padma, Marcus’ girlfriend, and a few others.

His sister, Cassandra is a graduate of Seneca College who was a figure skater and a four times Canadian National Champion. Now, she works as a group fitness instructor at Flexafit. Previously, she worked as an employee at the Figure Skating Boutique.

Likewise, his brother Jared Ablack was a hockey player competing who competed in Ontario Junior Hockey League.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Raymond Ablack?

Raymond Ablack was born on 12 November 1989. He turned 31 years old in 2020.

  • How Tall Is Raymond Ablack?

Raymond Ablack stands tall to the height of 6 feet 2 inches.

  • How Much Is Raymond Ablack Worth?

Raymond Ablack was able to build a total net worth of nearly $1 million with his TV show gigs. He has received 40 TV shows and movie credits up to this point. Some of the TV shows and movies he appeared on includes Degrassi: The Next Generation, Degrassi: Minis, Defiance, Narcos, Teenagers, Shadowhunters, Acquainted, Burden of Truth, Nurses, Ginny & Georgia, and Maid among a few notable others.

While growing up, he aspired to become a professional hockey player and had dreams of becoming a part of the National Hockey League. He shared in a 2011 interview that he played every position throughout his 14-year career.

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